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May 2016
After carefully considering the eternal rewards of the choices i make today, i have come to the conclusion that i will not spend an eternity in a burning furnace gnashing my teeth, crying, weeping & moaning. So, i refuse you access to my life, i reject you, in fact to me you are an old underwear i have discarded.  I cant stand a mere sunny day, how would i survive being barbecued in fire? Nope, i cant, i wont! I would rather die young, faithful to GOD & be happy forever than to live a long sinful life on earth only to suffer even longer. I wont give you the satisfaction of owning my precious soul in hell, nah..never. And FYI, i will take as many souls with me as i can. Deal with that! Done.
Signed, a soul on fire. Child of GOD, the one true king.
Written by
Ellentelligence  Italy
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