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Toya Jul 9
I am
Say I am
I am
Now Tell ME
What YOU see
NOT me
Self -love starts with you believing in your presence-declare it!
Brent Kincaid Sep 2017
Keep singing your song!
Some may not like it
But nobody else can do it.
You are the singer, sing!
Do it loud and proud,
Your own thing. Sing!

And if they sing along
Then you’re not doing
Anything wrong. It’s your song.
And they can go right along
Or find another tune to sing
One that brings them as much
As your song brings you.
They joy will shine right through.

The story is in the lyric
Sometimes it is mystic
But singing it out is cathartic
It lets the music out of you.
There’s nothing better to do
Than to hear your own music;
Know it’s fantastic
Realistic, authentic.

Then be brave enough to share,
Let your song out into the air.
Bounce your sound off walls
And if people hear you at all
Maybe they will want to do
Exactly the same as you, too,
And keep on singing their song.
How can that ever be wrong?
Keep on singing your song!
Ravanna Dee Sep 2016
There were a few things my heart couldn't let me share.
A few words my mouth dared not declare.
A fleeting thought that I wouldn't let take hold.
The breath I fought to keep these few fears from being told.
There are a few things I've yet to overcome.
And until then... I shall hold onto them...

But, only until sharing them I can let be done.
When I know that I faced that beast and won.
Sometimes... We can't let others save us. We can't speak about our fears to them; even if they could possibly help. Sometimes, we have to learn to face them ourselves. We have to lift that heavy sword, turn around, and face the beast all on our own. We have to build up the courage to do so. We have to be our own fairy tale hero.
KathleenAMaloney Jun 2016
Unschooled  by  Nature's

False Prophet Dr Spock
Whip of the Workers  Flesh
Raw Royal

UNchosen One
Wings Now Given
Astronaut Above

Farm Fields
Sacred To the Earth
Wheat and Oil
Water and Herd
Community, Family, Friends
Tablet of Tradition Love

Falling Cry
Debters  Sorrows
Oh Lord Forgive Us Our Sins

Instructuon Manual
For the Climb

Family of Man
Secure Yourself

Wrapped Prisoner Earth
Debt Rubbed Together
Like Two Fire Sticks of Announcement
Smokes Arriving Scent
A Star Invisible

Bring Me an Army Jacket
For a Farmers Field
And a Holy Flag
For a Decision Makers Voice
A Heart For Freedom Named Compasssion
Burned Colorless Clear
for the Very Purity
From Which it Was Born
Sparkling Diamond
Commitment to Goodness
For Family Life Maintained
No Other Truth Relevant

Silver Grace  

Of a Fathers Love
Held in The Color of Forebears

Free Democracy
Come Hither
It is for Truth
to Sing
Loudly Now
Ellentelligence May 2016
After carefully considering the eternal rewards of the choices i make today, i have come to the conclusion that i will not spend an eternity in a burning furnace gnashing my teeth, crying, weeping & moaning. So, i refuse you access to my life, i reject you, in fact to me you are an old underwear i have discarded.  I cant stand a mere sunny day, how would i survive being barbecued in fire? Nope, i cant, i wont! I would rather die young, faithful to GOD & be happy forever than to live a long sinful life on earth only to suffer even longer. I wont give you the satisfaction of owning my precious soul in hell, nah..never. And FYI, i will take as many souls with me as i can. Deal with that! Done.
Signed, a soul on fire. Child of GOD, the one true king.
I want to be a princess,
that's all I ever ask,
When I meet someone I only hope,
their promises will last.

But things always go the same way,
like a flower plucked when ripe,
Relationships they dwindle,
and lose all hope of life!

So, is it really worth it?
I find i'm questioning me!
A partnership's not destined,
it's the single life for me!

All I know is I wanna feel,
like someones number one,
The first thing that they think of,
and the last when the day is done.
I want to be their Princess,
it's the little things
that matter,
like phone calls right out of the blue,
for a cosy, loving natter!

I don't think that what I'm asking for,
is too much, to be true.
Cos, it's the little things that really count,
when someone declares they love you.
What can I say?  I do want to be someone Princess!

— The End —