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Valentine Mbagu Oct 2013
There came a time in the history of Nigeria when she dreamed for independence,
There came a moment in the history of Nigeria when she groaned to gain freedom from the British;
There came a season in the history of Nigeria when she desired to obtain independence from her rulers.

The moment when she groaned for independence,
The season when she was ready to groam freedom;
The moment when she desired to be independent as a country.

The moment when she seeked her elites to stand up and fight for independence,
The season when she awaited the voice and appearance of her freedom fighters;
The moment whe she believed that independence was ready to answer the call of nature in her country.

The moment when she believed to find freedom and independence which as that missing part of her that made her a complete country,
The season when she trusted and believed in the treasure called independence;
The moment when she hoped and desired to be called an independent and sovereign nation in the history of the world.

The moment when she was expectantant of the mother called independence,
The season when nothing meant anything to her except for the father called freedom;
The moment when she still believe to be an independent country despite foreign exploitations,
with the understanding that she could still stand up on her feet as an independent country.

She believed that someone who understands her tears and passion for freedom and independence,
will arise and fight for her freedom knowing that he will never bear to see her travail in birth for independence.
The elites she knew not but believed was out some where fortiing and preparing themselves for independence and fight for freedom.
Independence she waited for like an expectand mother of a child,
Each step she took was believed to bring her closer to freedom and independence.

She believed in freedom and independence for her country and it's occupants, and not
colonisation and exploitation from the British colony.
She believed in fighting for freedom and independence than dying a coward,
She believed in her elites efforts to obtain her independence and sovereignty.

She expected her elites to stand up and rage for independence to freedom and sovereignty,
which they did when the opportunity and strategy came for them to uphold.
She believed that destiny will bring her independence and freedom,
when the hour of liberation from exploitation comes.
She believed that her pains and heart beat was felt and understood by her elites.

The name independence she was passionate about and the fame freedom she was desperate about.
The memories of colonisation she groaned to erase and the histories of exploitation she desired to filtrate.
The name independence she struggled to uphold and the gain freedom she strived to unfold.

Before her moment of independence,
she strived to make full proof of her countrie's ambitions,
she sort self asset and not self liability.
She seeked and desired independence and freedom from exploitaion which she got.
Her dignity and hour as a country was restored on that fateful day of October 1, 1960 whe she gained and famed her independence and freedom.

She believed in independence and freedom which she got.
The death of her elites and freedom fighters was never in vain.

This is Nigeria At 53 and she is still a sovereign and independent country.
I dedicate this Poem to my Country Nigeria on Her 53rd Birthday. The 1st Of October 1960 when She gained Her Independence.
Ann M Johnson Jul 2014
Independence  day, a day to celebrate the birth of a nation and those who fought and currently fight to keep it free.
It is something more at least to me ,it don't have to be limited to just the forth of July
We can have Independence day any day
When some one gets victory over Alcohol or drugs, it is an Independence Day
When someone breaks free from abuse, it is an Independence Day
When troops come home after war and get to be back in their loved ones arms, it is an Independence day
When the Lonely  finally make a friend, it is an Independence Day
When the Prodigal returns to a loving family after years or being away, It is an Independence Day!
When emotional chains finally break loose, it is Independence Day
May the rockets blaze across the sky, raise the banners high
It is Independence Day!!!
Samm Marie Moore Jul 2016
Freedom and independence are not synonymous
We have many freedoms
But zero independence
Independence is freedom
Freedom is not independence
What we celebrate is a false holiday
It's a cheap *** excuse to drink
And set **** aflame
What we celebrate is a false holiday
Once meant to portray
Our braking away
What we celebrate is a false holiday
That makes life seem like a joke
Because we've conformed too much
I have the freedom to say whatever
I **** well feel like
But I am not independent from fear
Or tyranny
This is America
Land of the stupid
Home of hatred
Everywhere I turn I see
For religion, ***, and race
For orientations and confusions
For thought and for ideas
This is America
Not some fluffy dreamland
Like so many of us make it out to be
Yes I will be ready to admit
We are certainly freer than most
And yes, I will be ready to defend
My country with my words
But I can't sit on the sidelines
And just watch as my land falls to ****
"Happy Independence Day"
It breaks my heart that we have to declare a day
To recognize independence
It's a false independence we celebrate
I love the fireworks and the lightheartedness of it all
But it's *******
We shouldn't have to label a day
On a calendar
For historical emphasis
Woohoo Declaration of Independence
And all that jazz
But it no longer seems that way
Equality has never existed
This America, not an Aboriginal society
Pursuit of happiness is impossible
Because one person's happiness destroys another's
Liberty and justice for all?
Yeah right
Happy Independence Day to all who believe
But as for me
Independence my ***
Sorry this is so long and winded
Ann M Johnson Jul 2015
Independence  day, a day to celebrate the birth of a nation and those who fought and currently fight to keep it free.
It is something more at least to me ,it don't have to be limited to just the forth of July
We can have Independence day any day
When some one gets victory over Alcohol or drugs, it is an Independence Day
When someone breaks free from abuse, it is an Independence Day
When troops come home after war and get to be back in their loved ones arms, it is an Independence day
When the Lonely  finally make a friend, it is an Independence Day
When the Prodigal returns to a loving family after years or being away, It is an Independence Day!
When emotional chains finally break loose, it is Independence Day
May the rockets blaze across the sky, raise the banners high
It is Independence Day!!!
#life #independence #day
Ann M Johnson Jul 2018
Independence day, a day to celebrate the birth of a nation and those who fought and currently fight to keep it free.
It is something more at least to me,
it doesn't have to be limited to just the fourth of July.
We can have Independence day any day that a life is set free.
When someone gets victory over Alcohol or drugs, it is an Independence Day .
When someone breaks free from abuse it is an Independence Day.
When troops come home after war and get to spend time with their loved ones it is an Independence Day.
When the lonely finally make a friend it is an Independence  Day.
When the prodigal returns to a loving family after years of being away, it is an Independence  Day.
When emotional chains finally break free, it is an Independence Day.
May the rockets blaze across the sky, raise the banners high it is Independence Day!
I wrote this awhile back a friend recently helped me edit this poem.
July 4th is a Holiday filled with celebration,
Complete with BBQs and Fireworks
And exclamations of "Happy Independence day"
But people seem to fail to add the asterisk at the end
The hidden meaning, the fine print, the text between the lines if you will.
Because July 4th is not everyones's independence day.
July 4th only signifies the independence of a particular group of people
A group of people who fought for their freedom, but didn't allow it in their own back yards.
When these people were out celebrating their independence, my ancestors, my family, where in fields, working, in houses trying to stay alive
My women trying to stay away from their masters ****** them-
Whoops, sorry, I meant "Celebrating."
So what reason do I have to call July 4th my independence day?
If anything, my independence day is December 16th, the ratification of the 13th amendment
Or Juneteenth
Or January 1st, the day that the emancipation proclamation was ratified.
So while everyone else is celebrating the New Year, I think about what else that day has brought
Brought about the freedom of a people, my people.
Made them citizens, made them real, made them free.
Well, kinda free.
We've come so far.
And of course, I am not trying to blame white people today for what happened in the past, they should not be held accountable for the actions of the people from whom they've descended
But instead I want my black brothers and sisters to think, to remember, where we are coming from.
So yes, I hope everyone has a happy independence day*
Just keep in mind that it's not mine.
Aishwarya Dec 2019
Most of my life, I’ve been a highly independent person and proudly so. I have grown myself up, travelled alone, personal decisions. I am even praised for being so independent. I can’t say I did not enjoy the glory. I have rejected my support system fiercely and craved the glory of independence.

Growing up and be independent! That’s all that has been a goal. I had made personal independence as my virtue. Independence from parents, from education, and when you have your heartbroken, independence from being in love. I hated the word “compromise” and the only way to achieve. Doing something all by yourself takes no compromising. I don’t have to think about someone else’s feelings, I don’t have to worry about their needs, I don’t have to take care of anyone but me. Now, this sounds more and more like selfish than independence.

I realise the bigger struggle is to collaborate and come to a solution where everyone has their needs met, to give as well as take. Now that felt like growing up, the test of real courage. Are we glorifying independence because we don’t want to take care of other people? Because everywhere I went, someone was telling me I needed to find my freedom. Everywhere I looked, I searched in vain for that independence I once had, finally having to accept I would never be an unemotional, unattached person again.

Maybe we need not be independent. Self-made Is so overrated. Nobody is. We need not be. Even world war was won by the alliance. We need 2 for a clap or make a life. You need light and day to survive, you need bones and muscles. The world is not singular, the world is not independent. Even earth is going round and round the sun with a crazy crush that it can’t collide into and it can’t move away from. Earth is so on its own, so much in its own, but its existence is a collaborative one.

I know now that I can’t go at it alone or maybe even if I can I don’t want to do this alone. I want to live a life with friends and family supporting each other through the good, the rough, and everything in between. And I want a romantic partner to experience life with me. I want to have support emotionally, physically, and financially a coexistence.

My feminazi is in admitting that we need more feminine collaboration than the masculine ideal of success and independence. I want to find that freedom of shared submission and being part of something bigger than self-sufficiency.
Haitian style independence
no more whiteness at all
type independence
playing three rhythms at once
blackness take over the entire
American sports and political world
Went south to join the Seminoles
fight against the colonists
killer abolitionists
dangerous and feared
the beginning of the union
no more free labor
regulate that
paper bag 40 acres
and we are not ******* mules
organized black militants killing
burning plantations of whiteness
yearning independence
captivating white audiences
scurrying to the legal system
to constrict the laws
make more weapons
make more conflict
make it more dangerous to be black
You will never find us again
that independence
In to me
be the temple
to my heart

Day by day
we will see
the state of independence
to be

Bring to me
Breathe with me
Just like I fall to my knees
Time is truth

Hey , hey , hoooooooooo .
Love is like a signal
into the body of my soul
Hey !
To be in love and with you

It's truth from the mountain
The state of independence
Like a fountain flowing free
It's truth from the mountain

Love like a comet from above
Love let's me continue to survive
Love is a state of independence
Love is the temple of your heart

Love is being with you day by day by day
Love is my free
Love is my state of independence
Love is you and me
Jack May 2018
Everyone says they want independence
Not everyone knows what it is
I used to hate the thought of it
Now I find it gives me bliss

Independence allows me to think for myself
No one can tell me what to do
I find myself at peace in this time
Being alone isn't so blue

Independence is necessary
It teaches you true life lessons
You learn to survive without anyone else
And it gives you many blessings

I used to think independence came with loneliness
That simply isn't true
There will always be family and friends
They will be there through and through

I am finding my true self through independence
Maybe I will miss the company
But for now I'm filled with glee
The independence is what will help me find out who me really is
Sincerely Em Nov 2016
Independence .. From the shoulds and shouldn'ts  
Independence .. I'm thirsty to explore
My soul yearns to sail at sea .. My body chains me to the shore
Chains are only people .. Only minds afraid to look

And I .. I slowly start liberating from the rules in their book
Part 5
Gabrielle Ayoub Nov 2014
No matter how much our country has suffered
No matter how many wars there will be
We will always rise above those difficulties
Because we are Lebanese and NO ONE can steal our identity <3

Happy independence day to all the Lebanese people out there
This is not really a poem, but i just wanted to say a few words
Valentine Mbagu Oct 2016
What a historic day it is, that the birth of Motherland we celebrate,
She beautifies herself with Independence and prides in freedom;
Like a berry, Her seeds are nurtured and groomed to pomegranate,
Its the birthday of Nigeria, a tectonic day of liberation from Edom.

A day to celebrate Her sweet Autonomy and Ultimate Supremacy,
An October 1st that marks an Independent and historic liberation;
She prides herself in political Authority, Power and Predominancy,
Its the born day of Motherland, a day of a feast worthy celebration.

Let's all celebrate the birth of Nigeria, for Her age's a befitting feast,
We must unite together as One Nation built on our Elite's landmark;
This day calls for a jubilation to a lasting freedom and a vital feast,
Motherland glows with honour and pride, for her birth's a hallmark.

She fought like an Eagle with great might and valor, for the liberty
Of Her future generation, and Hero's blood a fountain of freedom,
Today we laud a Nigeria that birthed the Independence and stability
Of a Sovereign Nation, that feeds no more on the putrid of Edom.

Today marks the 56th born day of Nigeria, and still a Sovran Nation,
It calls for a celebration, a befitting feast and a historic merriment;
An October 1st that marks an Independent and historic liberation,
Its Nigeria's Independence, a day to celebrate a sweet merriment.

The vets that fought for the Boston tea party
native impostors of tea tossing
or the vets that were slaves and fought for freedom
the vets that go to other countries to **** non white people
all of the care vets have or not
and funding and compassion
should go to freed slaves
the vets that killed slave masters
and saved their children from **** and torture
the independence that declaring freedom with broken chains
dead slave masters
beautiful songs and music
the blues
art and technology
or the independence declared from being free of being taxed
The independence declared when a slave felt  
knowing that in Britain the emancipation has already been declared
seeing the desperation in the slave profiteers
seeing the desperation of whiteness
and the independence declared when experiencing the freedom
of Escaping liberty
proving that a human being is not a resource to exploit
Independence day
Esther Esuga Apr 2015
An innovative, creative, calm serenity
A spirit of togetherness and humanism
A patient, peaceful, joyful emotion
Different shades of Turquoise

A new, fresh, hopeful place of rest
Growth and development

A joyful, happy warming effect
Arousal of cheerful feelings and freshness
Great mental stimulant

A classy, luxury glitz of glamour
A confident, generous, self-work
A victorious , royal, happy-to-go-look
An abundant, shiny, excess extrovert

Written By; Esther Esuga

An innovative, creative, calm serenity
A spirit of togetherness and humanism
A patient, peaceful, joyful emotion
Different shades of Turquoise

A new, fresh, hopeful place of rest
Growth and development

A joyful, happy warming effect
Arousal of cheerful feelings and freshness
Great mental stimulant

A classy, luxury glitz of glamour
A confident, generous, self-work
A victorious , royal, happy-to-go-look
An abundant, shiny, excess extrovert

Written By; Esther Esuga

An innovative, creative, calm serenity
A spirit of togetherness and humanism
A patient, peaceful, joyful emotion
Different shades of Turquoise

A new, fresh, hopeful place of rest
Growth and development

A joyful, happy warming effect
Arousal of cheerful feelings and freshness
Great mental stimulant

A classy, luxury glitz of glamour
A confident, generous, self-work
A victorious , royal, happy-to-go-look
An abundant, shiny, excess extrovert

Written By; Esther Esuga

A sweet , young , pretty , subtle-charm
   A girly, warm, bright sense of appeal
  A cute, Fun, attractive, soft touch of feminity
  A spark of warmth and tenderness with friends and family
  An unconditional love, friendship and care.
An elegant pink

A royal, noble, selfless form of leadership
An enlightened, balanced state of maturity
A mixture of the feminine and masculine energies
An alluring, luxury of mystic fantasy
A beautiful, calm , calculated sense of wisdom

A color of heat, love, power and hot-passion
A vibrant, provoking, brave sense of will power
A seductive, romantic list of appetite
An attention grabbing, sharp rhythm of excitement
A color of signs

A calm, loyal, productive and conservative effect on humanity
A strong connection with masculinity
A rich, hopeful, desiring-lucky-go charm
A color of intuition and the sixth sense
Mostly heavenly and soothing to the mind and body
A friendly, stable , sincere, expertise of understanding

A cheerful, creative,bright-sunshine
A warm, happy, joyful, energetic summer
A spirit of optimism and success
Shades of orange

A meek, peaceful note of simplicity
Pure, heavenly and gentle
An innocent, good act of precision

A powerful, bold, confident elegance
A formal, classy sense of sophistication
Proudly black and beautiful

A color that absorbs
A strong, honest form of endurance
A stable, warm, comfortable, sense of maturity
A friendly note of earthly attitude
A bond with earth and its nature

A mediator between black and white
A neutral, reserved and modest aura
A solid, elegant form of maturity
A reliable, formal dignified class

A shiny, wealthy glitz of glamour
A modern sense of creativity
A gentle , graceful, kind touch of femininity

An innovative, creative, calm serenity
A spirit of togetherness and humanism
A patient, peaceful, joyful emotion
Different shades of Turquoise

A new, fresh, hopeful place of rest
Growth and development

A joyful, happy warming effect
Arousal of cheerful feelings and freshness
Great mental stimulant

A classy, luxury glitz of glamour
A confident, generous, self-work
A victorious , royal, happy-to-go-look
An abundant, shiny, excess extrovert

Written By; Esther Esuga
I'm trapped in sun scourged  skin
Fighting to get out. Screaming for  benevolence
Confound by the  phobia of my appearance
Struggle for success should I be a street opportunist
Sale dope like my Dad did
Walk the line between life and death can you believe my dads dead
A walking  stereotype and be what there assuming
You ever try to swing at a fast ball disguised as an underhanded pitch
Swing and miss pain sets in
I'm bleeding in hopes of true equality
You see my people were still in chains
Deaf to the freedom bells
Colonials were children of a country
Battles fought for freedom released from there parents reign
My ancestors were  stripped from  soil dragged across the sea
To new plains force to be slaves
Some my view this as tasteless and lame
But it’s the truth
Asphalt skinned products working in fields barefoot no timberland boots
I send prays up and salutes out to the troops
Cause if we switched shoes
 I’m not sure if I would do it for you
Cause I don’t see innocent faces
I see innocence taken
Cops are cruel cults cause communities to be complacent
Conditioned to be racist
A people treated like Jesus stripped naked
A people where knowledge use to be sacred
Now money driven like I never made it to my graduation
But you see this money I’m making
I am caking
Cards of independence
An illusion it’s really assistance
Do we know that its fraud
To trade money for independence cards
Taking tax money doesn't erase the odds
Liberty by the hands of man is flawed
I was formed in this soil pushed out of America's womb planted my feet from birth
Kiss with this dying flesh destined to be treated like dirt
America a false independence since its start
You will only find freedom in the face of God
Pursing him with a  passionately postured heart
Angels sing when we say yes
Independence in Christ he paid for our freedom with his flesh
Despite all the political jargon
Screaming and freedom marching
Gods independence is like stars and space its infinite
Earthly independence in all its splendor compared to that is limited
Latching to this life's liberty is like licking
a limp liquored in leprosy
A  detriment is a  understatement
Put more hope in a representative than Christ . below the mason dixon an under states men.
Wars get fought for freedom
Bodies stack up for freedom
Money gets spend for freedom
How does peace gets forsaken for the sake of freedom
A fable is still a lie..
I wonder if animals in a preserve can recognize that they not in the wild
Gates open and chains broken when aligned with Christ in his Kingdom
S cape Apr 2017
She blames it on never being around love or affection
Her household lacks common commodities
Her family does not know "love"
They do not know "communication"
Or "consistency"
She's never seen Stability a day in her life
Her parents bed lays one side undone
Where the other half belongs-
Lays sheets sprawled out on the couch downstairs
Her parents never seemed to love each other
They didn't seem to love her either
They didn't even care to hide it
But good thing she's known Independence since before she could walk
They seemed to get along well
And that's who she relied on
Independence was her friend
She promised to never leave him behind
Or rely on another hand
She promised to love him unconditionally
And never put her weight on anyone else
She promised to hold him tight
Afraid of letting him pour out
And giving her all to someone
Who might not be right
Independence was for her
And he's all she would trust
This way the bed would surely always be completely undone
No sheets on the couch
No child left behind
Independence would love her
On him she could rely
M Jan 2015
Independence has a nice ring to it-
The cash register when I pay for myself,
The ding of the doors I open on my own.

I don't need anyone to be whole anymore-
I filled my potholes with my own hands,
In my own ways.

I found a way to be alone and be okay-
Though the nights can get long
And I miss trailing kisses trailing to the bedroom.

I can open my own doors and pay my own tabs,
Though I miss opening up to someone else
And independence has a price to pay;

The cold nights can't be filled by anyone
Because one night stands, friends with benefits
Won't fulfill the small void not even my own self could achieve.

I surely don't need anyone to survive,
But that doesn't mean I don't want someone,
Or yearn for a hand to hold other than my own.
ln Aug 2014
Maybe it's the way the national flag flies so high
Despite the country's imperfections
Maybe it's the way we're united
Not separated, despite the difference in cultures,
Believes, traditions, languages

Maybe it's the way you see an Indian eating with chopsticks,
The way you see a Malay in a saree,
The way you see a Chinese making ketupat's for Hari Raya.

Maybe it's the unity you see,
Maybe it's the goosebumps you feel when you say Merdeka,
Maybe despite the hate you have towards history,
Deep down, you know how grateful you are to be Malaysian.

Maybe it's the way you walk into a mamak,
And say
" tauke tapau roti canai 1 milo ais 99 "
And maybe,
It lies in diversity,
Beyond everything else.

*Malaysia, tanah tumpahnya darahku.
Brie Pizzi Nov 2017
Nothing bothers me more than the thought that someone's sense of independence completely diminishes when in a relationship.

The thought that someone doesn't know how to be single because they choose to be in a relationship.

The thought that being a hopeless romantic means you can't be alone.

It's just not true.

Being in a relationship means a lot of things.

It means being able to share your own ideas, hopes, fears, and feelings with the other person.
It means falling in love with their flaws.
It means encouraging them to become something great in life.
It means being there for one another when times get difficult.
It means being selfless.
It means caring for one another.
It means loving one another.

It doesn't mean losing each other's sense of independence.

You can be in a relationship and be independent.
You can be a hopeless romantic and enjoy spending time alone.


It's easy to depend on someone and it's not always wrong to. But it's dangerous to fall into that path of dependence.

It's dangerous because life is unpredictable. Someone can always leave. They can leave you with nothing but broken pieces and when that happens you'll have to pick up those pieces they left behind, by yourself.

You must find the balance between independence and dependence.
You must learn when it is okay to depend on someone and when you must handle something alone.

Never be in a relationship with someone who questions your independence; who forces you to depend on the other person.

Never settle for less than what you deserve.
Set of cave genes If you could read ... pluri freedoms of the dark light of ignorance teach understand that breathe under the Naturality Natural Nature is not necessary to have an understanding heart and store on their empty heads of knowing ancient rain where wisdom possess. If dance on every grain of chickpea for each foot plant what could a plant obeys; foot, Plant and Plantation ...

Resulting kingdoms on my animals, fungi, plants and protists, media freedom as a seed to reach our evolutionary lack of ceased hopeness ...

First  Ellipsis Angle loneliness"God felt Chained"

Chained down by dragging the last link of its multiple arcane freedom in which transfigured recent swings where he collapsed with the latter being of himself whose life lies lifeless alive but lost. The latter that child not to know and deprived of nascent freedom that will never be born and come knowledge in our genome of Independence.

When the cave man thought to be a complement to the world is enslaved by the mystery of lost in himself .... The born and born, never dies, that's so naive and innocent ... is still full unaware of their free will, rather it is he who must re-literate and be a living part of the ancestral genome Cavernario component. Oh Heavenly Lord of the steppes I look because more of you today without having lived what you lived, as he would have played with my gaze to succor and keep you had fallen into the fangs of an animal, or you had fallen on the glacier cliff where he has separated you from your Clan Cave.

Emancipation means to be always innocent, my blood runs through yours,
I read and understand any phenomenon of deprivation exist without you lack wisdom satiate, if all your generations crushed by ignorance of falling subject will be well, me and my being I take my precognitions as a tormented child's worst nightmare before about sleeping. Sixth Papal almost, almost kneel before the creation memorizes creation. This prerogative Lord lives Bread’s God Minor remaining ... .of whose iconography will not leave this fifth fraternal dimension will not come, if not more will enter the latter end of absolute solitude ... and shorter than the last thousand years of Neandertal.

Cavernary Political and Ellipsis:

On a day of gentle wind and tense rain proclaiming Clan joined, they all shouted running, the ground shook and the children slept on terror ... the 10 infants who were talking about the Sign from above, but the nines they crossed his arms remaining to create solidarity roof that protects the man in your imagination ....
The eighth child of the clan ran quickly into the arms of his mother and she imagined how far, how far would never come ... uncharacteristically who came with his brother seventh had in their hands the word of entertainment of Being, to be a plaintiff political all of braiding them together with lines enabling the hermit may decide that creation is a mass of lines of certain fashions together, everything sings like the slightest cyclamen dew on the line pointy rough fallen fungus. All arms folded on the upper porch of the Vatican Macario in Franconia, saying that many who unite in their fevered requests large modern man ceased to be autonomous when it came out of their caves and charnel pit.

Ran all she enjoyed doing that almost without knowing whether or not they fall ...
Ran because every day the sun ahead them a lesson for man of the future ...
They are running to be released the day of his birth chained to stars of light, to carry him to his mother and father, sneaking to his brothers.

Brother worn eleventh birth to her existence as another being evolved Eukaryotic: Surely those provided beings of cell membranes rhizomes reflected in higher libertary lives purged of ectoplasm walk without discounted subsidiary. Shakespeare in Helsingor appeared immune to a blood brother to all that limits the Draconian feel in the pinnacles drawn 700 greened steeds. From the deepest swoon in the underworld subway Helsingor, follow the prevailing souls presided over by the great ear of hard sand castle, stressed hard Ghosts of Stratford upon Avon.

Freedom plague spits words of pancreatic poisoned exordium, spits verses of confusion disorders without permission, without solid bass sound without liquid sea that resist mad edges followed by solid sound ....
But smaller stones give priority to conjugate final sentence and noble verses Guardian
to missionte how important would Liberation:

Maybe it's synonymy of Astral Solar ...
It is not Solitude, is a free nation that has its own kind prosecutor's office for even when Euthanasia close your eyes to the astral, will run the stones of the Sea of joy believing that neither you dare if there is no healthy grass to clarify the rainy day terror.

Reverse walk creeks aggravated birds feet, walking great playful ruse.
Reverse run my comrades preparing festivity meals with chandeliers and singing lay plenary., Singing Avenue pine port Firenze, Second run subtracting minutes and hours the minute is enough for me with your face in my arms to recognize your longevity anathema times oblique faces for lip smacking hailstones Templars.

In 1297 in northern Italy nearby rural families migrate chalky Venice, Perugia came the exiles walked find their independence south of the Iberian Peninsula. They were so atoned as in the echoing flutes, harps, zithers and harpsichords field temperate; They invited the blunting of intemperate monocordio.

Golden Chariot Carrenio

Golden carriage carrying them came without a single space rather than inheritances acquired goldsmiths of ancient noble and chaste solid shine. Carrenio; the coachman wore on his left arm bracelet thousand mobile travel without stopping to drink more water and to feed their horses. After revamping its gold pieces bartered by slave who was getting Carrenio Christians fleeing the Romans. Well they fled as far as the plains of great earthly squandered his memory and that end of the end should come.

How am away from my land more I learn it's back to her,
There is no ground for the first time, but that which is foreign
Carrenio of Perugia and sensed that ****** was Jewish ashes,
Luther King black paste of burnt forest,
Mandela and Biko Ogre gargra from Victorian Empire,
Gandhi in his humility is always put behind the Sun
to figure out the small
Tagore trashed my heart caressing the entire universe uncorrupted
Hölderlin together in the cabin waiting for his mother at Zimmerman,
That my beloved Borker forest shoild shine a gold teeth with black resin,
Theresa of Calcutta was eaten and swallowed all diseases lepers knowing good taste proverbial dessert psalm,
Jose Miguel Carrera was more than a trench, clay bullets in each of his temples where he received
To be doubly Lonco is to be halved, lacerated by lay his head on his land, not galloping on his back throngs of wit and hope out Nazareth trembles when an F-16 diluted ***** covering landless caravans Heritage continues to lead the people killed but the mosque wall has been Fe Erecta.
Helena plenipotentiary Kowalska at Vilnius, Faustina Divine Mercy Diadema
The agonizing deprivation of millions of people with cancer in every continent of private well-being analgesic, weighed down by increased pain, almost as strong as the Master Hammered Golgotha, so it was that Joshua has cancer always to slow it down on us. Benigno whether metastasis, malignant albeit benign finance.
The death of an innocent little angel devoured by the beast, remains as a fluff hairless sardine in the jaws of a shark baron.
Khalil Gibran writes that with both hands to support the reviewer behind in Bicharri and bohemian Paris,

Salvador Allende Gossens was born since he was deceived by his parents who would heal politics, would rather dig their ancestors in their brains scattered in the currency in face seal or tail of.

Frei Montalva that today has to receive the Macro Augusto Heaven their arms, their sorrows and regrets, although his worst military executioner.

Legion is an offshoot of liquid central gray material, which defers well done becoming but not defeated, it is the decree of the divine threshold space Living or cease to live, that failure does not exist, it is the postponement of success - success .

The Genocide September 11 in New York was a ritual, who produced was a small wrath strength of the Rotary world, as the cam shaft is upset in the history of trying to make more alphabet in schools where the flag hoisting and found scholars in West and East, so they can learn more than reading of both unlettered, lip and water to possess it write with it. The worst disaster is read with the memory that will never happen ... I write my greatest need with lipstick and my greatest need I write eager to participate. Yesterday I passed by a boutique and buy lipsticks that are closer to the language, written with the mouth and not the hand. !

Freedom, debauchery, libration, drawer, Bookstores ..! Carrenio ..: he said see I'm right! Raise and educate has a great synonymy with autonomy, because the ancestors wrote everything that deprived them and made them fear, but do not have to eat the autumn gives me to dress the return of spring, bread orchid and cineraria. Hence by that inner syllabic singing hunger sated that sought sheet to sheet rid of everything until the end of the book as the encounter between night and day without considering oblivious to anything or anyone on the track window swing wind, wind seeping.

It was old Zeus or Hera of Antique,
Cavernal cavern to house geometric polyphonic, angular seeds to create fashions kiss kissed everything that any vertical plane does not fit with the closed horizon
For hands and angels Hebrews inner soul of every carpenter and stonemason shrunk, wash their eyes and cheeks with songs of vibration and idyllic comfort,
Everything resembled and sounded Bethlehem 2.0 deities choirs sweeping grasslands,
Similarity of this clairvoyant child is born in a cave ...
Rising motherly free Soliloquy Papini sitting to the right of ruminant cattle,
So archaic that to be born is not born in a clinic mega Cristus but hundreds of kilometers and hundreds who are born with the undergirding whispers and servitude being.
Where the multi gray impetuous born star is a healthy gauze story in the present tense ... this angelic child grows by Miriam washes his feet in a belligerent abolished stone. His father must wash their hands on a stone which is where measured his ecclesiastical mystical stature, stone Madonna to heal his feet where he leaves to free himself, to free us ... Marble gamete fémina vault, where he sleeps without knowing whether it is due, the ***** fell from the sky.
How wise is the Wise, it makes permissible for much more than two thousand years we stone quarry wheel and wheel, homily and blessing to not wake at night to sleep startle middle and uphill.

The me of the referent of antiquity is not the me of today is polished cobble stone,
Useful weapon quarry road there and back track to have blisters stone and soft thoughts under my pillow soft stone as a whole.

If you're ****** private're living and have a free soul choosing coexist, then you are low in the cemetery on a tombstone of heresies.

Neolithic early 4500 after Hildegard von Bingen and his entourage and prowled full and channeled, swooning in her swoon with flowers in his hands and his followers planting forests on top of Stonehenge.

Carrenio says ...: you see I'm right, we coexist, I die like the worst ****** cancer and then put a tombstone stonehenge conspire in my honor black pain prayers of Salisbury. It blooms in vibrant red rubies that detonate in chromaticity and life. The stream itself is exceeded aquatic plant Macarenia.

Call us and civilize us, outdated as far as my tired feet though I come not ashamed to see my new tracks.

Carrenio says ...;see I'm right Joshua has traces of gold from other Caterpillar shod feet. Antique everything is prescribed according to their legacy today is Lent Pro that came before it was Lent vestige Pentecost came to be a nickname of the mystery of the passion in less than a rooster crows.

Beside it is the mystery of the disappointment of stubborn demon, helps you all carry the cross, but not the entire load. Fire and Light at dawns where the splendor born ...

Genome Freedom, even today every centimeter of my witness of each component, if basic origin of the signs of the primitive world, is that we have lost the bark of the lexicon, which does not allow us to understand the meditations to ask for something, not You need to ask something. Today genome is requesting something because thousands of people who asked for millions of years, now it's time to cater to them. They were wrapped in cloth shroud of spiritual sacredness, today cemeteries mega dance their souls leave no sleepers both much grass on their heads not yet sullied by the puppet Azrael.

Impossible not to decorate the rocks forged empires that fall into the rubble, they bring 476 d. C., a new opening Middle age freedom of travel both in history thousands of years begins a new axis Golden Carrenio’s Chariot.

       Carrenio Wagon

This great colossal ship Carrenio time, is a timber that holds the sky, a beam that does not faint or distended thousands a. C, and the old age of Kings large musings that were forgotten. It is a stride ship millennium, their history of oppression has seen in the wheel, instrument wise rolling like a wheel before 5,000 years ago, here  We fought and prostrated to distant lands millennium after millennium him away.

Golden Chariot is the structure that freedman us to enforce a new life on earth, even the Gods prided themselves move the stars to constellations called her noble Auriga sailing in full the Universes and Cartwheel Galaxy or cart Wheel. As if to say that when the Universe and its own mythology, were visited between them inch by inch by wherever they shine.

Carrenio mask and frame used, had strength, temper and tittle. When the first libertarian squall of antiquity came closer, Rome was already small and nobles populate what is a quote piccola. The executioner always frightened and starts out of his own wickedness. Markos Botsaris as did in Greece, and surrounding towns Messologhi remote, they were free more than tuned in massif Arankithos high wind. He was riding to Kanti once again with the golden rider Etrestles of Kalavrita. According to the Chronicle that came from distant millennia has envisioning promote its neighbors heroic to free Messolonghi of ****** wars. All this I saw with his own eyes Carrenio, every thousand years styling with Etrestles, cleaned their nostrils so that new breed of horses to thrive,

Avignon, in the necropolis witnessed as Azrael was cleaning his wings Jade antipopes, another story begins ... even he seeks to candela who can read this story, and who can provide it from hand to hand cutting semicolons who disclosed.

Second  Ellipsis Angle  New Era:

Ara released the ropes throwing a big ship, History makes man is at the center of the world. Revolutions, thinking, communication and especially vindicate man in his right libertarian. artists with their creations flowing all over the world, mutating classic Renaissance to abstract overlook. Family appearing welfare and needs. As ramble and so many broken laws. Mankind is distracted l film and theater artists of tradition. Art now has sound and movement, then social and political revolutions are industrial that unite everyone behind the pivot deployment of social classes.

Everything evolves until we get tired of doing so. It rests and then continue. This is modern reality, we wrote about the history of events on facts that have never been told. The world has tired all the Eras, but each pause time that has happened has been recharged, nothing finished if not started again. After so many wise lawyers, clergy plunged into great towers bound books. Is evident again can not read or understand. Our realities are missing valid without knowing I close and then open another door. human and civil rights, fair wages, so excessive autocracy monarchy. Free man can walk along the paths, even if they were trenches.

Zephyr soft murmur which clutters in the Irises by Van Gogh, the painter is the biggest star trek, called with his feet images and colors that would make his own liberty to live naturally insane. And many others Brueghel "Triumph of Death" that roam the countryside, perhaps a medieval piece of Tarskovski; Andrei Rublev in futile painters decorating steps in the fontano chignon Androniko Monastery Moscow, extinct Rublev 70 years, Tarkovsky 54.

Early ellipsis - Campo dei Fiori in Rome to see die at the stake Giordano Bruno by order of the Holy Inquisition. Irruption of the Inquisition, but their feet are touching the flowers, the seasoned cassock continues to haunt the universe of Faith Dominica Trastevere, it is seen to lectures on how to be bold with the informers and the Whistle Blower dies without shade in spring , you resist the star on the asphalt on the magical island of holiness.

Carrenio says: Come I'm right, we can not read, because the brutality of the Cosmos is manure per ton weathered in the backyard of the aristocracy. I will continue with respect and persignado in Crete. LiLiA Kedrova means the fear of bunk bed tied to her bed and be free in foreign lands leg. Queen insular matriarchy, she lives more than any Greek Goddess, waiting for his Adonis, to fill out honors. Win an Oscar but lost to Zorba, he loses his house but won a Tony Awards. How many women teach us that to win you have to give everything to lose his brains, and thus count as lost number remains to be retained. Zorba whines in her arms, she moans in the arms of her husband Zeus Steve, proof of a new era. Onyx for his tomb, plate of this great tragedy.

On the evening of December 14, 1964, attended the premiere. Soul of Carrenio was with them, but was denied his attendance at the banquet, finally running out and watching the glasses lips and stoles spent his neck.  

           ­                      Numbered Mysterious Death

If I have to feel floe on my feet and cold in my prayers will be the Dark Glory. What is slimming rays of the day, everything smelled of silence, maybe it was Kennedy, or better was The Mané.

Closure of my glory suffers the wind ...
Flowers lying silence my soul alight,
Thick square displays the song of my voice ...
When they speak Quadratils one to one order their
Spirituous voice.

And the spirit singing fiber of my heart told me:
Never you say I Exist ¡ not exist because they do not exist!
Only face daily the different reflection of your body
In front of yourself with another face and another body ...

I want to talk with the thought
And this same substract my little silhouette,
Lavishes wingless bird that flies only in their theology ...
That is the duty and melt with my look,
Solid colors components
Crunching the altars of heaven retaining its pale warmth of anorexia.

Yellow Glory hair good event ...
If you receive yellow lights, plus I do not sing my own game here in my empty veins,
Yellow my heart ...
Yellow my heart
Yellow my collective heart.

They are run by large green and sunny meadows, children who had Mane in this major milestone in its last gasp. Now she is the mother of his children; it up and them in the last temptation of the mystery of death.

Carrenio keeps rolling, the brightness offered his Golden wagon to the ground. Gold grooves ago, and looking at where it realize that it's landmass light mud. Since he felt whispers from the confins of time he had never felt as if you were finishing your journey, or the world. It raining years and years and continues because nobody mends the mysterious death Numbered.

Heaven and Earth did not hold, the bottom fell precipitously pocket Lord and denied several times uncontained. She shivered in the World and the rooster crowed several times to never be heard or the Pentagon.  

He is walking and knees bent,
we embraced by the golden chariot and oxen nor held
we bent us all lying on his knees,
up shoulders not hear from where came the bad grace of his departure,
numbered all the time of complains of how then she would come,
It is unknown who would be but brought a wine in his hand on crispy mask
We ran from side to side and nothing was real

Everything seemed to sing in chapel on a sad day,
But I hear loudly like Latin and watchfulness,
Those who know his mystery is no stranger to them
They all look, but transgress the sin of silence.

Carrenio still absorbed in the hallway,
Angulo ellipsis she comes winged like a star burning tar,
A high speed to give us the new
No garden can deprive greet in speed visit
Dome comes, it comes on the eve of the new moon.

Numbered Widow mysterious,
Mané is a land of golden color and no celestial whoever wants in his cell,
Breath test, and feeding the Toffy and his henchmen
That sustaining more lively detail, there is no one that can not be targeted

It was modern, it was night, it was his torn life as an accomplice of his exile abandonment in his allegory of tender dismissal. Carrenio achieved so say goodbye to the beams of light that told him of the mysterious death Numbered. He sat on the roadside and drank some wine. Then dry with his handkerchief his neck, and have never wanted to experience such an event in a toast ever drunk.

Third Ellipsis Angle  of  New Era

Independence of Chile, it concern Mapuche atingent case. Araucania pound, then 1818 central Chile. In Brief Earth makes free an entire nation. His naive and primitive braves inhabitants emancipated themselves from all sides, they came to save a people who were just following where nobody can reach. Independence of the United States separates us approximately 42 years, breaking up owners of nowhere. Industrial Abolitionist and South Slaver and Agraria. Biggest event that more than 640,000 men and fallen activists planted safe from repression fields.

In Chile all rule resembled this secession in today's Araucano man prays for his fallen by almost more than 3 centuries in Chilean lands of Araucanía’s men. Lautaro genius and his supporters the heart of Pedro de Valdivia ate; Map ever made to your battle mapping Tucapel. "Initiation and final symbol occurred after 282 years of fierce war" and Mapuche land forever their independence from the Spanish Empire Captain General important in foreign lands never subjected to foreign rule would eat.

The Machis and Loncos make supplications in native forests falling on them pollen on its back as if nothing out 10 times better ...

To Libertas strengthen in the west is necessary to push the limits of the earth beneath his tongue and penance for the greedy entangled in the lines of bloodied sky, rebellions Chieftains death defying all together at the edge of a cliff . 1769 The Pehuenches led by Lebian Cacique, joined the Mapuches razing Yumbel and Laja, the most peaceful Huilliches also joined mass alerting perhaps innocent people land blood stained war and the Mcckay Luchsinger.

No doubt portals portals military rebellion trigger blood, where they opened a tip and swords in the past. Here's reading concern is that the succession is timeless time, sword without a sword, but on the tip of her blood is seen where there were herds and warriors crushed by their own footsteps. Here the phenomenon of freedom begins; Humanity runs treading his own footsteps, to save his family from a threat, but not strange forces that force you to use your defenses, because in the groves populate many helpless souls with his sword unused at the expense of being forced to use .

Freedom genome; It aims to reach where it has not come without looking back,
Chalices pour out is where the troubadours not cuddle her close looks as time, singing while watching the changes are not of a new life

Heaven star,
Come to me,
I ask a sign to see them arrive,
Because I want to thus been dragged
Being together Eager to feel ...
Those respites without being comforted
going to the mouth of the serpent.

About the Garden,
My home is to put my love,
He has to put the days imagining close ...
To enjoy yourself in nonexistent ...

Oh my house tormenting me ...!
Because in it I feel your smell
They are alone lights
Where I would wait for me to be in the dark ...

In the coming future,
You will not see or hear my anger ...
Perhaps my happiness nor peace praying
As the spear in the hands of the perpetrator.

You know a storm of whispers
I do sow your name in the wilderness,
It's because my judgments of hope
They mount up arable land deposited in my frenzy
Misled by love which is my love.

But you never understand,
Because time has invaded my dwelling,
Invading my brain to give
It has invaded my choosing to love ...

On the grass path,
Every time I move away from you,
I turn to see if you have not been ...

Love came,
And I think that leaves us alone to avail ourselves
Ranging in our time ...

But I can not resist his silence,
For my house want the noise of its action,
Why keys to the gates that serve my understanding.

Tramples my heart the fragmenting oddities into smaller pieces,
Your answer that call.

Tur love be like if I had created ...
As if only you had appreciated your beautiful creation.

Do not destroy your work expresses in his mystery give life to your dreams!
Man aiming a better earth, ask some of you to join your dreams ...

! Your wife of this land not procrastinate your misfortune,
I discover far peaceful landscapes like an echo in the spring,
As large and deep as your forgiveness for loving me more

It tells the Earth to the Sun in its perky tear benefactress of new opportunities as good and healthy smile rainbow on the back of Oviedo sheep valleys of freedom of Pietrelcina life.  

To be continued…
Genoma Freedom , by Jose Luis Carreño Troncoso - Under Edition
Valentine Mbagu Oct 2013
As October 1 approaches, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY……………………
I have enormous tracts of land and vast volumes of water, but cannot feed myself.
So I spend $1 billion to import rice and another $2 billion on milk.
I produce rice, but don’t eat it. I have millions of cows but no milk.
I am 53, please celebrate me.
I drive the best cars in the world but have no roads,
so I crush my best brains in the caverns,
craters and crevasses they crash into daily.
I am in unending mourning, please celebrate me.
My school has no teacher and my classroom has no roof.
I take lectures through windows and live with 15 others in one room.
All my professors have gone abroad, and the rest are awaiting visas.
I am a university graduate, but I am illiterate. I want a future, please celebrate me.
Preventable diseases send me to hospitals without doctors, medicines or power.
All the nurses have gone abroad and the rest are waiting to go also.
I have the highest maternal and infant mortality rates in the world;
and future generations are dying before me. I am hopeless, hapless and helpless,
please celebrate me.
For democracy’s sake I stood all day on Election Day.
But before I could ink my thumb, results had been broadcast.
When I dared to speak out, silence was enthroned by bullets.
My leaders are my oppressors, and my policemen are my terrors.
I am ruled by men in mufti, but I am not a democracy.
I have no verve, no vote, no voice, please celebrate me.
My youth have no past, present nor future.
So my sons in the North have become street urchins;
and his brothers in the South have become kidnappers.
My nephews die of thirst in the Sahara and his cousins drown in the Mediterranean.
My daughters walk the streets of Lagos , Abuja and Port Harcourt;
while her sisters parade the streets of Rome and Amsterdam .
I am grief-stricken, please celebrate me.
Pen-wielding bandits have raided everything in my vaults.
They walk the land with haughty strides and fly the skies with private planes
They have looted the future of generations unborn;
and have money they cannot spend in several lifetimes,
but their brothers die of starvation. I want a kit of kindness, please celebrate me.
I can produce anything, but import everything.
So my toothpick is made in China; my toothpaste is made in South Africa;
my salt is made in Ghana; my butter is made in Ireland;
my milk is made in Holland; my shoe is made in Italy;
my vegetable oil is made in Malaysia* my biscuit is made in Indonesia;
my chocolate is made in Turkey and my table water made in France.
My taste is far-flung and foreign, please celebrate me.
My land is dead because all the trees have been cut down;
flooding kills thousands yearly because the drainages are clogged;
my fishes are dead because the oil companies dump waste in my rivers;
my communities are vanishing into the huge yawns of gully erosion, and nothing is being done.
My very existence is uncertain and I am in the deepest depths of despondence, please celebrate me.
I have genuine leather but choose to eat it.
So I spend billions of dollars to import fake leather.
I have four refineries, but prefer to import fuel,
so I waste more billions to import petrol. I have no security in my country,
but send troops to keep peace in another man’s land.
I have hundreds of dams, but no water.
So I drink ‘pure’ water that roils my innards.
I need a vision, please celebrate me.
I have a million candidates craving to enter universities,
but my dungeons can only accommodate a tenth.
I have no power, but choose to flare gas,
so my people have learnt to see in the dark and stare at the glare of Unclad flares.
I am shrouded by darkness, please celebrate me.
For my golden jubilee,
I shall spend 16 billion naira to bash around the bonfires of the banal.
So what if the majority gaze at my possessed, frenzied dance;
drenched in silent tears, as probity is enslaved in democracy’s empty cellars?
I am profligacy personified, please celebrate me.
Why can I not simply reflect and ponder?
Does my complexion cloud the colour of my character?
Does my location limit the lengths my liberty?
Does the spirit of my conviction shackle my soul
Does my mien maim the mine of my mind?
And is failure worth celebrating?
I dedicate this Poem to my Country Nigeria On Her Independence Celebration.
David Ehrgott Sep 2015
Wishing on a smokey evening moon
for all the things I didn't get in june
A warbly glob thing prevented me
from uniting with my ev'ryth'ng
Wishing on a smokey evening moon

Wishing on an independence moon
The fireworks they made an awful boom
Jumped out of seat and moved my feet
But inside all I did was weep
Just missing you on an independence moon

I wished upon the moon that you'd be here
to celebrate the colors and the cheer
You're brave and bold and left me cold
I'm mindfuckt by your science so

I'm wishing you'd be here on
Independence day Mc Chievious
July the fourth in o'nine
Wishing on a smokey evening independence day lit gorgeous twilight moon
Nat Lipstadt Jul 2015
This is a poem that I didn't plan on writing,
didn't want to write,
but ******
you can't control
psychic blasts from
out of nowhere,
triggers without
Six hours ago,
received a message,
  (see below)
another one,
from a fellow poet here

dear god,
it knocks me
six feet deeper
than the six foot grave
that I was already
sunk down in

Lest you think,
this poem is about me,

here's hoping you don't read it,

(since its likely to be
long ,
now, so out of fashion,
most have hopefully skipped ready away)

cause it *is
about me,
courage and
I came to write my own
Declaration of Independence

savings lives,
a life all along
part time happenstance habit,
sometimes called
giving a ****,
gets me in to trouble
when I'm the one in trouble,
cause any normal person,
thinks foremost first,
who the **** is
gonna save me?

my nine lives
long ago used up,
but was hoping
nobody important noticed,
could squeeze a few more
resurrection revival miracles,
from a body that is nearer to
seven decades
than the mere two,
of most of you

so out of work, told,
you dude, don't cut it anymore
worrisome noise, expected, now realized,
was sleep depriving,
I got
mouths to feed

tea and sympathy,
please don't feed me,
cause what I learned
from a life of
giving encouragement,
is the final story,
the way its gotta end,
is at the place
where your sign name to,
the one, the only,
dotted lined destiny that can be called
successfully concluded,
by drawing down,
one mo' time,
your very
residuals for believing,
even when your driving
on fumes,
you manage on

which is how I came to write
these ten words, a summary of my future
Declaration of Independence

The hardest thing to do,
being strong,
for everyone else

no matter the state of your state,
lifetime habits don't die,
just go underground for awhile,
spent my independent soul's currency
taking care of others,
getting little in return
only the greatest
the Un expected,
high of the
reciprocal of kindness

bumps and grinds,
had my fair share,
always bounce back,
coming out better, stronger and better,
but they've put new obstacles in the course,
which makes it that much harder

so wrestling with this contra-diction:
that to be independent,
is the sum of dependency of others
on the works of your hands

when a message arrives
a penetrating light
that strips your gloomy inward lookings,
the re-direction, a gift of a reminder,

once you offer to be depended on,
you can be never go back,
you gone and purchased (and sold)
a one-way ticket,
with no expiration,
the only
for sale

so I refill my metrocard,
one more time,
but the machine doesn't accept
anybody's else's words of encouragement,
then you pocket dig a little deeper,
deeper than the six
you already in,
and pull out,
amidst the
lint and schmutz,
your last dime,
laughing all the time

for you know better than most,
to be independent
is to swear allegiance
to those who
depend on you,
writing down a poem
of sacred honor,
and herein nominated, seconded
and signed,
as your very own
Declaration of Independence

cause kids,
I read the original Declaration
from 1776,
which concludes:

"We mutually pledge to each other our Lives,
our Fortunes and our
sacred Honor"

July 4th, 2015
"Your words of I want you to live,
They began a slow change in my life, today
Ibam in full fruition of that. I am alive, living, working, getting better, taking what was given to me, conquest of my demons. Yes, I have arrived, humbly but with much confidence. Your influence had a great deal to do with my personal and poetical growth as a person. I have matured because you gave a ****, because you knew deep down I could beat everything life had thrown at me.

Know this,
Put it in your mind,
Relish it and be proud;


July 4th, 2015

the first such similar message

April 4th, 2015

21 hours ago
received the message below,
from a fellow poet, here,
now somewhat, more disappeared,
resting in the shady quietude of
Elliot's servers

a mere 21 hours ago,
a thunderbolt telegram
of virtual dots and dashes,
well received

21 hours ago -

"there's a reason
I got to know you,
even though that might
sound silly.
In a way,
you saved me
two summers ago..."

this message,
teaches me to remember
the power of words
be careful what you
you just might save a

could not feign
the pain
unintentionally recovered
while looking for
clues to myself,
this purported savior

but from now on and within,
when I see a message
time stamped
**21 hours ago**
I'll be
better ready
for the
explosions of myself
CharlesC Sep 2012
let us consider
declarations of independence
as remedies
for election ills..
democracy has been
by flows of money
reaching ego ends..
competing parties mirroring
yet exaggerating differences
knowing one and all
precious power is the prize..

allows consciousness to
arise at last..
good then is found
in left and right
shadow enclosing both..
paradox rules oppositions
and detachment soothes
the din of boisterous claims..
new freedom
brings new strength..
money flows
lose direction when
feedback polls confuse..
and democracy then
may deliver promise
once again...
image @
Randy Johnson Jul 2018
I got tired of being called a hillbilly from the sticks.
So I built a time machine and traveled back to 1776.
I intended to see the signing of the Declaration of Independence.
This was a fantastic historical moment that needed my attendance.
But my time machine landed on Thomas Jefferson before the document was written.
The document wouldn't exist that gave America independence from Great Britain.
I accidentally squashed Thomas Jefferson so it was left up to me.
I wrote the Declaration of independence so the USA could be free.
You may have noticed a few changes that I made.
One of which is that it's mandatory for me to get laid.
I proved that I'm not a hick who is slow.
I wrote the Declaration of Independence nearly two and a half centuries ago.
Emma Kate May 2015
I understand it was forth of July,
Sipping whiskey watching the world fly by
But you didn't have to disappear
Like the colors at the end of the pier

-e.k. fm
misunderstood lyric quicksand by the story so far turned into a poem
Robert Guerrero Jul 2013
Today is Independence Day
Yet I'm still depending on you
To tell me you love me
When do I get to write my Constitution
When do I get to free myself
From the tyranny of my heart
Always needing you here
Holding me gently
I'm sick of it
I need my independence from you
Alan McClure Mar 2012
You want this conversation
Well let's take the ******* out
You call for independence
So let's see what that's about
You're gonna need the banks for money
Gonna need the toffs for land
Well that's a kind of independence
That I just don't understand

So who are you kidding now, who are you kidding,
Nothing's going to change
With the same old queen and the same old scene
and the same old parlour games
This ain't no custody battle, you're not taking the kids to the zoo
If we don't want central government then why would we want you?

Now I find you quite convincing
when you say that things are wrong
But it seems that your solution
Is the same old same old song
And a suit in Edinburgh
Could be a suit in London town
Because you're all a million miles away
from the **** that's going down

Ah, who are you kidding now who are you kidding,
Where's the brand new dawn
It's the millionaires and the stocks and the shares
That'll keep on keepin' on
And this self-determination
Might catch you by surprise
The united states of me and my mates
Curse every flag that flies.
Tim Emminger Jul 2015
Happy Independence Day America
July 4th 1776 our independence was declared
Thirteen original colonies believed in freedom here

Thanks to those who fought to make and keep us free
Many paying the ultimate price for you and me
God Bless America! Land of the Free!
Freedom is being free in spirit body and mind

Born in a free country
I have my freedom to express my thoughts
Freedom to persue my dreams
Freedom to visit the places I desire
Freedom to do whatever I like
And be a law abiding citizen

My Independence has come for a price
Paid by the many freedom fighters of my country
Who fought till their last breath
I cannot fathom their struggle

It only brings me tears
When I listen to the patriotic songs
Watch movies
Read the story
The truth , the history of the struggles

We had many rulers
We allowed

But today
I enjoy my freedom

With deep gratitude and respect
I salute
To the many freedom fighters
To The Armed forces of my country
For protecting and safeguarding me
When I enjoy my freedom , my life
I salute them all
And Recite , The Pledge

And promise that I will never bring dishonour to my country .

Happy Independence Day to my Country

Love Peace and Harmony to the World !
Some thoughts on Independence Day
In my eyes its got the most unique map,
At the moment,it seems development has taken a nap.
But in the actual sense it has not,
Some day,it shall show up perhaps as fast as a lightning bolt.
Anyway that isn't really noticeable,
Because of the positive minded people,
Ever friendly,
Over here,its ones choice to be lonely,
No ocean but we own a beach,
Yes I wonder how too,we're blessed..Quite rich,
I love my country.
A-S Jan 2014
In life,
you will be thrown away,
by someone you thought,
loved you unconditionally.

You will be alone,
you will be broken.

someone will get you up again.

But, they'll throw you away too.

And this time,
you won't be lonely,
because you have yourself.

You will be broken,
yet you will have the strength,
to fix yourself,
and stand back on your feet.

But this time you will be standing,

Written for self-motivation.
jeffrey conyers Jul 2014
Every day of our life is an independence day.
Filled with all kinds of fire works.
Spiritually filled like being in church

Constantly filled with joy.
That we love more.
Flags flying.
Freedom enjoyed.
Best of respect for the soldiers that serve, fought, and died.

Every day is an independence day.
Able to come and go as you please.
Able in America to say it.
And mean , what you say?
Still with the option to apologize.

If you're not hiding behind pride.
Which has stopped many within their steps.
All because they afraid to ask for help.

Born independently.
Walk independently.
Work independently.
Live independently.
Every day of our very existence.
Sha Aug 2015
Freed from the spell cast when I fell deep into the wishing well of your cursive letters that formed the ribs that caged my heart and chained it to your expanding lungs that exploded and took all the air that I breathe.
I died, but then I am free again.
aaron Jeffrey Oct 2014
Your a dime
Dont let them waste your time
Even though your different
Your difference
makes you shine
Love your independence
Your beauty is Divine
You only live one
While your here
enjoy Your time
Dont let them
**** your vibe
Dont let them
See you cry
Tell them you'll see them
In heaven as you climb
Yes they're a problem
But karma will soon divide
The truth within your soul
From the lies that they provide

-Jeffrey A.
- Jeffrey ***
Meg Howell Jan 2015
Here I am sitting on a park bench
thinking about you

Yes, I miss you wildly
No, I will not crawl back

Being without you has made me tougher
I no longer rely on you and your quick, witty humor to get me through the day

So, as the sun falls,
and a new day begins,
I don't need you
The world is calling my name
for better things
that you may not be a part of

But, then again,
I wouldn't mind if you came along
I am a one man army
a creature of the night
if I come across cold
let's just call it my independence

I will not play by the rules
I will not buckle to wants
this is my destiny
this is my independance

It's a total lock down
no human interactions
not while in this mood
I'm breaking every record I set myself

I can't help but write
it's a ****** drug to me
and I mean to go the distance
this is my independence  

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
CGB Jun 2015
he kept trying to convince himself
that he didn't need anyone else
so he spent his days up on a shelf

many hours went by when he just thought
about how independent he was
so without help his battles were fought

sometimes he would almost get worn out
but he had a fear of going soft
so his freedom he never did doubt

without others he could feel alone
although he had grown far much too cold
so he was lonlier than they'd known

— The End —