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Charles Vorpal Oct 2021
I was in a cozy café
The window a shield
From rain and wind
Then, something strange

A woman in a suit
Drenched, dancing
With a laughter
Louder than lightning

I watch, coffee forgotten
She notices, and waves
Before I realise,
I have stood before her

Raindrops, crystalline
On her long hair
The weighted wet suit
Hinders her agility not

She grabbed my hands
The cold howling winds
Suddenly turned melodic
Lightning now mere lighting

Her smile, her eyes
Mesmerizing, hypnotic
I suddenly remembered
How fun used to feel

Yet, I cannot recall
This soaked siren in suit
Nor do I understand
Why the street is sinking

Upon her sudden kiss
I awake to the storm
Outside my train window
Was that, a surreal omen?

— The End —