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fray narte Aug 12
sometimes, we all wish for the world to just stop spinning for a while; that we remain sixteen or nineteen forever — just dreaming of painting the marmoris of the sea and seeing it displayed in a museum. just dreaming of browsing bookstores — each book sinking into your effleurage, until you see that cream-colored cover with your name on the spine. just dreaming of hearing a song from a stranger's car, and call it your own. just dreaming of creating stories out of piano keys. just dreaming of discovering a star.

at least, if the world stopped spinning today, a dream can remain as a dream forever. it will never be another thing we messed up. it will never be another dream we lost.
Inspired by Ted's line in HIMYM, "The longer i put off starting my own firm, the longer it can remain a dream and not something i ******* up at."
fray narte Aug 8
She was an art,
but she wasn't the type
you'd find in museums
or the type that would
make you feel profound things
in your chest.

She was an art
tucked in hidden pockets
of a faded yellow dress.
She was an art,

slowly sketching herself
out of existence.
Chase Pamplin May 29
I felt the gravitational pulls, the universe tried to guide me but instead I surrounded myself around the inquiries of fools. They told stories of their old glories, no victory for the lack of simple chivalry. Don’t chase them they said! Make them wait, leave a little on their plate, leave them slightly nourished and a bit unfed. I asked: are you afraid to be loved? Do you envy what could be? You don’t show any empathy! A woman’s voice is written: “Her own personal symphony, tunes of her truth”. He replied; I’ll be d**n to put anyone else I’ll be strong without her! When she was here I doubted her! And I just couldn’t hear the music no more. Samples of her soul I stole from the place we once met our beloved record store. Written on a cassette  “you are mine until the end of time”. The sounds of a broken heart is what I hear until I can’t rewind. Since I was nine I’ve been holding on to this note that says “will you be mine?” with two boxes “yes” or “no”. Like everything in my life things are left unchecked, I’ve made it this way and that’s just something I have except.

Through my life I had to let things go. I had to let things be.
“If you knew that
It was my last day
What would you say to me?”
I inquired.

“Do me a favor.
Give your last day to me
And take my life,”
She replied with a good f*cking smile on her face
That numbed my soul.

She still loves me
Way better than I had ever asked for!!!
The people
we love the most
Hurt us the deepest.

- D h i m a n
SJA Jan 2
I’m not in love with you.
I’m not in love at all.
I want what isn’t mine but only for tonight.
More than one night would feel like commitment.
I’m not ready for commitment.
I want to feel the ropes tighten around my wrists as you release every ounce of aggression trapped inside.
I know she could never satisfy this desire burning in your blood.
But I'm not in love.
I just want to ****.
The more I live
The more I am compelled to admit
That the happiest moments are those
I lived with you by my side.

The more I travel
The more I realize
That the most beautiful place in this entire universe
Is right in between your arms.

Oh, the sweetest of the sweet devils
Break me into pieces
Coz I am best when I am at my worst.
Styles Dec 2018
As you lay there short hair deep eyes wide hips parted wide
*** on my breath hunger in your eyes
fingers digging in the deeper my
tongue glides
kissing your lips
while my ears
of my stroke
warms your insides
contact drunk from our vibes
rolling my tongue over your prize
gliding my lips against your thighs
three fingers slips one finger slides
the taste of your flavor is divine
touching your lips with mine
small of your back inclines
the sensations divine
goosebumps for a trail
my fingers follow
the lines:
Moeshfiekah Dec 2018
She wants to gently place me upon the bed and straddle my hips all while her lips attack my skin marking what is hers.
Her fingers will slip in and ****** me hard and I'll feel the full length of it inside. She wants me to feel her. All of her. She wants to feel how she controls me and allows me to come and when she does she will clean up what she has created with her tongue , deep and I'll scream her name.
Her vivid thoughts put into words and no one can put it the way she does.
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