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My heart rythmic with the sky
Your smile illuminating the night

You'd be a girl, no a guy
Honestly it wouldn't matter what's outside

Because we're here in the fields
A summer breeze passing by

You gazing at the stars
While I stare into your eyes

The reflection I hold most dear
Your heart thumping with mine

I want to see the stars
The moon
A shooting star I hope

I want to see it all through the most beautiful telescope

I want to give my heart, my soul, everything I have

Just to stare into your eyes once more
My beautiful telescope

I want you
I need you

But I can't find you

The stars are so dim in the night

I'll search
I'll stumble

I need to see you

In hopes that one day you'll say

That I look prettier than the stars
Or that your smile belong to me

I'm hoping you'll just be there
When I can't seem to see

I want you
I need you

But without my astral reflection

There's nothing to love

I love you
I see you

Somewhere in my heart

Looking outside a window, at the same two stars
Lunar Roses Mar 26
The pulsating heart of the ground
Shadows born from the sky
A clash of light and darkness
Below a cloudy sky

On this green battlefield
Wind pushing the victors forward
The light pushing through
The shadows fizzling into the ground

A tree standing
The only constant of the land
Catering to the shadows and motivating the light

The clouds clear up and the battlefield revealed

The shadows have gotten darker
And the light has gotten brighter
In perfect harmony under this blue sky
Lunar Roses Mar 26
Sweet caramel brown
Black hair flowing down
A beauty like the sun
Stealing everyone's eyes

She exists in my heart
Someone who I'll always want
To love? Sure one could say that
To be? More than anything in this world


Skin as smooth as ice
Glistening eyes in the night
I could finally look at the stars
And see a reflection just as attractive

I could wear what I want, love who I'll be
Love who I want, and finally believe

That I was born in the right body
One my soul desires

A body as pretty as my dreams...
My dreams of being a lady
Lunar Roses Mar 24
Flying through the sky, in front of you a falcon

You follow it without realizing what's beyond it's wings

You never look beyond it's wings

You never see what could be
Lunar Roses Mar 23
The stars above were the final destination
I'd take a rocket ship and roam with no hesitation
Through asteroids and suns I'd dodge and roll
But I didn't think you would be my first obstacle

Hundreds of suns exploding all around me
But you've stolen my sight
A black hole could appear right in front of me
But it wouldn't eclipse your light

I wondered where we are
What we're doing here
Why I even exist

But all those questions seem to leave my mind when we kiss

Comets dividing couldn't stop me from wanting
Stars colliding couldn't stop me from seeing

Wherever I travel in this deep dark void
You'll be there to light the way

Galaxies crashing couldn't stop me from needing
The universe dying wouldn't stop me from loving

No matter how long it takes, it won't matter
Time is relative anyway
Lunar Roses Mar 11
I stand on this divide between two worlds
It's a narrow path, a little shaky, easily swayed by the wind

Sometimes the path becomes too small, sometimes it gets too big
Either way I fall into my worlds, be it choice or not

These worlds I wish were my own

One filled with sunflowers in a magenta sky
Filled with dreams I call mine
Love in the air
Happiness in my eyes
I could sleep in this world
For the rest of my life

One a deep blue ocean in the sky
Filled with my life
It's wind grasping my heart
And opening my eyes
Clarity in the air
And the sun on the horizon

I can fall into these worlds, but I need to get out, because I'm not meant to be in one for too long

So I fall again, in the opposite direction, hoping to miss the divide by an inch, but my back hits it with a thud

I'm tired but I look up not towards the worlds but inwards
A mix of blue and pink lay inside
Lunar Roses Mar 8
It's time to go for a swim
In this deep blue ocean of ours

Where the sun lights the sea floor
And refracts the stars above

A retreat from the sands of tomorrow
An unattainable escape from today

For only birds have the ability to flee yesterday
And bathe in this sea of clarity

But if you stop in the moment
And feel the wind in your arms

One day
Maybe one day you´ll fly
To this deep blue ocean of ours
Our ocean in the sky
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