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xavier thomas Nov 2021
FaceTime me every week, as the calls start to pile

play dumb like we weren’t a thing, you know that sh%t is really foul

told me you’ll never be submissive; Love, your mouth be running wild

posting couple & single memes together must really got you down

Oh a new person in your DM’s, someone new to get you riled up

random thoughts run through my mind, watching you chase after titles

can’t find anyone to commit, how’s love working for you now?
Let it sink in
Grey Mar 2020
I locked my lips
And threw away the key
So why is it
That you still can't put your trust in me?
February 2020
I haven't done anything, so why..?
Sylph Apr 2019
I thought you would stay till the end
and keep what i hold dear to yourself
Not share it with the world
You kind comes so quickly
and i trust you so fast
i cared for you
i guess

      F L Y   B Y   N I G H T
Destyni H Jan 2019
It’s crazy

Crazy how someone can care so deeply about you
But they can’t help from hurting you
Betrayal at its finest is what it is

When will I heal?
When will I forgive?

Because I want him here to be my rock
And I want to trust him again but I’m still stuck

Stuck on how he chose up
Stuck on how he switched up
Stuck on that feeling I had deep in my heart
Stuck on the memory that still tears me apart

I can’t forget no matter how much I try
things will never be the same
My trust is one thing he can never fully regain

Playing myself like a fool is one thing I cannot do
No matter how much he claims to have switched the way he moves

When he looks into my eyes he sees the pain
That very same pain I felt when everything changed
when I look in his eyes I see adorement
but still and yet I can’t see us making this commitment

He is mine...Though I doubt this to be fully true
And I long to be his but will we see this through

When will I heal?
When will I forgive?

Will I ever find more love for him give?
Aseel Dec 2018
Sometimes, it’s very difficult to trust you.
The butterflies in my stomach are alive again
But not because of love
This time
It’s because of incertitude
You changed
The sparkle in your eyes is gone
Your smile is so fake
Your chest is so cold
So I know
It’s not my brain
It’s your attitude
Calliope Nov 2018
You used the oldest play in the book,
But I’m a sucker for antiques and I’m optimistic to a fault.
You said don’t be worried,
But why is this time different?
We’ve always ruined it with our vicious cycle,
And the venom is just sweet enough that even though we are rotting, we still want seconds.
Please don’t let this be poison disguised as nectar.
Next time, I won’t come back.
nathan Sep 2018
as you gazed upon the roses, beautiful, blooming wide,
exposing themselves for your eyes alone, petals scattered,
you spoke to me. unsatisfied.
strewed their precious worth across the dull pavement,
i began to wonder.
if i truly burst open for you, would i suffer the same fate?
if each of my petals shed away, one by one, revealing a bare stem, would my beauty remain?
every rose wilts with time.

as you looked upon the sunset, magnificent, drooping low,
dipping beneath the horizon with a final display of light, heavens shimmering,
you spoke to me. unaffected.
swiped the bristles of a blackened brush across its fading glow,
i cannot help but wonder.
if i began to fade, would your starlight illuminate my beaten path?
or would you only cast a sheet of unforgiving darkness over my vibrant, faltering hues?
every sunset fades to night.
Go easy on me, if you could.
vera Apr 2018
taking time to learn from your mistakes
the mistakes ive made in my past
i spent two and a half hours facing my bedroom mirror
im not faceless
yet i feel as faceless as a jane doe
fighting to discover the lost identity
that can only be found be found in the depth of her undiscovered haze

lost i wander from ocean to ocean
looking for the fateful creator
one who learned of the existence of a failure and decided never to look back
leaving a melancholy trail to follow him
drips of sadness mark where he has been and where he wishes to go

can the darkness that looms about him ever dissipate?
it is the duty of those around him to question why his simple sadness never fades
they question, but the root of his depression will never be made public information
no soul would ever learn of his betrayal
and i, would continue to wander aimlessly from ocean to ocean

when will my body give away to the .cruelty of nature surrounding?
harsh winds and streams of cold blue vend me
until i am one and the same
i will never rest
a lost sense of self has doomed me
there is no way to survive if i am not sure of who i am
because then who am i living for?

is it the strange girl who burrows daggers into my eyes when i look into thee mirror?
or am i simply living for the sake of those around me?
how about those who have abandoned me?
i am living without quite understanding why

so what is the next step?
- meaningless
Liz Carlson Mar 2018
you talk about trust,
and then betray it.

you talk about love,
and then destroy it.

you talk about friendship,
and never give it a chance.

every time
im the one crying
on my bedroom floor.
no one to hold,
no one to see me.
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