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artisticAR Nov 2020
Religion: love
Gender: equality
Birthplace: universe
Home: soul
End: spirit
artisticAR Nov 2020
What makes you happy?
A very loaded question, indeed.
I think feeling loved and
being free
and knowing should my heart withdraw
you will still be there
for me.
artisticAR Nov 2020
You feel scared, raw and naked
have faith for someone will drape you
in rich brilliant threads of oceans' blue weaved for a lost soul just like you!
artisticAR Nov 2020
I tried to paint a picture
Overmixed instead of oversimplify
Now the colours resemble mud
Something I hope my eye will defy
artisticAR Nov 2020
The illumination of a snowflake
cut precisely from clear ice
Attracting other partners
they freeze together and
tumble through the sky...
artisticAR Nov 2020
A trodden path through a flush
yet wilting forest
Its ground so often stampered.
The trees hover over our footsteps
leaving their leaves scattered...
I feel small and inconsequential
as I tread over their exposed roots,
their screams, I can only fathom
as we assault them with our boots.
artisticAR Oct 2020
Enclosed by a tunnel of branches
A slow breeze sets leaves free
Like feathers that sway and dance
I let go of the hold you've had on me.
artisticAR Oct 2020
I traffic too much in feelings
I peddle love to fill my doubts
Bags of passion sold to zealots
in crowded bars and pubs.
And then one night you appeared
a smile, a flash of an instant flirt
A pull so magnetic and alluring
I had to follow, to convert...

Twenty five years later, here we are...
and I still remember that night in
that very crowded bar...
artisticAR Oct 2020
Don't come too close
Don't lean in
For we might kiss
and the Ride will begin
I'm scared of heights
Prefer being grounded
For I'll lose my grip
Get hurt and wounded
Then you'll stop the Ride
Abruptly, I'm certain
I'll walk away alone
Because I love you too much
to be a burden
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