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Abeer May 13
a tale of the broken man
passing undecided
he said it was under plan
but turns out he was blinded
oh the sun is setting down
and the land is growing dark
"do I just sit and frown"
and leave it to lonely mark
a tale of the broken man
like a bottle in the sea
a gambler and his greed
boiling to thoughts of flee
oh the moon is shooting light
and the land is cold and dark
will he sulk all night, tonight?
or will he defend his lonely mark'
his lonely mark
Abeer May 11
a paradigm unhinged from borderline
of seeing, believing in faith, paranoid
the shaking madness I heard
was coriolis of the wind, or just birds
heavier each second, stupider each moment
I see the world as it was when it formed
a violently erupting volcano, with the pleasures, drown in
superimpose a feel of summer with the dread of cold
and you feel at home
staying awake till the death of the owl
the bloodshot eyes are feeling less painful
in essence, fell to the madness of my paranoia
paranoid and without sleep, a combo for the screen
Abeer May 10
The itsy bitsy spider crawled up the water spout.
Down came the rain, and washed the spider out.
Out came the sun, and dried up all the rain,
and the itsy bitsy spider went up the spout again.

The itsy bitsy spider riffled his cobweb off his legs.
Ripples of candor light hit the spider's neck.
Outside his nest was a rainbow glowing dark out,
and the itsy bitsy spider went up the water sprout.

The itsy bitsy spider left his home in hunger for light.
Down came the night, cold and stark, miles from bright.
All sounds were of the insects that were preyed on silently,
and the itsy bitsy spider was lost to be

The itsy bitsy spider left his home in hunger for beauty.
Down came the rain, and the spider found shelter under a leaf
Out came the sun, and dried up all the rain,
and the itsy bitsy spider died in vain
Abeer May 4
A gospel beneath, mumbling some pop song
hidden, from nobody yet unseen
a herd full of kids and romantics
You smell the teen spirit amongst their spoils
a creature who locks up his spirit and consumes it
bit by bit, snacking the crumb of consciousness
divide every bit to consume yourself from within
A word mumbled till it lost all meaning
don't ask for help when you are lost to everything
Abeer Apr 23
In from the edge of a maze
I fall to every stone hardened in shine
Feeling surrounded, clouded by craze
A clad of them good, yet I fall into the same place
In that light that hawken the unreal ground
Feels distant from where you are about
You felt like a dream, inside my house
But maybe again I slept in the wrong place
Abeer Apr 9
Little she floats, a sphere of life
Brakes every day, reforms every night
Soft as cotton candy on mid-summer rain
Stern, as she throws her arms and invades

Jane, you are sweet and kind
You melt steel and wood with your eyes
O, Jane, you are sweet and evergreen
But sometimes we get dirt to ought to get clean
But sometimes we are blind beneath beauty

Weigh a thought, she loves more freely
She is addicted to all the wrong girls, extremely
It's hard to get off that phone and face
The ugly forest of her posture and it's place

Jane, you are mean and rude
You crave the empty and then lie crude
O, Jane, you are depressed to the brim
But sometimes we leave blood behind
To throw our anger out and quit being blind

Jane, O, Jane, the world longs for empty dwell
We ought to seek others, don't be shy
I think you will be happier if you forgive yourself
And stop hurting the world whenever you try
this is a song I wrote and that's why I think it's weird on its own
Abeer Apr 8
a cloudless night, freed from stars or constellations in the way
inciting and inviting me to lay my hands down
upon my lurching, I could count every shade of grey
because I am freed and in my freedom, I will drown
glances fighting to sound
(a waistline of nothing
a dream of sommer truth
a crest of an ocean wave
seven feet of soil, and the water in it)
is everything our fate isn't about
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