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Anya Oct 15
I asked my little brother
why he bought
the tape white out
not the liquid
the length of two whole
strips of white out
matches the size
of a Megalodon
A shark
two million
Hg Jun 9
i wanna be a dinosaur
buried within the planet's core

i wanna die and decompose
so you could find my dino bones

i wanna be a dinosaur
preferably an herbivore

i do like meat; it's good for you
but fish are friends and dinos too

i wanna be a dinosaur
to only die by meteor

i wanna die and decompose
so i can help the future grow 

i wanna make the earth tremor
cause nothing here is forever 

you only echo if you roar
so be a ******* dinosaur
words all have their roots
ped = foot
saurus = dinosaur
photo = light

just like my love for you has roots
or like a tree has roots

and all these things are infinite

the power of language
the power of nature
the power of love
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Vexren4000 Sep 2017
The tyrant of the desert plains,
And the beast that lurks in the jungle,
The dinosaurs,
Of eras long past,
The giants of times faded away,
As our mammalian cousins,
Trembled in burrows,
And dashed through swamps,
The T-Rex,
With his giant maw,
Lording over the land of dinos,
At least at face value

Joe Cottonwood Jul 2017
El Niño scooped the sand 
clearing every scrap of driftwood, 
every construction playful of a summer’s dayful 
the slapped-together forts, dinosaurs, castles
now launched to Mexico, to Tahiti, who knows?
replaced by fresh fragments of forest 
twisted logs, battered beams
shed by Oregon, by Vancouver Island and Alaska
bobbed by current
to this windswept cove.

Beneath swirls of sunset
as Van Gogh might render
among scattered scallops, kelp, 
sandpipers by the hundred, 
one joyful dog
dances the landscape
expressing with his grin
this vast chaos
of delight.
I live back in the hills about 10 miles from this, my favorite beach.
First published in *The Avocet*.
Vexren4000 Jun 2017
Wingspans stretching wider than car bodies,
Gliding over pre-historic vistas,
The dinos below ants to the flying beast.
A bird before birds,
A lizard of the sky,
Before they fall or land,
Before the time of man,
Where he could snipe them from the sky,
A time of strange peace amidst the struggle,
Of natural selection.

Jaclyn Harlamert Jan 2017
I hear a dinosaur knocking at my door
I think he always wants a little more
The dinosaur is the past, or history wanting to survive in memory so it will continue to exist
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