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Shreyashi Feb 19
Today was the day I had said I love you to you
seven years back.
We don’t talk anymore.
Actually, you don’t talk to me anymore, you never will.
My heart is broken.
But if I ever meet you again,
in my next birth,
or the next to next one,
I will try again.
Who knows you might love me back then!
I will take the pleasure and pain of loving you again.
Who knows you might love me back then!
I will try again!
Poetic T Dec 2018
If time is consious
      Are we
but a fleeting

Yet to fade into obscurity.

Or are we a
Of repeated ideas,
That just need
         to be tweaked.
rosy conquers Oct 2018
she cried on the third
in the middle of the night
cradling her sorrows
which resurfaced from the burrow

the hurt was sparkling greatly
holding an immense armor of maybe
maybe she's still the girl from the past
maybe she can never be steadfast

she let it drown her
until the tears were over
then she closed her eyes, took a flight
this is good night

it took sixteen days
before another night turned to a haze
tomorrow is a new labyrinth to walk through
inhale, exhale; she's more than her blues
klara mercy Jan 2018
i hope one day i’ll see you on the street
maybe in 2 years time
i’ll tell you how much i used to miss you in my backseat
or laugh about how you broke my heart so bad
that it should’ve been a crime
and we’ll act as if we were just children then
who didnt know better
but don't lie
i know you did
and so did i
and now's your chance
so get a grip
and give "us" another try
Ariana Robinson Jun 2016
Sometimes, the best of you is brought out by the worst
After people do their damnedest to destroy you
After they have stabbed you in the back
And shot a bullet through your heart
You find the strength to get up, to fight
You take your wounds...your bruises...your scars
You pick up the pieces and build something  new
And the dents and cracks left over
Well, if you run sandpaper over a diamond, it'll eventually smooth out
Something I had to do because I refuse to break.
Ozioma Ogbaji Apr 2015
She keeps visiting me
Beautifully adorned with pearls
Of hope, endless possibilities

Tomorrow will come tomorrow
And she will be clothed in pearls

— The End —