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S R Mats Jul 2016
I can feel your sighs.
I can hear the breath coming in
And going out of your chest.

I can hear your heartbeat,
Feel the warmth of your blood
Gushing through dilated veins
Flush with heat.

And I wonder,
Where am I
In the equation?
S R Mats Nov 2015
The thing within itself, yet, without
The eating of its own flesh in mouth

The chewing until raw
- emotion all

I see you consume, be consumed
Mental illness
S R Mats Nov 2015
She has a head, which floats
Above her body. Large eyes
Open wide. Picasso,
He could very well have made her.
S R Mats Oct 2015
Love chooses you
She does not care for sensibilities
But sneaks up from behind
And places hands over your eyes
Then leads you with a smile
To where she wills you
S R Mats Oct 2015
Come here.  Look,
The grass is fading, and soon
The snowbirds will arrive.
Unmoved, they'll watch from afar
And, O, so shall I,
- trembling,
For fear that they may fly.
fall, winter, birds, nature
S R Mats Sep 2015
On water I walk
The deck. Steady, the boat floats
Across glassy seas.
S R Mats Sep 2015
brilliant shine
glitteringly white
startling light
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