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Uncle's home
Brother's home
Birthplace/Parents' home
Places where I have lived long

"Nǐ fēn dào zhèyàng zuò me? Yěshì nǐ de jiā ma."
It's also your home, I am told.
Really? Tell me more, o mind reader.
What other feelings I should feel
Please police my thoughts , while you're at it.

Nay, no, nein, bukan.
None of these places are my home
There are merely residences
Which owners let me have a roof above me
The locations where my flesh prison seek shelter.

Yes, I confess, sometimes I do slipped up
And referred to them as "my home"
But what you do not see or hear
Is me mentally correcting myself immediately
This is not some subconscious wish;
But a mere force of habit that I seek to break

Ah, one day, I will have my own place.
A house, or a pet-friendly apartment.
But no matter what, or where,
It will house only my body
For my heart will not be there
Just as it is no longer any of the places above.
Daniel Mashburn Mar 2020
I’m so used to writing sad songs
But I’m not sad anymore.
I stopped letting those disasters
Define me to the core.

And I’ve been content with what I’m doing;
No longer bruised, no longer sore
From this hard beating I’ve endured
(From this heart beating I’ve endured.)
And I’m not sad anymore

I’m so tired of writing sad songs
I can’t shake these feelings I’ve ignored
Like when I fell to pieces in the bedroom
Or when I passed out on the floor.

I was broken and alone
But you felt like home to me.

And you felt like home to me
And I’m listening to those songs I wrote when I was seventeen
I never thought I’d let that go
And so I think that you should know

That you feel like home to me
Amanda Sep 2018
Driving through the de-stress of another day
I can feel miles of worry fall away

Home, I am coming home

As tyres tread the familiar pass
The minutes drip through the hourglass
Only five more minutes to the underpass

Cars swarm like bees in honeycomb
Following the scent, the path leading home

Feeling the pull of your cologne

I can see the hug in your eyes
As your smile lights the world like fireflies
And your kiss rewires the heart ties

I am home.
Austin Ryskamp Jun 2018
I sit in my car for hours lately, I don’t want to go inside
The house I go home to daily isn’t home
It’s drywall, siding, and a couch that me and my home use to cuddle on together
I’ve been home less because I’m homeless right now
With my cardboard box, and Help Me Please Sign
I try to make unorthodox thoughts to re design
my homelessness issue
"It's just not possible at this point in time, to realign
my mind to see loneliness as an opportunity"
I say talking to my therapist next to me
You can tell me the stages of grief, and what I will feel
I just simply cant deal with it.
Amanda Apr 2018
Meditate a moment
Of quiet whispers
Soothing a restless mind
As it closes a door on the day
Home is found
Amongst the clutter
Blissfully drift into the embrace
Of the familiar quiet
Erin Nicole Sep 2016
I have a love. I have my home. I have my spot in this world.
I plan to keep it. I am back with my family, friends, life. Its nice
to be in a familiar place. I'm back at the place I love and others hate.
This town is home and the townspeople is my family. I love them and I wont give up on them. If i have a future... then so does my Home and Family.
Lena Waters Jan 2016
If home is where the heart is,
Who did you sell mine to?
For I must traipse without delay,
To follow this lead through.

If home is where the heart is,
Why not me tell me that it's gone?
For I must now search day and night,
To hope you haven't won.

If home is where the heart is,
When did you sell on mine?
For I must go and beg not,
To find it on the line.

If home is where the heart is,
What possessed you so?
For I must scream and sob and cry,
To find out where to go.

If home is where the heart is,
Where are my stolen goods?
For I must cross this empty Earth,
To not drown in its floods.

*If home is where the heart is,
Why did you raze my own?
For I must leave you all behind,
To find my heart's new home.
Inspiration struck, and this journey of the 5 Ws and love began.

— The End —