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Red Panda Poetry Apr 2017
C old & cool
A iry & abuzz
N atural & noble
A ppetizing & appealing
D angerous & dandy
A muck & AWESOME
We went to Canada so, I thought I would make this fun acrostic to describe what is was like.
Francie Lynch Mar 2017
Ungraded roads have many holes,
Gravel, and running ditches.
Before a rain, they seem more wide than narrow.
Long but terminal.
These roads I'm led to roam,
Not straight, but bending to travel.

Signs warn of deer or bumps,
With a bridge dead ahead.
Chances are, it's a single lane,
And timing dictates crossing.

My spinning wheels clear the ruts,
But soon they fill again,
As if I never passed.
Anna Starr Mar 2017
this is our shiny bubble.
we float around with no care,
its reflective surface
shielding us from the outside world.

you stare at me with rainbow eyes.
full of possibility, full of hope.
no longer do they run away
at the slightest sign of me.

instead they press on;
recklessly moving forward,
20 kilometers per hour on curves.
i keep the budding fear to myself.

we're working so hard to stay afloat.
oh, how i dread
the day

Lorna Feb 2017
I reckon google maps is the soulmate of the nostalgic,
The sentimental,longing for what was,
Searching for yesterday like a starving dog.
Sometimes ,more often than not,
I find myself looking out the window of a younger me.

And who are we,if not passing strangers on a foreign soil?

I believe google maps is the aplication for the past.
We are the effect of the places we roamed.
I find myself in a darkened room,
Yet still,everything that brought me here
Are the houses I slept in,
The roads I took,literally and figurately,
And the trees I rested under.
Vani j Aug 2016
She took the stairs
and followed her mind shaped road to nowhere.
Nowhere had novocaine and a whole lot of what  should not be shared.
Mind trips,
Dulled her to otherworldly stares,
Bruised lips,
And no one in sight to look for her welfare,
Comatose limbs taking her from nowhere to nowhere.
Fogged brain
taking away every bit of care,
But her dulled heart,
Still dare.
Thump, thump, thump.
AB Apr 2016
Hellos, goodbyes,
Tears, smiles, regrets.
Families going together
And some breaking apart.
The planes come
And go
       and so do the people
It's a place we all have been to
But only a few of us truly know it
Back from vacation and waiting in the terminal
Ana S Apr 2016
She went on a trip.
Away in the state.
She went on a trip.
Away from contact.
I wait til she's online.
Then I message her.
I feel quite annoying.
I just really miss her.
I miss her a lot.
She is one of the only people I talk to.
Now what do I do?
She's not here.
Emily I miss you.
I want to know how it was.
It looks like you had fun.
Whenever you get the time let me know.
I really miss you just letting you know.
SassyJ Feb 2016
The mind engaged in logic
I can barely see
My days sudden bursts
I can rarely breath
The flight of the air
Carries me through
The panic and dire
Soothes my blues

It’s the lurch
Of a flip
It’s not lunch
But a trip

Those piano notes
Cascades my blues
A remedy to inspire
I died a thousand times
When I missed him so
The baggage I build
Grazing on those grounds
******* to fly again

It’s the lurch
Of a flip
It’s not lunch
But a trip

Ferry me through
Carry me  through
For I need a train
And a carriage
One for me
One for you
One for us
One for all

The lurch
The trip
Lets all have lunch. Huh?
Inspired by Joshua Ingram. Thanks for the inspiration and for reminding to keep creating. To touch and see the essence of human existence, the tapestry of life and death. For we exist then fade. We are deluded and insane and we trip back to this falsified illusion. Disillusioned but always deconstructing the paradigm. Your notes are waking Joshua..... feel the breeze.
Tony Luxton Nov 2015
We're boating on Brindley's cut
cruising to the cotton city
Manchester where it all goes on
the engine of our empire.

Eight hours of ease from Top Locks,
meals provided, plenty to see
here on the cutting edge
of British engineering.

A night out on the tiles
then back again to dear old Runcorn,
something to tell our kids,
the start of a transport revolution.
When the Runcorn branch of the Bridgewater Canal first opened special boat trips to Manchester were organised.
xx Mar 2015
I woke up bathing in the moon light. It was of warmth and tender touch. Though I know that I have to get through of it. So I did everything I have to as I took it for granted. As I went outside to take on my path, my yesterdays kept huanting and pulling me back. I fought and I fought until I thought it was alright. But I'm not alright. I let myself be taken and be brought to another realm where reality's obscure and so desperate to show there's life when there's none. The sun's about to come and the sky's turning teal. I am again on the same road I walked a thousand times before. And I'd walk a million times more. It's not only becoming a habbit, it's becoming more of regularity in my system. I want my yesterday to capture me this time.
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