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Hastfan Jan 8
Here he comes, back on blood
Behold the winged death
There he goes, he was a toad
Unburdened of his flesh

Why went you? The border to,
Escape the one he sent
Then came her, the mighty cur
Delivered as you wept

Hers is of shadow stolen, all have known him
To be without mercy or intent
As a foul fiend, along him gleamed
Jewels and gold and gems

He gained broad wings and along them stringed
Skin that taunt was stretched
These limbs of carrion, carried him
Along winds that never swept

And among him screamed the past and means
To make better his regrets
His vision frozen, the touch of moments
Will scorch cold along his touch

He has no voice but those of choice
Hear the fate that he had met
And those who saw his mangled form
Know the terror they have saw

And even known him, the shadow stolen
Has eyes for what has let -
Him come about! hers was his out,
And now he come to rend

Eyes cold blue meet those that knew
The fire of crimson death
And there they knew that although true
Their fight was always meant
A page from an Epic
Hastfan Aug 2023
The venom laced with honeyed words
To all else no harm is heard

But I have seen in your eyes
Kindness has met its demise

Your words are stated - sufficed
Weaven, woven ahead of mine

Thoughts you own them in my mind
Rented, noted in due time

Notice taken of your ways
Insults you’ve layered under names

State your feelings known
Your true intentions thought not shown

Words weave wonders along the way
If you just say them, would feel sane

Because I know your wicked score
I have not tasted violence before

But this intricate pathetic morse  
Makes me wonder - if time suits more
Say it bluntly. Face the consequences
Hastfan Aug 2023
I see vivid, my vision flowered
All the colours, i call them ours
Afterimages and my poems
Branded on my eyeball's moments

Blue does spread like food colouring
Dropped in my vision spluttering
I close my eyes to escape the noise
But all it changes, is the background choice

I see the bright blue sky
With floaters, sparkles and vivid lies
And sometimes my hands are dissapear
Beneath shadows leftover from lights bright near

But all in all it is alright
After all i could lose my sight?
And that is without mentioning my ears
that have been ringing for years.
Hastfan Jul 2023
I am where i cannot stay
The Devil cut out my tongue to play
I am buried in anothers grave
But where it is, i cannot say
Hastfan Jul 2023
The days are long, our time seemed plenty
I still have the words you sent me

They are held close - the warmth provided
The scent of you was passion guided

From the moment I held you in my arms
I felt hunger as if starved

I went dizzy the world watched-waited
For our embrace to end, I savour it

And the second I let you go, I awoke in our home
I watched love lost in moments known

When I said this was hard
And we had time wasted

I mentioned that other women waited
The cry you made in reaction

Will follow me through my haze
Haunt me in my future days

My feelings let my arrogance hasten
I wish I could go back  - And withdraw my hatred.
Was my reaction the problem or was it why I felt it appropriate?
Hastfan Jul 2023
All I see, my lotus flower
Sad to see our love gone soured

Yours was mine and mine alone
Expect it wasn’t - should  have known

My love for you, too much you said
You knew me, amongst the rest

My luck down, my sadness found
My heart bled, externally read

All in all my lotus flower
Sad to see our love went soured

Your voice, an angel found it’s home
My feelings made - hardly known  

But you left your notice made
Off you went, came my pain

And as you walked away from me
My heart bled red internally
The first is the worst.
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