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Luna Sep 2016
And even though
I thought that
I've thrown you away

Turns out,
I just buried you deep
in soil and clay

In the soil
I've unearthed you,
With all its nutrients,
you have survived

I'm thinking how foolish
for my feelings
whom I thought dead
are still alive
Hi, it's been a while
  May 2016 Luna
Lora Lee
I am in limbo
      between universes
between stars
I am ensconced
       in my own light
in tangible luminance
stored deep inside
                      glass jars
I am whirling into new orbit
     as I take on this luster,
                 this shine
I furl forth choices
in magic spells weaving
                   and take back        
what was always
so rightfully mine
I now hold the staff
      that will part the seas
of my new way
       in this labor
because, honey, there
ain't no time
to waste
no horse
        no glowing, knighted savior
Until this hour
              I was crawling
         but I now I start to rise
as I have my final say
               and the northern lights
         spew out from behind my eyes
I am through with
          this land of ice, land of jagged spires
It is time to bust up
             all those submissive plans
          and spray the whole
place with arctic fire
yeah time to mark it
juice it up
till it licks up pain, till it burns
release pent up years
              of unneeded conflict,
of tensed up
           twists and turns
so just you try
to break me apart
as I try to navigate
between tectonic plates
on two lands
The only knight here
          is my own true self
the situation neatly
in my
     hot little hands
Written with the assistance of assorted empowering musical mind trips, such as New World part 2 and Polar Intertia-Vertical Ice.
Luna May 2016
I've always thought our love was like a big fire
And maybe it was

Yours being the flames
that set our love ablaze
I was too mesmerized by your embers
that I didn't notice that
we're already both burning

Your embers kept getting smaller and smaller
as water interfered
And next thing I know, your fire's out
Leaving everything a big charred mess

It pains me to think
that my love's the smoke
that's still there even after you're gone

But I'm fine, *I will someday rise to the skies
"Alab" in Filipino means "blaze" or "ardour"

*Took this from my original tweet thread
Luna Apr 2016
It's scary
How it feels
Like to be
A leaf
Once you've fallen
At the ground
A light frail leaf
With no chance to fight
The strong tempest

It's scary
How the wind
Will be able
To blow you far
Away where you
Won't be found
Lost and floating,
wanting to rest
(But you can't)
Forgive my scattered thoughts.
03/17/16 - 12:46
  Feb 2016 Luna
Sophie Wang
your eyes meet mine in a collision of universes,
our lines of sight intersecting in a cross space
of foggy despairs and moon-watching    from well-bottoms
your hand   is     hesitant       on my face.

in the eclipse of your searching eyes i can see reflected
endless galaxies and the lunar phases,
and in mine you looked, only to find black holes
emptier than our words and as warm as our embraces.

i put all i had into you but you were still empty;
your eyes were enraptured by an unmapped space to explore,
while mine were fixed, grounded to you:

this is      a truth so loud we can't ignore.
sum rhymes
Luna Feb 2016
Maybe we are two moons,
but I exist right here
and you're nowhere near
for you exist somewhere else

Although two moons
orbiting a single sphere
are quite feasible,
they exist in another world

You and I are possible
Two moons on the same course
that's guided by the same force
But maybe in a different planet

You and I are possible
Like Mars' Phobos and Deimos
But in this Earth we can't stay
Maybe not now, but someday
Luna Feb 2016
All there
was was silence
Stuck in a
soundless chasm
Looking for something
that is intangible
And getting lost
in the process

I decided to stop
And began to
think logically
To become sensible
That I am so
proud of my prowess

But then I realize
When did emotions
ever become rational
Logical thoughts won't suffice
what's lingering inside

Feelings squirm
Feelings eat us
until they grow

They devour even parts 
of us that are firm
They multiply like germs
They eat until nothing's left

And all that remains
is the silence
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