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Annie Oct 3
Can you pull apart the seems you sewed
When you were once as one?

I felt the high of being nowhere
And everywhere all at once.

We floated in a black space
And in it we combined.

My consciousness reached out to yours
And then, they intertwined.
Annie Jun 28
If the past is but an illusion
and the present is all that I am,
then it’s an illusion that has made me strong;
all those things that didn’t go as planned.

I drift now, happy to observe life
as it happens around me,
as it whisks me along with it,
I’m trying to stay grounded.

And I love now, passionately.
Not with a flame, but now I am the sun.
I have my own mind,
but I’m made up of everyone.

I am human enough to feel
slow crushing of heart,
but I am angel enough
to not fall apart.
Annie Jun 27
What if I were in love with you?
What inside your world would it change?
Because for me, it gives such a different view.

For me, you make appearances when I sleep,
and I don’t know if it’s my imagination
or if it’s you trying to speak.

I know that you live just down the street-
you probably never even think about it,
but I always wonder whether we’ll meet.

So, what if I were in love with you?
It might explain why you’re always inside my mind.
Why you seem to be lost in there-
stuck in a maze, or you were leaving it but left something behind.

I know that right now you’re with someone;
with someone who’s kind.
You seem really happy.
I know that love like that can be hard to find.

So, what if I were in love with you?
There is nothing for me to do-
I’m embarrassed enough and I’m tormented, too.
Annie Jan 10
This could’ve been me.

I could’ve been a consciousness
trapped inside a tree.

Instead, I have a body,
these bones, this blood, my flesh.

Why would I ask for more
when I could’ve had much less?
Annie Jan 10
My hair smells like carrot cake,
it holds onto things like that-
and accidental kisses
that were not very kind.

I’m sorry,
by the way.

I forgot your lips were trouble
and you have a troubled mind.
Annie Aug 2020
From your perspective,
the water lays clear and blue,
sugar dissolves on the tongue like it was never even there
and Daddy gave you a car that you care for respectfully.

Letters get placed nicely into your hands
and that pink mouth of yours says lovely things,
born in spring,
it must be nature on your side.

From your perspective,
it's no wonder you walk uphill
and tremble when asked to stand still.
Who would ******* when you won't **** yourself?
But I can see
why you're still never lonely.

You insist on some insomnia
before you fall asleep
in your radiated room in Daddy's house.
Eyes that match the sky
on your side of the day,
you're that part of the valley
catching the sun.

From your perspective,
sunflowers only need to face one another
and they grow like fools in your garden.
You're insured for those faulty organs
and I bet it's nice to lie over a safety net at night.
Annie Nov 2019
The roses are dead,
they had barely turned red,
in the morning
I rose to them withered.

The sun made no sound
as it stood from the ground
to illuminate
the absence of life.

Oh, it stung like a thorn
to see this at dawn;
my heart shrivelled up
like those petals.

“They look red to me?”-
the others can’t see
those dead roses
that sit on our table.

“It’s all in your mind,
the roses are fine;
so are you,
if you give yourself time.”
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