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Red Panda Poetry Apr 2017
Look over the thicket,
Beady eyes aglow,
one child sits and waves,
I look at him,
Sad and lonely,
I walk over to him,
put my paw on the glass,
and whisper, "you're worth it and go put on a show"
It clicked in him and he walked on off,
but he gave me a look, saying,
Thanks, But you're caged forever
Red Panda Poetry Apr 2017
C old & cool
A iry & abuzz
N atural & noble
A ppetizing & appealing
D angerous & dandy
A muck & AWESOME
We went to Canada so, I thought I would make this fun acrostic to describe what is was like.
Red Panda Poetry Apr 2017
The Ladybug
Floats and Flutters
***** and Flees
Leaps and Loops
Sits and Swats
At The Coming Luck To You
Stares at You
Eyes are bright
Wings are bent
Legs are shaking
Colors are mingling
Blurry and fading
with red and black imminent
You woke to a beep
All is white
"The bomb was powerful"
the doctor exclaims
But you're alive,
all because of
The Luck of the Ladybug
Terrorist attacks, a harsh subject, I tried to take this subject lightly, with ladybugs and how they are luck. IMPORTANT - This is not a true story at all.
Red Panda Poetry Apr 2017
You were once vast, large and never lied
Stretching far and reaching high
Now you are a wooden twig
Pulled away and Broken by a pig
The pig who didn't care for what used to be
the magnificent tree
who sat in my yard by the garage and the pool
In which, you had rule,
over all those tiny sapling oaks
who now look up and mope
Because trees are limited and rigged with beehives,
but many see that as the loss of their wives.
This was brought up many times during Earth Day, Pencils. So we owe them and Conrad Gessner, for inventing the pencil. Some people bury their family members in their yards, under a favorite tree, so that is where the last line came from.

— The End —