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I couldn't seem to let you leave.
So I buried you beneath
Silky, white sheets.

You said you adored red.
So I painted them
With every part of you.

I gave you everything
But, I've become afraid.
See it's been awhile
Since my lover kissed me,
Or rolled out of bed.

*I may have killed him,
I think he's dead.
Ophelia has
flower petals
growing beneath
her tongue, and
I can taste
when I kiss her.

There are highways
in the grooves
of her hips.
I like to trace them,
and get lost
somewhere between
intimate whispers and
an unsteady heartbeat.

Ophelia has a
mocking jay stuck
in her throat, and
it sings to me
when she finds
herself stuck in
tangled vines and

She weeps at least
an ocean a day,
and that's more
than my diminutive
hands can catch.
I think I'd like to
spend a few eternities
exploring the peculiar
jungles of Ophelia.
Smoke fills my lungs, I know you're speaking, but I can barely hear. All I can think is how you're the universe and I am simply a star. I'm a drop of blood coursing through your veins. It's a place I've always been, but never knew. I'm floating in an atmosphere of you.
A life-time with you is like an eternal summer. I'll spend my days walking along the beach picking broken shells from the sand with hope that I'll see the sunrise. In the mornings I'll find the beautiful, warm sun cuddling beneath the sheets. Every afternoon I'll make you a crown, while kissing each and every flower. All night I'll lie beneath you and touch the stars. Tell me August isn't so lonely with me around.
Daisies don't remind me of your absence. Yet they remind me of an unseemingly cold summer. A night where we walked up and down the busy streets, asking strangers for cigarettes. You kissed my hand and told me my skin smelt like daises. It's just..I spent the night with my hands in your hair...and I spent all summer thinking of how someday you'd disappear along with the smell of daisies.
~You were the first one to ever peak my curiosity. You had mood swings like day and night, you pulled at the threads in my flesh trying to search for what you could find underneath. We never got close enough that I could call you my girlfriend but I could feel what it was like. You were always talking about this boy, I had my first taste of jealousy because he would never love you like I could. I got tired of the cycle. Waiting for my turn. So I took from you what I could get and left you wishing you had loved what you had.

~You were so beautiful the way you had the ability to spot me in a crowded room. No matter the temperature your skin was always cold. You were always so cold. You spoke of how the stars here could never compare to the ones in Ohio. I didn't hesitate when you asked to be mine or when you asked if you could explore my every curve. You told me if I reached a certain weight you'd leave me so my fingers got to know the back of my throat in a disgustingly familiar way. I cried for three nights after you left, I was pathetically in lust with you. Months later you came to appreciate the way my hips rocked against yours and begged for my return. You are trash.

~You kissed me at the bottom of the stairs briefly. I could tell you didn't kiss often but I said yes anyway.  I remember being startled when I woke up at a friends house, my hair a filthy mess and you were sitting there watching me. I could barely have a conversation with you so I always kissed you to cover the involuntary silence. You were the nicest boy I'd ever met but I never loved you.

~We we're practically married the way we fought and ****** for three years. I gave you everything I had in summer on a blanket spread over the lush grass. I wrote novels in your pretty little heart and poured out my every struggle. I loved you from the hairs that stood on the back of my neck to the way I curled my toes..but then you changed. You said you were growing up and learning responsibility. But really you sat blankly in your room counting birds of death and you watched me struggle for breath, for life. I tried to get my love back but you'd buried him deep somewhere. I imagine he's laying beautifully in a bed of flowers and butterflies land on his lips trying to give him breath, although they are to minuscule to succeed. You've become a disgusting person. I do not love you.

~During a time that I sat waiting for death I found myself in August during September. You were the most beautiful boy I'd ever laid eyes on, I never imagined lips like yours touching mine. I've come to realize that you are the flowers, you are the butterflies and the sunshine. You are all of the bright magnificent things that you think you're not and you are mine. I fell for you involuntarily, but I would never turn back if I could. I've never had a best friend and a lover amalgamated.  I've never been so certain that love can exist in the darkest of beings. I've never tasted forever in someones kiss. Dear present love do not deceive me.
You look at my exposed skin
as if blemishes do not exist
and I craved your attention
like bees to honey.

If it weren't for your eyes
I would have ever thought
that my miniscule life
could possibly have a purpose.
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