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artisticAR Aug 23
Tell me where is the path
To that which I once had
To that deep rich boundless love
That I, the reader, can only dream of...

Tell me, where lies my heart
Damaged, splintered in shards.
As his, pierced by the arrow of death
Which in turn took captive his last breath

Tell me, where has he gone
When the night sheds to dawn
When his light, his aura fades
Into a darkness, a tunnel of grey

Tell me, when will I breathe again
Without a pain that can paralyze
Without the river
drowning my heart
from all those tears that I've cried.
Please stop them from tearing me apart because
I've promised to keep them all inside.
Until that one morning, when I awaken
and know that each step taken
will be for you, my friend.
Because you showed me so much, even up to the end..
For you my friend, where ever you are...
Kashish Aug 12
I am wanting to be wanted
Not by all, at least by someone
But nobody ever keeps me first
The fears I carry, have often held me to shun
I try to feign, I pay no heed
But I espy all the tenuous changes
I try not to get distressed
But I end up getting hurt, knowing people have multiple faces.
Everybody loses interest, as time passes by
Nobody keeps a check on anybody, be it me or you
All are engrossed, I know. I wonder if they lie
I’ve come to realize, everyone becomes someone I once knew.
Kashish Aug 1
If while unveiling my vulnerability,
I collapse into smithereens
Will you hug me tight enough,
To help my broken pieces stick back together?
If while wearing a fake smile,
And dissembling my true emotions
Will you try and understand what I feel?
Will you not compel me, to not be me?
If while being veracious to me,
I fall in love with you
Will you fall in love with me too?
Will you not leave me, like others eventually do?
Vargov Saikia Feb 28
Love is a mirage in this desert called life;

It makes you believe in things which doesn't exist...
What do you think?
Vargov Saikia Feb 19
neither a friend
nor an enemy;
we are two strangers
with some same set of memories.
For now we act like we don't know each other, strangers from then...
Vargov Saikia Feb 14
Once again,
As I crossed the road
By your house
The air-
Bathed in some familiar scent,
Kneading the outgrown grass
To *******
To then
When once,
The rainbow was you
And colors- I called them mine.
But I resisted and took the road straight ahead...
Vargov Saikia Feb 11
to my nightsky,
you are the moon
and the stars
fray narte Dec 2019
here lies asteria.
and her falling stars —
they crash faster than they rise
here inside this starless chest —
a foreign place,
a refugee camp —
all leaden lungs and a leaden sky.

here she sleeps
under a blanket of nightfall one might mistake for the golden fleece,
but then again,
alchemy is a long, forgotten lover
all bag of tricks,
and sleight of hand,
all doves and swords
and a fickle heart.

so what of her?
what of a lonely girl?
what of her history and all her scattered bones?

what of a fallen Titaness?
what of this diaspora of all her dying stars?
what of this sepulcher for all her nameless stars?

here lies asteria
with her unbaptized stars —
here, where the dark side of the moon
goes home.
here, where wisterias and howling wolves
and stifled screams
go to die.

here inside this starless chest,
these pallid lips,
this leaden skin of mine.

here lies asteria. here lies her host.
and this is how a black hole sighs.
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