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Roy Apr 6
I dream of our day of joy.  I dream of our love today with joy. To hold you and fill my life with joy you must know a part of me is in pain.  A pain that takes away my soul. I scream in pain my body screams in pain. My love for you holds me strong, my love for you makes me laugh and live but the pain tries to take you away from you it hurts I hurt today my love I want it to end.
Roy Mar 29
My heart is empty no more my pain is  but a shadow in the past. The light you bring shines bright to show me the path to happiness. Our new journey begins on a path for us to follow or change to make it our path as one
I love you more each day even more
Roy Mar 29
I have been lost in my mind thinking of you dreaming of you is it a day dream fighting to become a reality or is it a day dream I will wake up from wishing you were here Missing your touch you presents missing you
Roy Mar 29
The first time we talked you filled my mind with wonder my soul with passion.
The first time we met it all became real. The first time we kissed my body only knew one thing
I wanted you.  Every time we talk, I fall in love even more every touch my soul gets lost in love my mind and body become one with you
I love you
Roy Jun 2023
its ok my heart is used to being hurt
my soul is lost
I dream of the day we find each other
I m lost one day we will be find each other
Roy Jun 2023
My storm
A gentle breeze a gentile Wisper
Only to turn in to a storm my love you are my storm
The wind took my heart away. The Tidal wave of love that washed over me
The lightning that flashed and filled my life with new light new hope
My storm my storm you are my storm that rattles my world and shakes my foundation only to wonder will the lightning strike my heart and Couse it to shatter
Roy May 2023
I want to cry
I do not know why I want to cry
I feel sad
I feel alone
But yet I am not alone
I have you who loves me but today I feel alone
I scream in my head help I scream in my heart, please
I scream with my soul Help How can I find my peace I just want to cry
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