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Emma Kate Oct 2015
her sleepy eyes looked up to
the sunless sky that was flooded with
tiny cloud like droplets
that coated her fluttering dark eyelashes.
she was walking on the train tracks;
her safe haven.
she found her peace here,
knowing that the trains had
a destination, so she must too.
she was thinking,
about how she always thought
snow was too romanticized.
the tracks was her spot
and her spot only, until today.
he reached out and grabbed
her hand, knowing
she was lost in thought.
he understood her
something she thought was
near impossible.
he smiled at her, as the sun
peaked out, just in time
to warm both of them,
just as he had warmed her heart.
it was a moment of apricity
on a cold afternoon
just like he was the warmth needed
to make her heart complete.
Emma Kate Oct 2015
land of lincoln vanity plates,
dull midwestern states,
everything is dead in this place
by the first glimpse of september.
maybe someday autumn won’t feel
like the year’s downfall,
but I guess it isn't called
fall by mere chance.
the wind gives me a cold
shoulder, just one more
reminder, of how much
I cannot stand this place.
maybe next fall, i’ll be just a
memory in the midwest states.
  Sep 2015 Emma Kate
Rainbow Love
Take me to the stars with you,
I came to get lost here.

I can't spend this eternity,
trapped inside my mind.

Is this what running away feels like?
Or is this just my imagination taking over?

There has to be more than this,
More than my mouth can taste.
Emma Kate Sep 2015
silly love letters, late nights, and best friends.
the best of times, the worst of times,
but we never wanted it to end.
friday nights were for football games,
which for us meant coffee and candy
while critiquing the class of twenty thirteen.

we used to drive my ****** mazda
every other weekend-- it was tradition.
we played uno and drank coffee black
with our sever pal named Alec.
during the cold months, we busted out
our leather jackets and listened to “the beers”
while talking about love, dreams, and fears.

much older now, we are, in places we never dreamed
we would be, when we were only sixteen.
I don't see her much, but we have memories.
but there was something she said to me,
it will always hold some shining light.
she said I taught her no matter how rough life gets,
Denny’s always serves coffee late at night.
  Aug 2015 Emma Kate
there is not
much to being
twenty, you
spend months
still calling yourself
nineteen in attempts
to get a firm grasp
on reality.
(c) Brooke Otto 2014
  Jul 2015 Emma Kate
Nicole Walsh
I never understood why people compared
kisses to fireworks
until i knew what it was like
to want someone so much
that all you could feel inside you
were explosions.
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