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Ruheen Apr 5
Castles are only walls
made to look pretty.
Kingdoms can only fall
because they aren't that pretty.
You treasure decorations
over things that
do their job.
they are disposable
and beauty
is not.
Astral Mar 31
You are a poets dream,
The whole ocean,
All wrapped up,
Right in your bloodstream.

Wavy hair that covers your head,
Crashing like the waves,
Hitting the soft sand.
Literal beachhead.

Your eyes are an easy connection,
Blue like the ocean,
Meeting the sky at the horizon,
Bright like the sun’s reflection.

Deep as the sea,
Full of things we haven't reached,
We don't know too much about it,
But truth is, we enjoy it all the same.
And as deep as the sea you may be,
You're still a treasured friend to me.
I've been self distancing because of corona and theres been a lot of downsides, but a positive thing is I can write more now.
Shofi Ahmed Mar 17
The splendiferous rose
in picturesque shape and colour
aren't all its beauty treasure trove.

But how a rose is a rose
the flower by the thorns
next on the lane adjacent
to the utterly opposite heck
the very uneven grotesque!
else Mar 3
How could I trust you
When all you said was not true?

How could I believe in you
When your actions speak otherwise?

How could I love you
When you don’t treasure what you ever said?

How could I?
Sun peeking through clouds
white pearl buried in the sand
revealed by a wave
Written February 5th 2019
Abigail Ann Feb 18
You took a risk by asking me out for dinner
that happened last 5th of September
A date I will always remember
One dinner that leads to another, then another

You always remind me that every second is appreciated
Nothing is ever taken for granted
I have never met someone so consistent
And also very patient

You regularly make sure that I have eaten on time
You respected my boundaries and didn’t dare to cross a line
Habitually asking me if everything is fine
All of this, I will surely treasure for the rest of my life
Maligayang Kaarawan, Aking Mahal :)
Such is Life

You are my treasure

Beckoning me from the Adlivun

Loved me once

Will you love me again

Come to me

By Nightfall

Tho no stars shine

I will treasure You

For the God of my Life
I love You

Returning to God is to Live
One, two, three and four
Go and hide and hide you do
I find you and you start to run
And I chase and chase and chase
But you catch me before I can try

Then you pull me under
Under the waves
the ocean
Bring me to the place
I’ve never known
Show me wonders you see
And the freedom you feel

Wander, I do
Drift and drift
No goal in mind
Find something that I can hang from
Something I can climb
Maybe see the world from above
Or perhaps under the blinds

Fire from the hearth
All left is embers
A gental breeze
And the last warmth is gone
Replaced is the freezing cold
With the void that came along

Looking for a treasure
A gift with wings
One that can set me free
On which where hope's alight

Finally  I
Found it utop a tree
A necklece of rope
And the courage to fly
I really don't know how to do tags :/
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