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feeling hiraeth in me,
having a battle every day for
living in a world where I don't belong,
Life was never as easy as they told,
As the first ray of sun
Touches the earth,
The battle begins
Daily we meant to be covered
In another layer of expectations
Molded by the pressure of society
To be the "perfect piece of art"
All the chaos of competition, force us to be
In our comfort zone,
The feeling hiraeth in me,
having a battle every day!
HIRAETH means homesickness or nostalgia
YUKTI Apr 25
I still hear your flirting voice
In that train journey
You filthy stranger with a breathtaking smile.

Sitting on my seat on my cellphone screen
I suddenly notice a sharp gaze
Oh, it was you
A boy with black dusky hair, in beachy shirt and shorts.

You felt like "a little sun" to me in between those "cold wintery" people
When you spoke, finally breaking the silence.
Your sugary words, made the surrounding smells like a marshmallow.

Your way of talking is too smart as well as silly
Opens a door to a different crazy world forme.
always a very poised girl was laughing like a cute drunkard,
Is that you or your appearance or your voice that makes me high.

I looked for you
In every new person, I met
But as the moon in the early morning,
You had disappeared.

now with the hope, it will be you,
Let's meet strangers, in another train journey to worth remembering.
a short writeup on train journey
YUKTI Dec 2019
Thoughts are running through the mind
Controlling my emotions and actions.

Unexpressed thoughts have a tighter grip over my brain than my own self.

This "not so firm" grip is turning into fire
And is slowly slowly burning my emotions into ashes.

This is exactly what happens when I am not able to write.
YUKTI Jul 2019
Yes they are sad and perhaps they make people sad too

Few say stay away from negative people, their influence is a curse

Yeah they are like blade they cut flesh and create wounds

Yeah, their talking is alike saltwater on that nasty wound.

If they pour their heart out, they are attention seekers
They are a failure because they can't help themselves from drowning in their own mind.

But are these people different from me and you?
YUKTI Jul 2019
The inertia is killing me

Not only because things didn't turn out as I planned
But I have started losing hope for my peace
Or I shall work more hard before things I hold would get a release.

Will I be ever able to see the road I am walking with this existing fog around me,
Or this blurred vision would decrease all my chance to see?
YUKTI May 2019
It's okay to feel sad
Trust me it's not that bad
It means you are healing
Because you started feeling.

It's okay to trace
fingers on your blister
It is evidence of your
strength that you foster.

It's okay to stand single
Being in the crowd can be a tingle
Hate from unknown hurts, its true,
But love from known can destroy you.
YUKTI May 2019
If I could paint my thought bubbles.
They will be full of color no bleaker.

I would use pastels for my dreams
&Some darker strokes of grey for good reality

If I could write my thought bubbles
They will be full of happiness and positivity.

I would write in calligraphy for beautiful destiny
& Highlight things are deserved.

I wish I could built my thought bubble.
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