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  Jun 17 Annie
Naveen Tiwari
A writer writes to hide his pain.
And a reader reads to find someone who feels the same.
Annie Jun 17
I’m afraid to be in love.

I’m afraid I’ll lose myself.
I’ve this fear that I’ll grow bored or distant

and look for someone else.

I’m scared that I will change my mind.
I’m scared of breaking hearts.
Most of all I’m scared that love might always fall apart.
Annie May 28
This pool is bottomless; stunningly blue,
I find that I’m tumbling towards it with you.

We’ve fallen, and now that the surface is breaking,
our dive, beyond words, will leave us both shaking.

I see now, a lifetime of love in the making.
Annie May 6
We love like we won’t ever find love again,
Like love doesn’t come around each turn

and each bend,
Like love isn’t hidden in every stranger we meet,
In every new city
and every new street.

We love like the world would collapse if we didn’t,
We love like we do because we don’t know any different.
Annie Apr 13
How to handle a romance
spiralling out of control in one's head?

Because I could spend eternity in your bed,

opening each other up like gifts,
give me your fingers and arms to kiss.
Annie Apr 9
If the rain can pound down as I lay in my bed,
minuscule mishaps and **** in my head,

why can the rain then, not reach in my brain?
Pound at the worries,
wash away pain?

The rain comes to visit again and again;
whether a friend or a foe, I couldn’t explain.
Annie Apr 8
If I melt underneath you
you will pick me up again
and hold me close to you
like you always do,
how I imagine it as I cross the boundary
I have unintentionally laid down
between my own world
and our world.
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