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xx Mar 2015
I woke up bathing in the moon light. It was of warmth and tender touch. Though I know that I have to get through of it. So I did everything I have to as I took it for granted. As I went outside to take on my path, my yesterdays kept huanting and pulling me back. I fought and I fought until I thought it was alright. But I'm not alright. I let myself be taken and be brought to another realm where reality's obscure and so desperate to show there's life when there's none. The sun's about to come and the sky's turning teal. I am again on the same road I walked a thousand times before. And I'd walk a million times more. It's not only becoming a habbit, it's becoming more of regularity in my system. I want my yesterday to capture me this time.
Joy Nteh Jan 2015
I smelt it from afar and thought about the
The imaginations
The cool breeze
The sound sleep
The trips
The laughter
The hot ***
Lovely night it would be.

#Highness #Trips #Love
Getting High with HIM
Rhet Toombs Jan 2015
Turn the music up
My favorite song
Set in motion
Ice cold window
Coasting at seventy-five
Dropping low
In the right direction
Passing every exit
The murals written
The night time
Jumbled emotions perpetuated
In a handshake
Or a smile
Now that's the real America
Rhet Toombs Jan 2015
Your window rolled down
The smoke
Pouring out of my mouth
Like your chimney in winter
And yet
The whole time
I perceive things moving slow
My grinning face
Your laugh
All the lights from driving down the highway
That every few seconds
Light up our faces horizontally
And flash in terrific blinding orange stripes
But still
Moving slowly
Like the gentle waves of foam at night
The car slows
The engine dies
I climb out dizzily
I realize we've arrived at the ocean
Just in time for a midnight swim, you say
stunned mind Dec 2014
I wanna do drugs with you
get high with you
go on psychedelic trips with you

I wonder if you would finally understand
If we would lie on the floor
next to each other
with nothing but our heartbeats go fast
drowning the sense in our pupils

and my jaw would clench as I'd breath in sharply
wanting your body more than your soul
I don't know if anyone will ever understand and there is no sense because you only ever see the creepy girl in me who writes her feelings on walls for you to see and it's all awkward
Lynn Al-Abiad Nov 2014
She sees some sort of beauty tainted in the smell of almost a pack of cigarettes.
And little drops of his favorite coffee stained his body and resided as freckles that showed the amount of kisses she would leave on his wild skin - if he'd let her.
His innocence resides in his virility - if virility was ever innocent.
And for him, she is just the portal to heaven to which he holds the key.
And that key itself led him to other heavens, sometimes to a few hells, and some other times to nowhere.
With her, he might go nowhere.
But if she decides to take him on a little trip, his key will lead him to a journey he's never been to - her.

Jared San Miguel Oct 2014
I drove for ten hours out of the last 36.

Something about those 300 miles made it seem like we would never come back.
I saw more in that garden level apartment than in the wild of Yosemite.
We were intoxicated by the city. Filled with wishes and dreams…and *****.
"I never want to leave." and I think a part never will.
One more place to call to us.

It rained through the halls.
Over door thresholds and under Christmas tree lights it spilled.
Funny how the sun light changes things.
Like picking up a full glass to find it's half empty.
Something expected to have weight is blown away by the wind.

26 hours have never held more until now.
carbonrain May 2014
there's nothing a clock can tell you that you don't already know. but me? i can tell you anything.

just ask.

there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to see the teeth you have on the outside. those ones that make others hurt on the inside?

let's just go back to that reality we agreed on as a species, ok? maybe then we'd be able to move along...

...we could, but someone always gets hurt.

put those teeth away.

and you? you think that solving a problem will make things better?

you're forgetting someone.
you're forgetting something.

you don't have all the answers, you just make **** up you ******* liar.

but it's not lying to you, is it? no object is lying to you?
but it's not lying to you, is it? you don't consider this a lie?

it's OK, because you convinced yourself of your lie. you made it true and shared the core "knowledge" so others believed you. that's a lie.

— The End —