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zz 14h
I failed at everything
loving you

But some people
never get
their fairy tale
i see the fire raging
in your belly
the steel gunning
down your back.

i will not run from the danger,
i want every piece of you.
You are the pulse
That's running in
And through my veins.
I keep glancing at the clock
counting down the minutes until I'm in your arms

Well time to wake
Need to shower
Got alot to do
Wish I could wake
next to you
I do miss those mornings
Being close
Making your coffee
Kissing you till you woke
Those were the mornings
I miss I really do
Ok time to get my coffee on
Can't lay here all day
Ok there we go
Music's on
Coffee brewing
Hot shower
Now I'm ready
to get my got to do

© Jennifer Delong 1/23/19
Latifah 1d
You became
the reason
my smile fades
every time
You cross
my mind.
Laura 1d
I wrote all these poems
Especially for you
And now you're gone
You took my poems
And broke my heart
Leaving nothing
In its place
But tears and grief

I wrote all these poems
Especially for you
To show you just
How much I loved you
The words came naturally
From my heart
To my pen
And now it's just heartbreak
From the hole in my chest
To my pen
Sweety 1d
I am NOT missing you..
These empty roads where we used to walk hand in hand are missing you,
The coffee shop where we always got our first brew is missing you,
These four walls, which used to resonate with our laughter are missing you,
Those flirtatious post-it notes which went back and forth between us are missing you,
Waiter at our favorite eat-out who was always challenged with your complex order is missing you
My car, that travelled all the places with us, is missing you,
That old couple at the beach who used to see younger themselves in us are missing you,
That pretty pup who used to walk with us, hoping to live with us, is missing you,
The giant cardigan, which tucked-in us together is missing you..
My cheeks that are now drenched in tears are missing you..
No….don’t read me wrong,
I am NOT missing you.
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