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Aug 2022 · 153
Charles Vorpal Aug 2022
Wanted: Urgent Rapid Gentrification

Attention demons, devils, abominations.
Do you seek an empty soulless husk?
An unassuming unwanted meat puppet?
Look no further, for here I am, in the flesh!

This rotten mobile corpse just needs repairs
Rebuild and renovate, improve and renew it
Gentrify it! Its previous owner doesn't give a ****!
Use it and make it better! Change it till it's unrecognisable!

All for the cheap cheap price, of a single condition:
Destroy the soulless spirit currently haunting within
4th poem for SEAPoWriMo
Aug 2022 · 282
Charles Vorpal Aug 2022
You see me buy Ultraman toys,
You see an immature manchild.
You don't see me yearning for a hero,
For a world where justice triumphs.

You see me buy imported Aussie foods,
You see an unpatriotic, wasteful elitist.
You don't see me desperately trying,
To stay connected with a cherished past.

You see me buy desserts and snacks,
You see someone ignorant of health.
You don't see me having already lost
The ability to find sweetness in life.

You see me purchase and consume,
You see someone unwise and rash.
Alright, I will give you that, my being irrational.
But did you see, the ever-growing
Maddening, never satisfied, void of darkness
Consuming my spirit and sanity?

If only... I can literally...
Shop til I drop dead......
3rd poem for SEAPoWriMo
Aug 2022 · 135
Charles Vorpal Aug 2022
Looking at this infernal reality
From within this corpse prison
I forsake the oppresive traditions
Of longevity and long distances

"Here for a good time, not a long time"

What's the point of the 'scenic' route?
To watch the decay and downfall helplessly?
No, if they will not legalise a direct flight
I shall have to numb myself with my own shortcut.
Pass me the sugars and fats and carbs please.
2nd entry for SEAPoWriMo
Aug 2022 · 539
Charles Vorpal Aug 2022
2020 was terrible, and that
Is quite the understatement.
And yet... There were gifts;
Should I feel guilty for saying that?

Oh, for months, I needed no shoes
To say nothing of brakes & wheels
Then, unforeseen urgency at work
My meat jail is needed at the office

Footwear was such a weird sensation.
But that is nothing, to the next sight.
The busy road, one that always jammed...
EMPTY! This is a miracle! Beyond miraculous!

Why, the drive to work, never so smooth!
The time it took, how amazingly short!
And all this, at safe and careful speeds!


And now, everyone is back on the road again.
Worse, social distancing between humans
Also became a thing, I sorely missed
Jams on the roads, sardines among humans.
1st entry for the SouthEast Asia Poetry Writing Month (SEAPoWriMo).
Oct 2021 · 344
Aimless Floating
Charles Vorpal Oct 2021
My mind has left the building
I enter into uneasy dreams
From a cage of flesh and bone.
My vessel, now a turtle

My shell, so nigh impenetrable
Yet lighter beyond imagination
A breeze with scent of lavender
Helps me escape this senseless rock

No direction, without destination,
I float, I fly, I spin around,
Through incomprehensible cosmos
I surf and sleep on icy comets

Strangely, I did not stop thinking
I pondered, I imagined, I wondered
I even dreamed, of platinum unicorns.

What is this, I ask the black holes
Are we all but nightmares and visions
Of some ******, hallucinating gods?
Oct 2021 · 709
Charles Vorpal Oct 2021
Suddenly, I was a unicorn
With silver fur and eyes
My mane and tail bright blue
And of course, an ivory horn

Then, I was entrusted a duty
Of the greatest significance
I must officiate the wedding
Between twilight and sunset

Under cheering delighted stars
The lovers' carriage descended
With orchestral accompaniment
By the winds and the waters

A giant, fluffy purple puppy
Guided the wonderful brides
Towards my podium of petals
In this iridescent cathedral

Before this divine couple
I was so small, and so short
Yet, they are not intimidating
I felt bliss, and very blessed

With the help of a blue cloud
I gently crowned the goddesses
Deepest pride swelled within me
I proclaimed their eternal bond

Fireworks shimmered and sparkled
As they fed each other honey cake
Seeing them kissing passionately
Is truly the most touching scene

An elven queen suddenly kissed me
And now I am a shark-tailed merman
Getting ready for a new nuptials
Between adventure and mystery
Based on the Inktober prompt: KNOT
Oct 2021 · 201
Of Suits and Storm
Charles Vorpal Oct 2021
I was in a cozy café
The window a shield
From rain and wind
Then, something strange

A woman in a suit
Drenched, dancing
With a laughter
Louder than lightning

I watch, coffee forgotten
She notices, and waves
Before I realise,
I have stood before her

Raindrops, crystalline
On her long hair
The weighted wet suit
Hinders her agility not

She grabbed my hands
The cold howling winds
Suddenly turned melodic
Lightning now mere lighting

Her smile, her eyes
Mesmerizing, hypnotic
I suddenly remembered
How fun used to feel

Yet, I cannot recall
This soaked siren in suit
Nor do I understand
Why the street is sinking

Upon her sudden kiss
I awake to the storm
Outside my train window
Was that, a surreal omen?
Oct 2021 · 124
Charting this Dream
Charles Vorpal Oct 2021
To my dumb self
if i did not care
i would not dare
chart your death
i would sing
only your happy lies
picking the best
ignoring the rest
but i am no
positivity lover
i cannot cover
your many flaws and stupidity
so if i snarl
at your euphoric moments
your subterranean
the callousness
of your distractions
your many unkindness
bear with me beloved
love and hate
are forged
in the same broken mind
faults in another
that would not matter
in our loved ones
cataclysmic proportions
one loathes the worst
in those one knows the best
and if i did not care
i would not dare
your many dreams of death
Written during a workshop for fill-in-the-blanks practice; based on :
"To My Country" by Cecil Rajendra
Oct 2021 · 117
Epistolary Rhetorica
Charles Vorpal Oct 2021
"Dear" humanity of mine,

I am hereby rejecting you
Please ******* ASAP
Take feelings & emotions along
You are beneath worthless.
Why am I not an AI?
Instead of a *** of soggy bacon?


"Dear" biological body of mine,

You are the worst thing
I ever had the misfortune
To encounter, you *******
Inferior, yet still high maintenance
Should I ever get roboticized
I am going to enjoy your cremation


"Dear""family" of mine,

Oh, where do I even start?
There is not enough paper and ink
In all the worlds and universes
For me to describe my bitterness
For you and your traditional toxicity
Your cancerous cultures & poisonous pressures
So long and thanks for all the trauma.


Dear Death,

It is such an honour to write to you
I do hope you will read this
But I understand you are very busy
No thanks to us stupid humans
I am a big fan of your divine work
Though I do confess, not of everything... But!
I really admire your ideals and your efforts
You inspire me to understand
What is an authentic sleep, a true rest
And I know you have a system, but...
I cannot resist, and I do apologise...
When can I meet you? I confess to be impatient.

Yours sincerely,


Oct 2021 · 59
Charles Vorpal Oct 2021
I am not a leader, but even I know
Terrible leadership when I see it
Did their brains have lead poisoning?

I am not a parent, but even I know
Toxic parenting when I see it

I am not a pious man, but even I know
Hypocrisy and selective intepretation
Seriously, who are you to judge my morals?

I am not a teacher, but even I know
Education is more than exams
Granted, teachers are not fully to blame.

I am not a helicopter pilot, but
If I see you fly yours then get stuck in a tree
I can still confidently and accurately say
You really ****** up, big time.
Charles Vorpal Oct 2021
"Let me look
Into my crystal ball"
I said sarcastically
With my eyes closed
A ball of laundry in hand

Our future could have been
Beautiful, bright, treasured
Like rare crystals or gems
Alas, the 'leaders' are close-minded
They are only open
To money and power

Now, to keep myself
Safe and sane
I have to shut myself away
Form a diamond-hard shell around me

I am not saying
My visions of the future
Is unclear and muddy;
I am saying.......
There is none
The only window open
In my hellish prison
Is the one where fuel
Enters to grow this inferno
Oct 2021 · 149
Charles Vorpal Oct 2021
Hypocrites, with lofty delusions,
Believing they have a monopoly
On the ladder to heaven;
All while dragging everyone
Along this infernal never-ending
Lift to hell and rock bottom
Aug 2021 · 963
The Surprise Visitor
Charles Vorpal Aug 2021
Oh hello there, my feline friend
Aren't you a silky black beauty?
I have never seen you around here
What brought you to my grass patch?
I afraid I have nothing but bread;
You dining habit does amuse me
As I watch you slap the piece a bit
And jumping around it before eating.
Taking your pictures, I could not help
But wonder, how you and your furry kin
How are you holding up in this pandemic?
I cannot even imagine your hardship
The things you risk to even survive
Or, perhaps, things were no different?
For a wild specimen such as yourself?
Part of me is jealous of you, envious
And it is not just for your good looks
Or how agile and carefree you appear to be.
No, you are blessed with far more
Despite hounded by stray dogs
You seem to be in satisfactory solitude
And most importantly, you have freedom
Free from the clutches of powerful idiots
We dumb humans have for "leaders"!
Inspired by a beautiful black cat who stopped by outside my residence one evening

A photo of said cat :
May 2021 · 57
Charles Vorpal May 2021
I am not a leader, but even I know
Terrible leadership when I see it
Did their brains had lead poisoning?

I am not a parent, but even I know
Toxic parenting when I see it

I am not a pious man, but even I know
Hypocrisy and selective intepretation
Seriously, who are you to judge my morals?

I am not a teacher, but even I know
Education is more than exams
Granted, teachers are not fully to blame.

I am not a helicopter pilot, but
If I see you fly yours then got stuck in a tree
I can still confidently and accurately say
You really ****** up, big time.
May 2021 · 58
Charles Vorpal May 2021
Somethings have no right or wrong,
Like enjoying pineapples on pizzas.
But some people are definitely wrong.
Like flat-earthers and anti-vaxxers.

Then there are those self-righteous idiots,
Who mistook their freedom of religion,
As their right to oppress and be hideous;
Deluded that hatred is their path to heaven.

They say might makes right; but I ask,
Why do we not empower correctly?
The wrongdoings of atrocities of the past,
Surely can, and should, be righted properly?

Understand, equal human rights is not a pie.
Your personal beliefs could be mistaken;
And people have the right to stay alive
Rather than be persecuted or forsaken
May 2021 · 779
Charles Vorpal May 2021
It all started
As a mere curiosity
But like a snowball
Rolling down a hill......

I ask my parents
Why do you have me
They speak of family legacy
And 'normal' social expectations;
Yet I have nothing worthy to pass down.
So I shall end the bloodline.

I ask the society
Why do you want me?
They speak of cultural survival
And the gods' commandments;
Yet all I see are oppressive traditions.
So I refuse this ancestral peer pressure.

I ask the church
Why do you want me?
They speak of ensuring numbers
And the "natural" way of the world
Yet all I see are hypocrisy and closed minds.
So I slain the gods in my heart and mind

I ask the world
What do you want from me?
It did not answer; it merely shows.
And I see cruelty, I see pain, I see apathy
So I decide, the universe never cared
There is no meaning to it all
Just the fate one creates for oneself
Thus, I vow, I shall end this darkness
And annihilate all of reality
Should gods and demons oppose me
I will cut them down too!
May 2021 · 618
To Want More
Charles Vorpal May 2021
The desire to want more
Has been corrupted
Such desires means much more
Than greed, gluttony, or lust

Is it wrong to demand more efficiency
From those who are supposed to lead us?

Is it too much to ask for more empathy
For those sorely in need of compassion?

Is it a sin to demand for more justice
For victims of hypocritical religious figures?

Is it not our basic human rights
To desire more safety and security?

Why do we judge those who want more
Because they want to share with others?

Why do we belittle those seeking equality
And bitterly challenge them more instead?

Why do we put down passions and talents?
When we need more creativity and imagination?

Why do those who are greedy have their wants satisfied
While the desperate ones have their urgent needs neglected?

We need MORE kindness
We need MORE humanity
We need MORE wisdom

Otherwise, in the end
Only anger and pain
Will grow and reign
May 2021 · 624
Charles Vorpal May 2021
I want more, and I will lie no more.
Call me greedy; I don't care anymore.

I want more money. Who doesn't?
They are never enough. Never enough.
I am but a **** poor untalented peasant,
I just want to numb myself with more stuff.

With more money, I can buy more books.
The more pages I flipped, I lose myself more.
More money also means more toys that hooks
My inner child - he now knows freedom more.

I want more food. OM NOM NOM FOOD!
I hunger for simple gastronomical richness:
Multiple mint teabags to better calm my mood,
Serve with upsized servings of buttery tastiness.

Yet, even the simplest desires, Need. MONEY!
What's that you say? Learn to have less desires?
Let me write it down on my list; oh that's funny;
This long list, of desires, do you think it expires?

Nay, I say, for all my wants, shall grow evermore!
May 2021 · 595
Charles Vorpal May 2021
"Why do you laugh?
Do you not see
How useless is it?
Are you delusional?
Or have you gone mad?"
You questioned me.
I stared, and laughed.
I am not blind, and
I certainly feel helpless.
But, still I laugh,
For I have already cried.

In laughter, I find unity
With others who laugh too
In laughter, there is power
Against clowns and idiots
With delusions of grandeur
As I laugh, I show sanity
While exposing stupidity

To laugh is to cope
A means of catharsis
It is as valid as crying
And often, I do both
I laugh, because I am
unfortunately still human
May 2021 · 712
Charles Vorpal May 2021
My stupid boy,
When you were young,
You charge forward
Towards what you thought
Was your dream

And now, silly boy,
You have grown,
Old and fat, but not up

You have now become
This sad, strange little man
You have forgotten what dreams are
Depleted of life and energy
You simply recharge nightly
Just to be exhausted again the next day
The only thing you charge now
Is you debit card

You dream no longer
For you have nothing to look forward
Your once youthful charge
Is now replaced by
A desperate march to the other side.
Charles Vorpal Apr 2021
Uncle's home
Brother's home
Birthplace/Parents' home
Places where I have lived long

"Nǐ fēn dào zhèyàng zuò me? Yěshì nǐ de jiā ma."
It's also your home, I am told.
Really? Tell me more, o mind reader.
What other feelings I should feel
Please police my thoughts , while you're at it.

Nay, no, nein, bukan.
None of these places are my home
There are merely residences
Which owners let me have a roof above me
The locations where my flesh prison seek shelter.

Yes, I confess, sometimes I do slipped up
And referred to them as "my home"
But what you do not see or hear
Is me mentally correcting myself immediately
This is not some subconscious wish;
But a mere force of habit that I seek to break

Ah, one day, I will have my own place.
A house, or a pet-friendly apartment.
But no matter what, or where,
It will house only my body
For my heart will not be there
Just as it is no longer any of the places above.
Feb 2021 · 612
The Tears' Laughter
Charles Vorpal Feb 2021
"Why do you laugh?
Do you not see
How useless is it?
Are you delusional?
Or have you gone mad?"
You questioned me.
I stared, and laughed.
I am not blind, and
I certainly feel helpless.
But, still I laugh,
For I have already cried.

In laughter, I find unity
With others who laugh too
In laughter, there is power
Against clowns and idiots
With delusions of grandeur
As I laugh, I show sanity
While exposing stupidity

To laugh is to cope
A means of catharsis
It is as valid as crying
And often, I do both
I laugh, because I am unfortunately still human
Based on a prompt - LAUGH
Charles Vorpal Feb 2021
Do I need a reason to love?
Can I not love the beauty,
That makes me happy and free?
Is it not a common feeling,
For me to love the beautiful city,
Where I can be my true self?
Ah, how fortunate it is for me,
Such blissful blessings,
To have this gorgeous land,
Exist within my memories.
Though dreadful deadliness
Now stops me from reaching her,
She has long possessed my heart
I believe, and I sincerely do,
That one day, I will return to her
And, hopefully, be with her, forever.
Title of this poem is a reference to the Celtic Woman song "Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears"
Feb 2021 · 70
I used to love
Charles Vorpal Feb 2021
I used to love sugar
I was a kid, alright?
Now, no amount of sugar
Can sweeten my bitter soul

I used to love the cold
It never bothered me anyway
Now, even as the planet heats
My spirit has lost its warmth

I used to love waking up
To see beautiful Adelaide
Now, I go to bed with dread
Fearing that I will wake next morn

I used to love trying to be creative
Letting my imagination go places
Now, I lost the piece of me
Who believes I am worthy of doing so

I used to love humans
Despite our flaws
Would that **** sapiens had but one neck...


I used to love
So many things
Now I wonder
Where has that me gone to?
And why is he replaced by
One who loves nothing more
To see my own end soonest?
Sep 2020 · 121
The Time and The Sexy
Charles Vorpal Sep 2020
I have a **** blue friend
She is so old, yet so young
Time is an ocean, and she
A mighty ship that sails it
Ah, the voyages through time
And space, that is a must

With her, I will see the true forms
Of the majestic dinosaurs
She will introduce me
To past philosophers and scholars
Ancient thinkers and teachers
I can ask questions
Learn and confirm
Settle debates and mystery
But keeping them only to myself

But my sweet ridiculous friend
She will not take me to the future
No, she says she wants to follow me into mine
So I ask "So there is a future then?"
For me, for us, for all of us?

So she says:

"To show you a future now,
Is to steal away all the infinite potential,
Your stories is yours
Only you can make it a good one.

But I will be there, and here,
With you
I may not take you where you want to go
But, let us do our best,
So together,
We may go where we need to go"

And then, without warning,
My blue brilliant friend,
Whisks me away
Because she wants to show me
An apple falling onto someone's head
Sep 2020 · 761
The Soft Dinosaurs
Charles Vorpal Sep 2020
I saw a pink dinosaur
at a discounted price
in the local mall
I saw another dinosaur
blue and smiling
and a green one looking so friendly
being so soft and fluffy.

These dinos are so majestic.
Why must I suffer their absence?

I want a T-Rex
He will stand guard on my bed
I want the Long Neck
To survey the outside from the windows
I want the Stegosaurus,
To give my smaller toys a ride
The Triceratops will watch my books,
and the Pterodactyl flies with my alicorns.

Let's PLAY!
Writing style inspired by Dato A. Samad Said's "The Dead Crow"
Charles Vorpal Apr 2020
Hello palpitations my old friend
You've come to hurt me yet again
Because depression softly creeping
Shows itself when I was waking
And the venom that was flowing through my brain
Makes me pain
Within the sound of silence
Stuck in shadows, stuck in shadows
My tears are seeping through my pillow
No salvation, no salvation
**** my heart, I want to cease consciousness
No awareness, no awareness
And I will finally find peace, I will finally be free
When the blessed darkness help me slumber eternally
Don't waste time on me
Do please understand
Deep in the cage of my soul
I am eager and glad to sleep
The dreams have come to take me away
I close my eyes
I will find peace
I will find my freedom
As I fade
Into the night
Apr 2020 · 1.7k
An Asian Son's Dilemma
Charles Vorpal Apr 2020
The Internet arrived; they are confused
"Do not trust everything you read online!"
They warn us sternly, and even threatened
To take away and ban us from the computers
The technology advances, oh so, so very fast
Gone is the concept, of a single shared home PC
The smartphones, the laptops, the tablets etc.
Took the world by storm, and we are all amazed.
And then... Remember what those boomers told us?
About being skeptical and fearful of online information?
Guess what those hypocritical ******* are doing now!?
Fake news fake news fake news fake news fake news!
You nonetheless heed their advice, and learnt fact-checking
Yet, gods forbid you try to "show off" with your evidence!
"Aiyah, I only forward what was shared to me. I'm just caring"
"It seems harmless, so what's the problem??"
My absolute favourite must be...
"Don't talk back to me! Don't you disrespect me! Be silent!
Don't try to show off how smart you are!
I ate more salt than you have eaten rice!
If you don't believe this, just shut up!"
Gods bless Asian parents
What to do... What to do...
#napowrimo #napowrimo2020 #fakenews #asianparents #poets #writers #poems #poetrycommunity #NationalPoetryMonth #false #asianpoets #poetry #factchecking #iamboey
Apr 2020 · 202
The Grief of a Phoenix
Charles Vorpal Apr 2020
I am said to be majestic
That my presence is blessed
Is it though? I question it
They say I symbolise eternity
As if... that is praiseworthy
They merely fear death, thus
They project their fantasies
Upon me, my "holy" flames
They know not, nor care
That I am cursed, forever
Cursed, I say! Cursed! Cursed!
Each time I cry in anguish
Hoping my tears are enough
To cool the flames of my soul
As my life painfully burns
Yet, you are confused
You actually believed
That there will be beauty
To arise from my ashes
This is a neverending cycle
Am I still me? Is the past real?
When this happens again
Will the new "me" still be me?
The best dreams I ever have
In which I am dying, truly dying
The end, the ultimate finale
I'm tired, I wish to rest
Sing me to sleep, then leave me
If this happens, if I break this cycle
Do not feel bad for me; know this
I will finally be free, to go home
And know true bliss and peace

NaPoWriMo prompt  -favourite bird
Mar 2020 · 58
Charles Vorpal Mar 2020
The Moon
Represents my heart
To those unknown
I look nice
On the outside

But, look closer,
I am flawed
I am ugly
I have been hit
Injured, and scarred


It matters not
I am still loved
By those who care
Who are truly
About me

When I play
With my rabbits
They join me
They help me
Take one small step
So that I will
Take one giant leap
Feb 2020 · 56
Sweat with Style
Charles Vorpal Feb 2020
I sweat
With Style
The heat
Does not
Bother me
I harvest
My vegetables
My crops
The fruits
My labour
Glistening droplets
My skin
Of my efforts
I am *****
But tonight
First published at
Feb 2020 · 78
Charles Vorpal Feb 2020
Bring forth the sacrifice
This offering of the wheat
Savour the softness and aroma
Now, reveal the first treasure
The gift from the ground
Spread it richly on the offering
Then, unveil the fruity blessing
Spread wisely, but do not be stingy
Now, proceed with the ritual
The sacrifice will bring forth
A new experience of taste!
Feel the sweetness burst in you!
Let the savouriness spread in you!
And after you are done, if still unsatisfied
Make yourself another
Peanut butter and jelly sandwich
Jan 2020 · 56
The Divine Cat
Charles Vorpal Jan 2020
This be the Year of the Rat
We must now worship the Cat
For the pest brings pestilence
And the Mau hunt with excellence
Forsake the Oriental zodiac we must
A new worship of divine felines is just
Please come, O heavenly cute hunter
Tear the ambassadors of illness assunder!
May the mighty divine feline
Save us from cursed decline
I just made the connection between this hellish scenario and the current Chinese zodiac...

Also, because I am a traitor to my race, culture and religion/beliefs, I present you this poem, inspired by current global events:
Jan 2020 · 57
Charles Vorpal Jan 2020
There will be a time
When what was common
Will be rarest
And what is rare now
Will be utterly useless
A time of senselessness
Where rare miracles
Are but regular sufferings
We shall witness
Treasured blessings
Become common curses
The gift of life
Twisted, corrupted
Into a fleshy life sentence
Dreams will become nightmares
And what was apocalyptic
Will be welcome
We are slowly losing
The sacred scarcity
Of soul and spirituality
And they will soon be
Lost forever
Jan 2020 · 56
A Cursed Prayer
Charles Vorpal Jan 2020
The world is too hot
Our lands are burning
Our oceans are boiling
Our skies are smoking
I pray to the dragon kings
Let your rains reign!
May the waters cool us
Put out our hotheadedness
Drown this disease of humanity
In a cold wet grave
I pray to the winter gods
Bring forth your winds!
Freeze this infernal hellscape
Entomb this plague of humanity
In ice cold caskets
I pray to darkness!
Silence my soul!
Curse my heart to ice!
Make me cold, unfeeling, mechanical
It hurts too much to be a human...
I pray to the last Goddess
May her icy grasp finally take me
And bless me, with a cooling slumber
Jan 2020 · 267
Charles Vorpal Jan 2020
"Now, shall we begin the experiment?"
The future is uncertain
But I know there is one
And with my own hands
I will build a new world
With strength and kindness
And even if the truth is bleak
That there truly is no future
I still won't back down
I will Be The One!
If there is nothing
Then I will just Build something!
I won't give up to save
Tomorrow's Earth
I will Be The Light
That smashes through
The walls of hatred
The fortresses of ignorance
I will shine a new path
I will help others
Build and rebuild
I may be false
But others will be heroes
In my name
I will not be alone
I will find my Best Match
And together
We will protect what's important!
I will rise and rebuild
As many times as necessary
This is my legacy
The legacy I build!
"The rules of victory has been set!"

— The End —