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MisfitOfSociety Aug 2019
Selfish are the flames of the candles,
They don’t want to share their light.
They are waiting for miracles,
In the coldness of the bitter night.

The light will come,
When it suits them.
They are giving,
When they are receiving.

Bare the light for those who wish to seek it,
Hold the hand of darkness and bring it into the light.
Leia Spencer Apr 2019
I’m burning the candle
But not at both ends
No, for in fact I have five
I’m like an old star
Ready to explode
Plain sick of being alive
Helping her and helping him
Ignoring myself for the sake of them
Some days I wonder
“Will I ever be true?”
When that day comes
Boy, will that feeling be new
It starts in my toes
Weary from walking
Igniting my fingers
Busy writing and talking
Then it gets to my head
As it makes its way down
Warming my heart
Burning my frown
I’m not saying that I want to die
But I’m spread so thin
I think “why shouldn’t I”
-A five-wicked candle
Salmabanu Hatim Jun 2018
Candle- life,
Short wick-girl,
Long wick-boy.

Light- birth
Parents delight.

Candle light-life burns on fast or slow.

Wax- melts,soft with tears and becomes hard with happiness.

Candle- puff, goes out any time,

mjad Sep 2017
There is never ending pressure
To be the light in such a darkened society
But what can a candle with no wick do
Besides melt at the heat of another
Devin Ortiz Feb 2017
Staring into the unwavering flame on the wick
Of a freshly lit candle, I nearly had a heart attack

Time too, decided to pause, the world grew quiet
And I grew sick in this endless moment.

Why was I so afraid to be stuck in one place,
All because of an unhealthy love for that glow

At the break, she danced across my eyes like
Orange brushtrokes on the setting sun of a canvas.

My heartbeat returns to normal, I breathe in
Letting all my fears burn away into ash.
Baylee Mar 2016
When you hold a flame to an unlit wick
It takes an unbearably long time to catch.
The wick is pretty and new,
Covered from top to bottom
In a waxy coating of armour
That keeps it safe longer.

When you hold a flame to a previously lit wick
It catches fire within a few seconds of exposure.
The wick isn't so new anymore,
It's walls have been burned down
It's armour is gone and the
Beaten up wick is vulnerable.
Luna Feb 2016
To keep her heart warm
All she wanted was a spark
But fire consumed her

Intense fire burning
And all that's left were ashes
'Til the heart's no more
luna Apr 2015
replacing your alcoholic drink
lighter fluid should do the -trick-
i want you to feel the sting
your words are the lighter
your tongue is the -wick-

— The End —