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Jade Louise Sep 2018
It's flower crowns
And shimmering gowns

Its dancing with a broken heart
Looking together
But feeling so apart

It's a mustang's engine coughing into the night
And stepping through the gymnasium's doors
Into the light

I thought Homecoming was about coming home
To everyone else
Not realizing Homecoming meant
Coming Home To myself
The person I missed the most
Wasn't all of them
It was me all along
Jade Louise Sep 2018
The universe is full of pretty mysteries
That I can feel, but cannot see
One of those pretty mysteries
This universe has made
Was me
Jade Louise Aug 2018
I sit under the moon
And the night takes hold of me
It steals me away
Until Dawn
It hands me back to the sun
And I will rise for daylight

But in between
Being taken by the night
And being given to the day
I will dream
I will see this earth's
Brightest and darkest moments
And I will see everything in between
I will see it in my dreams

And then I will rise
And I will live in the sunlight
Only to be taken by the night again
And see all the world's color
I see it in my dreams
Every night
Jade Louise May 2018
She had no idea
What she looked like
Until she found herself on paper

She was no longer
Just a collection
Of cells, skins, and thoughts
Limited by
Where she ended
And the world began

Words on paper
Turned her insides out
And the outside entered in

This is how she entered the world
On paper

It began with a poem, from a stranger
The poet's despair, hope, and bliss
Whispered to her own despair, hope, and bliss
The truth of another
Unlocked the truth of her own

Then she dreamt the dreams
Of her most distant ancestors
Her world stretching bigger

The trees began to inhabit her
The truth of their roots
Rooting within her

Unlocked the secrets of Strangers,
The Secrets of her ancestors
And the Secrets of Mother Nature
And she found herself there
She shared their truths

First she found herself on paper
Then she found herself in the world
Jade Louise May 2018
It's when the sun sinks down
When the coyotes start to howl

I feel my thoughts knotting and rising
The web in my brain spreading, criticizing

I want to lull into a sleep so white
That the thinking can't hold tight

Its the time of night
While the world sleeps tight

My body feels the weight
Of my minds loud awake state

"Anywhere but here"
But taking the first step
To going anywhere
Means I must first learn to be here
Jade Louise Feb 2018
My insides are raging
Like my feelings are on fire
From my fingertips to my toes
Untempered, this flame will be dire

The way I see it now
Is that if I share my feelings
They can make me fly
But if I keep them to myself
My own fire might burn me
Until I die

I go up in a flash of flames
I'm afraid my feelings will burn me
They are so painful
I feel like I can't just be

So I fly with my flames
Instead of just fighting the truth and sitting
I share my light with the world
Instead of flames just licking and spitting

I resurrect from this hole
Like a Phoenix, I  light the sky
My flames turn darkness to light
So from fire, I fly*

Jade Louise Aug 2017
Thoughts fall from her head to her heart
The sky sprinkled in ribbons of stars
Falling in trails of wishes, such a piece of art

She thinks she’s insignificant, just so small
Just a collection of blood, skin, and secrets
But what if she realized, the sky could fall?

That the butterfly effect was true*
That the world existed perfectly
Because of people just like you
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