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I'm running around In my dreams running around
In my dreams at night with you just as we did In life  go running around not care In the
Running away with you from reality, running away
In my dreams running away from this world I longer care for I'm happy with you
Running together you come running away In my dreams at night running around In my dreams
with you
dreams I never want to wake from, happy to stay In my dreams with you happy ever after running around In my dreams with you my
Running Around In My Dreams With You
Kasti Mar 14
blue as the sea,
Your hair
soft as a pillow,
Your laugh
music to all,
Your smile
lights up my eyes,
Your thoughts
clever and wondrous,
Your body
smooth and appealing,
Your lips
lush as a valley,
Your words
give me a home
give me your all
and I’ll give you mine.
Why do I like you so
Johnny walker Mar 13
Closing my eyes I see this vision of Helen and me
I'm stood at the end of this beautiful field of golden corn
I smell that beautiful summer air blown ever so gently carried on a breeze
that makes the tops of the
the corn sway with that oh so gentle breeze my attention drawn to the other end of the field of gold I can see Helen making her way through the corn weaving pathways through the
I can see her hand waving she calling out to me but can't make out what she saying
As she draw near I can she dressed In this beautiful summer dress oh stunning she looks at that point
I start to go towards her where we meet somewhere In the middle
where we throw our arms around each other we kiss
Helen draws the very breath from my body we lay our clothen down and there we make love amongst the beautiful field of gold corn laid there afterwards with smiles on our faces on a lovely sunny
and warm day but It's only  
the Sun and then the field of corn that knows our secret I'm sure they won't tell
Total creative Imagination of what could have been but at least I have a very vivid Imagination make my own fantasies as go along its  often very difficult In these trouble times
Johnny walker Mar 13
Days spent with Helen thought never to end
such wonderful
memories of our time
Kissing and cuddling oh
how I miss that so much
Helen could say what she wanted with by just the look In her
Days spent with Helen thought never to end Helen could say I love with
just three squeezes of lovely soft
Making love to Helen so beautiful that was to feel her body against mine to
explore her all over with my
Days spent with Helen thought never to end but sadly those days came to an end far to young she was taken from
For my days spent with Helen had come finally to an end with tears In my eyes as I walked away leaving a single red rose there on her
Oh my days spent with Helen such wonderful days
I thought never the
end but beautiful memories she left behind of those days spent I thought never
to end

In loving memory of
Helen Mary Walker
A wonderful wife and mother my beautiful
Born 22nd July 1955
Died 23rd December 2017
Beautiful memories of days spent with Helen I thought never to end but they did with tears In my eyes as I laid a single red rose on her grave
Johnny walker Mar 12
Memories that bring a smile to my face like
the time Helen and I
carried a settee from
my dad house back to
our own
two hundred yards up the road stopped half way to
our house we put down
settee where sat down
lite a cigarette we were  
next to the main
When a police car comes
by Helen waves, they
look a bit surprised but wave back to her with smiles on their faces we made It back home to
our house
Only to find two days later to find Helen was pregnant she was Incredibly strong
the lady she was, but look at her then so slim petite
you wouldn't think she'd have that much
I weighed somewhere In the region of 15 stone but Helen could lift me off the ground with no trouble amazing lady she was and I miss her so much and will always love her she was so much fun to be with
Fond memories of Helen always brings a smile to my face I loved her so much and miss her
Johnny walker Mar 12
Now I see a light ahead were once there was
only darkness for me
But now a light again
does shine
slowly emerging from shadows now where once I chose to be the overwhelming grief for Helen the pain I
pain gradually beginning
to decrease with the passing of time remembering now the lovely times we
those special days that lover have unforgettable times that together only they do share for now a light does
again for me where once only darkness I hide
from the outside world In shadows where I chose to be but now the the light has set me free to try and live again
Once through grief, I only saw
darkness bit with the passing of time I see a light ahead coming out of the shadows where once I hide
Johnny walker Mar 11
Life when In love Is a beautiful place to be
but a much colder place when love Is
But life for me now I've become to accept how to cope better that of to think
of happier
Then live become a little bit warmer again with the beautiful memories I have
and from now
That's how It shall be for I have all my treasured memories to see me through to better days that now lay
Better days now lay ahead I'm able to cope learning to handle grief to turn It Into positive thinking by remembering good times
Johnny walker Mar 11
I dreamed a dream last night I awoke to find my sweetheart sat on my bed watching
I'd been awoken by the beautiful scent of her perfume that how I knew she was
The unmistakable smell
of her Estee Lauder Youth Dew the only perfume Helen would
Dreamt of Helen because I still spray my pillows at night with her beautiful
That of Estee Lauder Youth Dew the only perfume that Helen ever chose to
A spay on my pillows before going to sleep and It feels as If Helen still here beside  
The only perfume Helen would ever wear Estee Lauder Youth Dew and a beautiful perfume It Is
Johnny walker Mar 11
Days of Heaven spent with my sweetheart whilst wrapped In each other arms so much love did we have an undying
Never to be equalled by another such a wonderful wife and mother my sweetheart and
Days of Heaven spent with Helen my sweet baby wrapped In my arms the smell of her beautiful perfume
Whilst I kissed her sweet so tender lips no more could I have wished then those days of Heaven spent
with my wonderful
Being with Helen to me was like days of Heaven wrapped In her loving arms
I am currently
under construction.
Thank you
for your patience.
I know
I'm not always the easiest
to deal with,
but in my defense,
teenage years
aren't always the easiest
to go through!
For all those who deal with me on a daily basis.
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