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Daidaiiro Sep 2018
a hole in my chest
make it stop

Oh, My Heart
In Your Small Hand
please let go
it'll burst
Your Sassy Smirk
what does it mean?
You Read Me Like A Book
But I Can't Get To You

your hand closing
i. can't. breathe.
i. know. you. don't. care.
don't. do. it.
don't. do. it.
don't. do. it.
Daidaiiro Sep 2018
Out of seven billion, you're the one
Who completes me like no one can

Besides our hearts and buzzing minds
We're so different yet still the same

I read your silence
You notice my pain

Definition of soulmate;
My best friend

You're like the moon
And I'm the sun

I can't be without you
And you can't shine without me
Daidaiiro Aug 2018
A fish in the ocean
Swimming quickly
Feeling lonely
Singing desperately
Hoping to find someone
To repeat the melody

Over there! quietly
Soft tones, the same notes
The fish has searched
And finally found
Another fish to love
At that night
They made a bond
Stronger than platinum
Purer than gold

They sang together
Inseparable, forever
And I watched them carefully
At that Moment
I realized
That one day I'll find
Someone to repeat
The melody of my heart
As well
Daidaiiro Aug 2018
The greatest artist
You've ever met
Saw a flawed world
Through her mint green eyes
Because she's picky
A perfectionist
She only drew
Beautiful things

A quiet melody
Nobody has ever heard
She sang it to you
It got stuck in your head
Her intelligent eyes
Hypnotized you
And tied you to the chair
As she raised her brush

You sat still
And became curious
With smart strokes
She sits and paints
Taking a closer look
You see your face
Why me, you ask
And she replies
Smiling softly;
Because I only draw beautiful things
Daidaiiro Aug 2018
Well, aren't you beautiful
In the sunlight today?
Your sweaty face
A shovel in your hands
You look at me
But no soul can be seen
In your cold blue eyes
The water you give me
Is all muddy and *****
Oh, I can't grow like this
With you

The sunrays dance
All alone today
Without your face
And the heat of your hands
Warmer than the sun
It sings a sad song
And I sing along
The water you used to give
I need it more than anything
Oh, I'm going to die here
Without you
Daidaiiro Aug 2018
Your heart was made
Of soft sheeps wool
An antique library
Was your mind
Your voice sounded
Like Tschaikovski's 'Swan's lake'
I wish you were here
But you aren't anymore

My soul emptier
Than any desert
Five tons of steel
I carry on my shoulders
No sparkle of light
Can be seen in my eyes
I wish you'd come back
But I know you can't

The world's colours
Range from black to white
Water smells
More than it tastes
Music sounds
Like beginner violinists
Why, oh why
Aren't you alive anymore?
Daidaiiro Jun 2018
We were walking
Along the sidewalk
Your shoulder gently touching mine
Your eyes laughing
While mine were crying
You turned around
And said goodbye

Your silhouette
Was fading away
As you ran into the fog
My heart breaking
Shedding tears
I kept on calling out your name

Restless thoughts
A sleepless mind
Walking against walls
As if I was blind
Wherever I go
Forever I'll search
I'll never ever see you again
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