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Tommy Randell Feb 20
Our Social Media
Art become our heaven -
Shallow concerns and computer games,
All opinion and no wisdom,
Where mob justice is done,
With laughter and mirth
At all acts of aggression.

Give us this day
Wrong thoughts in our head -
Reinforce our prejudices,
As we incite force
Against those who are prejudiced against us.

Let us revel in our days of social stagflation,
The epitome and narcissism of Selfie People.
All power to the the chatlines,
The hangouts, and photo galleries,
Where fake news has dominion,
And all truth is transitory
For ever and ever - meh !
Homunculus Feb 7
As with everything else in American life, the national government is just another commodity packaged for mass consumption. We're all being spoon fed a spectacular narrative which by its very nature is designed to evoke the passions.

Every day, someone gets on TV and says or does something which provokes outrage, drawing the viewer in like the iridescent lure of an angler fish, and keeping them hooked just long enough for the hypnotic messages of the corporate sponsors to burrow their way into the collective consciousness between "newscasts."

It is precisely for this reason that these frivolous displays SELL like hotcakes. There's no government going on here. There hasn't been for who knows how long? All that is left is BUSINESS. Raw and unfettered. The United States of America is now nothing more than a 'reality' show, and boy, I tells ya, the revenue stream is OH, SO LUCRATIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ConnectHook Jan 23
Beware the white smirk.
Worse than **** atom bomb,
that deadly white smirk . . .

When the White Man smirks
Hordes run, screaming, into ****
(When the white man smirks)
I have spoken. I have spoken.
Heap big medicine.
Tommy Randell Jan 21
So, the rings of Saturn are new,
In the scheme of things, a novelty!
I wonder what that means to the few
Who cling to the beliefs of Astrology?

Now we've got a blood red eclipse
And the Moon has acquired star billing?
Leading of course to The Apocalypse
And our future being totally thrilling!

Those things up there aren't any more round
Than they have been all of our history!
Come on people, don't look up look down,
There's a world right here needs fixing.
Amoy Mar 2018
                by Amoy

I live on your social acceptance of me
You keep my face buried, my eyes blind and my mind occupied
You draw me in, I loose myself, trying to find myself
I can't hear the birds chirp, I can't see the sunrise
You are always here but yet I'm afraid and I’m alone
The happiest people living their "best lives" surrounds me
Telling me to see, telling me I need to be apart of it
Don't you want to be like me?
Live feeds, Status updates
Selfies, likes
Love me, don't scroll without a comment
Live streams, fake news, fake friends
Program-me, I need your feeds
It's not just a movie, it's real life get a clue
Francie Lynch Oct 2018
He's pulled the wool over our eyes,
But there's a thread I can yank;
The fabric will unravel;
We will see again.
ChildofGodyay Aug 2018
they covered.
they checked.
they thought they were doomed.
so they pulled the trigger and 'boom, boom, boom.'
their names stretched across.
the series of stories shook the world.
their stories were true, they said.
happy they were when people bought their books.
happy they were to lie to get the loot.
happy they were to get communities and hearts broken.
happy they were to break the banks of hearts.
to get the money.
it isn't that hard. for them to do what they do.
fake news.
sorry if it wasnt accurate :)
Azumi Rabulan Aug 2018
Ready your ears,
remove your fears

let your mind hear
the hurtful truths
rather than the comforting lie
mostly heard,
by the youth.

Our mind is polluted
by the false informations
we believed in.
As we turned away from the reality,
where honesty lives in.

We lie in the bed of lies,
where we sleep on the dreams
where sincerity "seems" real.

Society intents a deep-state lies
where unmindful people
accepts what is seen and heard
on the screen.
Francie Lynch Mar 2018
"Hawking's dead?
That makes me the smartest guy alive!"
RIP Stephen Hawking
ConnectHook Apr 2018
Though the chemical gas was a fable,
rebel terror we’ll arm and enable;
we will kick their Assad
with some help from Mossad
and create something TRULY unstable.

Little victims, all Syrian-bred
look pathetic: so small, nearly dead.
Lack of documentation
won’t dampen our nation;
from YouTube to bombing we’re led.

War-hawks pause for no burden of proof.
Show a whimpering child and then— **** !
They, rush in, like a fool
using Trump as their tool.
He’s been militarized. What a goof.
Lots of bad behavior from buffoons and egotists but worth watching:
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