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  May 2019 Lorna
King Panda
The universe at its right angle
changes you into
day. Yet again, next year
you will look the same—  


line of zodiac
in easterly motion
makes its highest path to
you in winter.

Sunlight pours down to earth from every angle.
You emerge with your mouth.

The universe’s only apparent movement.
Lorna Aug 2018
i love us

we were once very close
like stalactites
but growing upside down can damage you
where we began,others ended
a constelation of backwards formation.

born in despair
raised in closed doors

i love us
and sadly,
i exclude myself.
  Apr 2018 Lorna
Seán Mac Falls
In youth, to myself I thought,
'Is true love bound in some far away place?'
I flew off— picturing dreams to be had.
Ah, so much in books and on film I saw
And so I settled my gaze,
Westward to love.

And I met a girl who knew,
Trades of skin which came and quickly fell,
Of longings true it was not to be had.
Ah, so much in books and on film I saw,
So I left her one glad day,
For we did not love.

O love, so nebulous a thing,
Windings on wheels, windy fates command,
If I could but contain her starry light,
In a wrapped box of hopes, still, on reels,
Recorded in books, in films— fables,
Ah, such an album I would dream.

Then came my only, true one,
The coolest rains held in longest summer,
But soon even bliss in a shower ends
And words to eyes but stories— whims.
Ah, so many pictures I made,
In a camera without film.
Lorna Nov 2017
I dreamed we were on a train going north
I was going in and out of sleep
Between the cushioned seats
And your rhythmic whispers
Sounded like a winter night
A warm blackberry wine
And I was slowly rocking back and forth

I dreamed the rails were frozen
And the train just flowed above the crispy clouds
Your hand clasped with mine
Above the ceiling of the world
Everyone fell asleep to the sounds
Of the tracks,and I
I was losing my breath
Over your smile,
Comforting like wool gloves.
Lorna Jun 2017
When you searched through the mine of
tearing to shreds all
my glistening
you did your best,
you truly wanted
to see.
but the cavernous path is winding,
And harsh and dreary.
And it can,
It might
Chase you away.
Lorna Jun 2017
They're in another state of mind
And I'm in a hopeless one.
Keep telling myself
All things come when they have to come
When it comes it'll be like nothing else
Keep telling myself
I got time
Unlovable as I am
I thought
Unworthy as a brown leaf swaying
I thought
I'm not natural
I'm not human
I cannot be
I wont be
I will never
Be someone
That is allowed  to
Feel that.
Lorna Feb 2017
in the garden i
stood before a
great wallnut tree
and it whispered to me;

child,i'll be gone in a year.
lower my branches and
rip out my green jewel

and smash it with a rock ,like
you did when you were nine,
every summer,every time.

Not yet ready to be eaten,
not yet ready to be cracked,
take my children,leave the roots

i'll be gone as soon as you
dye your hair and change your blue,
and next year you'll stand right here on
the print of what i was.

and you'll be ripe,
and ill be rot,
and dear one,you'll be gold,
but i'll be
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