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Charles Chiam Sep 2020
I have a **** blue friend
She is so old, yet so young
Time is an ocean, and she
A mighty ship that sails it
Ah, the voyages through time
And space, that is a must

With her, I will see the true forms
Of the majestic dinosaurs
She will introduce me
To past philosophers and scholars
Ancient thinkers and teachers
I can ask questions
Learn and confirm
Settle debates and mystery
But keeping them only to myself

But my sweet ridiculous friend
She will not take me to the future
No, she says she wants to follow me into mine
So I ask "So there is a future then?"
For me, for us, for all of us?

So she says:

"To show you a future now,
Is to steal away all the infinite potential,
Your stories is yours
Only you can make it a good one.

But I will be there, and here,
With you
I may not take you where you want to go
But, let us do our best,
So together,
We may go where we need to go"

And then, without warning,
My blue brilliant friend,
Whisks me away
Because she wants to show me
An apple falling onto someone's head
Leia Spencer Feb 2019
“You’re beautiful” I say
For lack of a better word
Because how can I only describe her as so?
She’s what it feels like to feel the sun dance upon your face
The wind gently rustling your hair
The glowing of wood lit aflame
Candles flickering while the windows rattle from wind

She’s the beginning of the Star Wars theme at full blast
Hearing the sound of the TARDIS for the first time in so long
The opening credits of each long-awaited marvel movie
Feeling the magic of reading the first Harry Potter book again
The closing of a finished book, knowing there’s more to come
Rapping every line of Hamilton perfectly

She’s everything pure in the world that brings unbridled joy
And there’s no way that “beautiful” could
Measure up to that
Because that word is too overused
I am a Tardis
Going through some hardships
Waiting on my doctor
To come and fly me proper

I may look just like phone booth
Which isn't quite the whole truth
For i'm bigger on the inside
Where real and imagined collide.

I glide through time and space
The whole universe to embrace
If only someone knew
Where to rendezvous.
Rose went away
so the doctor is blue.
Ask Donna "wheres the doctor?"
she'll reply "doctor who?"
Sarah jane and Martha,
And now both the ponds
Had their fun with the doctor
and now they've all gone
so ask me again
Why the TARDIS is blue
there's a sad man inside
With both hearts torn in two
This is not mine I found it on instagram but its too good not to put on here

— The End —