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Dominic Thompson Jun 2019
Take me from this realm
Take me to another place
Another home
Take me so I must not suffer anymore

Take me to a place I may be alone
Alone with my thoughts
Alone with my memories
Alone without pain

Take me somewhere
Somewhere I may live
Freely and safely

Take me somewhere
Somewhere I may live
Without fear
Without pain

Take me away
Away to a new home
Dominic Thompson Jun 2019
Without your guiding light
I am lost
In the darkest room
With no way out
With no sunlight
Nor moonlight

The darkness is all consuming
Nothing survives the sea of black
Not even the light I tried to give you
To keep you happy
To keep us together
To keep me fighting

I have no way out
All I can do
Is sit in the darkness
And wait
Wait for the next person to come
For them to save me
Before I am lost
Dominic Thompson Jun 2019
If my time has come
You may release me

If I have served my purpose
You may let me go

You may let go of me
And let me fall
Like a sack
Filled with bricks
Sinking to the bottom
Of the deepest pits of the ocean
Reaching my final resting place

You may turn me over to my fate
And let me slip from your grasp

I am no longer needed
So let me go
Let me rest
Let me go
Let me free
You keep me chained
Like a dog
Chained to your soul
To your mind and yours games
The games you play to hurt me
The games you play to crush me
To ruin me

If you have had your fun,
Let me go
Drop me like a piece of trash
Like a broken toy
You no longer want
Throw me out the window
Leave me on the side of the road
Maybe I'll become of use to someone new
Someone better

Just release me
And free me
Dominic Thompson May 2019
I wish to love
I wish to feel
I wish to keep someone close to me
Close to my heart

I wish to love someone
I wish to cherish them
I wish to always keep them safe
And always warm them
And keep them happy

But I cannot
For when I believe that there may be something
I may be wrong and embarrass myself
For they may not have the same feelings I hold
For they may not think of me in the same way
For they may not desire to hold me close to them
As I wish to

Why do I not love?

Because love hurts
And I've been hurt far too much
I don't know. Wrote this on the fly.
Dominic Thompson Apr 2019
Have you ever loved someone?
If you have
You know the feeling

The pure bliss
The joy
The overwhelming desire

The desire to love them
Be with them
And have them by your side
Always and forever

But you also know the feeling
Of having to let them go
When it doesn't work
Or there is no way
That you can be together

I know both of these feelings all too well
I know the joys it brings
I know the pains it brings

I know I can't have her
Nor can I have her pearly white smile
Nor can I have her precious soft blue eyes
Nor the perfect personality of hers
Nor her incredible body, even if she sees differently

Even if my love goes reciprocated
I will still always love her
With my soul, heart, and my entire life
Even for the love I cannot have
Dominic Thompson Apr 2019
I fell asleep to the music and memories of you
I got high off the remnants of your lingering perfume
Caught in my jacket that you wore

They say we're all destined for one other
Thought that was you
Guess I was wrong

Do you remember the place we first met?
I do
My darkest times
My weakest of moments

You took me in
Fixed me and my broken soul
Healed me from my shattered self

You showed me the good in life
Just as I had seen the bad
I only found it got worse

You gave and gave
But little did I know
You could take and take just as easily.

I made many mistakes in my time
But there is one I regret above all
Meeting you

Guess you'll find me at the same place we first met
My darkest times
My weakest moments
And my broken heart
Dominic Thompson Feb 2019
Are there times when you feel alone?
Lost in the world with nowhere to go
As if you have been cut off
From any and all forms of communications
With the outside world

And then the feelings come
The feelings of dread
The feelings of no escape
As if you are stuck inside a submarine
Sinking to the bottom of the ocean
Watching the slow descent

And your heart
It pounds for freedom
It yearns to feel free again
Free from these shackles
That are ripping at its strings
And crushing it to oblivion

That pain
It's like no physical pain
There is no morphine for it
You can't drug it away
And it hurts
It really does hurt
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