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YUKTI Mar 21
I used to play Holi
I remember when my mum painted my moustache in my sleep and I woke up laughing,
starting like this, ending with fun and tons of laughter and memories!!
Those days were good and stress-free!
Then with childhood, my affection for holy ended.

By the way happy Holi to all !!
I met a broken soul with a happy face
A hint of sadness in her is not easy to trace.
Are there any amends for what we did to her
or maybe any pang of grief just gets blur.

Call her brave or coward is nearly bygones
now she left the place where she used to belong.

she now became the last ray before sunset
nearly drift off, when she feels herself like a threat.
YUKTI Feb 21
she is like the word everyone
puts in dotted lines in the fill in the blanks..
That word completes the sentence and gives it a meaning,
but remains a gap filler!
YUKTI Feb 14
I kept sneezing today
So someone asked "what happen"

"I am allergic to something"


#i guess it's the love, in the air"

Loneliness sounds like -

Something soothing,
Or maybe my favorite songs
Or maybe the silence where I found peace
Or maybe the beat on which I can dance my soul out.
Or just the voice of whom who truly care about me.
Taking my hand, gripping it firmly
make your heart lead me to the moon.
Take me with you in each step having never-ending talks..
More like "You speak I listen"
Or like talks that make less sense

Take me to the moon..

Watching the blurred world clear without our spectacles
is not only what i desire
but also to dance without any music
or you to read my unsaid thoughts
so take me to the moon.

Not only the beautiful dawn while living under the same sky
but also the star and earth
so take me to the moon

Your tiny gesture and small soft nature towards me
Makes my world a fairy tale in few seconds
To change my reality into a fairy tale

Take me to the moon..
आंधियों की आँखों में कही
एक शांत नीला सा आसमाँ देखा है.,
गहरे समुंदर के दिलों में कही
एक सुनहरी सुबह सा आकाश देखा है.

बेशुमार चलती सड़कों पर कोई
अकेला सा इंसान देखा है,
अनंत सितारों से भरे आकाश
में गहरा सा अंधकार देखा है.

अपनी आँखों को मूंद अपने
मस्तिष्क का बनाया हुआ एक संसार सा देखा है,
क्या कभी रेगिस्तान के मुसाफिर का
मृगतृष्णा से मुकम्मल सा प्यार देखा है|
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