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Chris Slade Mar 8
Saying that final goodbye to a loved one,
it’s always been poignant and sad…
But recently it’s joined the online,
the surreal… the quite mad!
The scrolling photo’s on the crematorium wall
have always been more suited to the social media bag
than what, until the digital age,  had a more…
mediaeval...churchy, tag.
Cheers and farewell to Gran, Sis, Bro, Cuzz, Mum or Dad
can now be done without anything at all being said…
Or even, if you’re just a friend or a really distant relative,
long haul, away, abroad... or, just sitting up in bed!
Two funerals in a week... both online - initially bizarre - now assuming the norm!
Strying Nov 2020
Don't want to listen anymore
take my headphones off
"my camera broke"

I just lay and stare at the ceiling,
I'm losing feeling.
MK Garne Nov 2020
Light shines off the lines of old paint brush strokes on smudged oil paint,
Vintage bubbles, worn from countless fingers, notebooks, pencils,
the accruements of learning, teaching, and thinking.
I can imagine the hands that painted these surfaces,
These old desks, missing drawers, staggered six feet from each other,
Social distanced under the gaze of outdated television screens,
Confined within these walls, peeling paint, under stained ceiling tiles.
Those hands were tired, they held the brush with a practiced hand that wasn't dried out from hand sanitizer,
They spilt paint on the floor, left stains, let paint run down the sides of the desks -
Those trails still stay in certain light, they gleam from the shadows,
Not visible to the Zoom attendants.
Eva B Apr 2020
The world would never be the same
but the wind still sways the
bare tree tops and when
the cat meows it
still wants attention.
JΛM Jan 2020
Play all these at the same time. To do that just open each one in a new tab, maybe with some headphones on and watch the video called "Eye of The Universe" in full screen for at least a minute while the solfeggio frequencies play.
Yazad Tafti Dec 2019
a tree planted deep in its roots
could not blossom or spur
but flourish
for the caretaker always watered and the sun
the sun always shined
look up and check, if you become blind
you know it's true
but who watched the care taker
just the stalker across the street
peering through the windows with binoculars
jotting down the actions and deeds committed
she just put her attention upon trying to formulate
what it meant to be a good person
what it meant to care
what it meant to be a caretaker

for when the caretaker was no longer able to nurture
the naturalist could fill the caretaker's shoes
stalking is just a cover up for taking interest upon a person
(this may not be poetry..but my thoughts atm)
Phi Kenzie Aug 2018


You got me.

What now



What a



You showed me
Ya hurt me
hope it helps
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