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Annie Feb 2022
I'm in the process of banishing demons from my body.

You can see these scars on my skin,
where evil once settled in,
but now, let my healing begin.

I banish cruel words from my kingdom,
I free myself from wrong touch,
I cover my walls in strong ivy,
I tear myself away from your clutch.

I run t'wards the ocean before me,
I swallow the sun in great gulps.

I'm making a sanctuary,
a home,
and a safe place,

A place that is just for myself.
Annie Oct 2021
big blue
big blue, two
two big blue to see
big blue sky
like crayon on canvas
crazy how big blue is
crazy how I have two blue
always drawn to
big brown
two big brown
drawn to brown like crayon
draws land
land under big blue
big sky
blue eyes
look for brown
land and
sea, too
crazy you
have brown
I have blue
we have two
you take blue crayon
I take brown
draw land on you and
you draw big
sky or sea
all over me
I am blue
brown is you
kissing crazy
cos now blue is brown
brown is blue
land has sea
sea makes sky
crazy crayons
blue brown eyes
you and
Annie Oct 2021
It is true, though,
that I'd rather leave scars
on this body I possess
and leave tears in my heart
from the lovers I've met,
than to have never lived
or loved at all.

Life is a climb, a trip and a fall.
Annie Oct 2021
Can you pull apart the seems you sewed
When you were once as one?

I felt the high of being nowhere
And everywhere all at once.

We floated in a black space
And in it we combined.

My consciousness reached out to yours
And then, they intertwined.
Annie Jun 2021
If the past is but an illusion
and the present is all that I am,
then it’s an illusion that has made me strong;
all those things that didn’t go as planned.

I drift now, happy to observe life
as it happens around me,
as it whisks me along with it,
I’m trying to stay grounded.

And I love now, passionately.
Not with a flame, but now I am the sun.
I have my own mind,
but I’m made up of everyone.

I am human enough to feel
slow crushing of heart,
but I am angel enough
to not fall apart.
Annie Jun 2021
What if I were in love with you?
What inside your world would it change?
Because for me, it gives such a different view.

For me, you make appearances when I sleep,
and I don’t know if it’s my imagination
or if it’s you trying to speak.

I know that you live just down the street-
you probably never even think about it,
but I always wonder whether we’ll meet.

So, what if I were in love with you?
It might explain why you’re always inside my mind.
Why you seem to be lost in there-
stuck in a maze, or you were leaving it but left something behind.

I know that right now you’re with someone;
with someone who’s kind.
You seem really happy.
I know that love like that can be hard to find.

So, what if I were in love with you?
There is nothing for me to do-
I’m embarrassed enough and I’m tormented, too.
Annie Jan 2021
This could’ve been me.

I could’ve been a consciousness
trapped inside a tree.

Instead, I have a body,
these bones, this blood, my flesh.

Why would I ask for more
when I could’ve had much less?
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