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SassyJ Feb 2016
The mind engaged in logic
I can barely see
My days sudden bursts
I can rarely breath
The flight of the air
Carries me through
The panic and dire
Soothes my blues

It’s the lurch
Of a flip
It’s not lunch
But a trip

Those piano notes
Cascades my blues
A remedy to inspire
I died a thousand times
When I missed him so
The baggage I build
Grazing on those grounds
******* to fly again

It’s the lurch
Of a flip
It’s not lunch
But a trip

Ferry me through
Carry me  through
For I need a train
And a carriage
One for me
One for you
One for us
One for all

The lurch
The trip
Lets all have lunch. Huh?
Inspired by Joshua Ingram. Thanks for the inspiration and for reminding to keep creating. To touch and see the essence of human existence, the tapestry of life and death. For we exist then fade. We are deluded and insane and we trip back to this falsified illusion. Disillusioned but always deconstructing the paradigm. Your notes are waking Joshua..... feel the breeze.

— The End —