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  Jan 27 Chloe
“Falling in love” is a contradiction in itself, because in love there is only the rising, the ascending, not the falling.
You can not fall in love, but rather, rise.
Chloe Jan 27
Beautiful words
From the awfully depressed

Hear them say
It will all be ok

Creative creatures
Words can be teachers
A short 3 paragraph poem on my feelings about what poetry is
  Jul 2018 Chloe
i am so small
compared to the mountains
i am so little
compared to the sea
i am so tiny
in comparison to the islands
and i am so large
compared to what i thought i would be
Chloe Jul 2018
To relive memories
is a love addicts motivation
Regretful of the mistakes
learning that beauty within on
overtakes the excitment of a new place
My nan once said
"what is not meant for you,
will go past you"
Restoring faith in fate
Coming to terms with what has now past
Ready for unconditional love to last
Chloe Jul 2018
Nervousness within the giggles
within black and white is colour
foregin heartbreak

Insects within the fruit
within summer is the anticipation of pumpkins
unknown protest
Chloe Jul 2018
if you look after boredom it will grow free-flowing metaphor's
boredom needs to be watered with laugher
boredom cannot surive in a ordinary environment
bordom should only be given narcotic once a year, in a small dose
it flourishes in social settings
and its natural habitat is the dancefloor
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