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frivolous treasures
ohio    life is an embryonic project full of illogical reasons and beautiful insanities
Lxst Treasures
University of Alabama    dive into my oasis of thoughts and prosper with me


Ignatius Hosiana Nov 2015
Treasure every breath you make
It could be the last you take
Treasure the lake, sail the sea
Little beauty left in the world to see
Treasure even the stranger by the boulevard
You just can't tell the much that person's endured
Treasure the road even if you doubt where it leads
For the beautiful scar,a wound bleeds
Treasure the clear sky and the clouds when they come
It's not everyday we go through storms and find calm
Treasure the dusk as darkness creeps in at nightfall
As you treasure the Sunrise treasure the fall
Treasure the trees even after they've lost their leaves
Treasure kindness like everyone gives
Treasure humanity like all other species don't matter
Treasure every person and treasure the latter
Treasure the world as family probably we might find peace
Treasure all the time you spend like the cash you borrow
Treasure yourself like you cherish that first kiss
Treasure Today like there's never gonna be a tomorrow
WhyamIaSpoon Dec 2013
I treasure my treasure chest
For treasuring treasure chests leads to pleasure -- the best
The treasure in my treasure chest I treasure because it's a treasure of no measure

Somehow ten cases in, there's more to discover
More to uncover about my treasure chest

On the outside, she looks like golden plated happiness
Shining with her spirit through gems of holiness

I am the key

But this treasure chest itself is not a treasure for the treasure it holds but because it is a treasure
Look at the chest
See how its been blessed
Look past the gems
And see what's repressed

It's dark ten layers down
******, grimy, and bitter
You see what's underneath wallowed in litter
But this is the true face what's treasured for pleasure
Ten layers down you find that bit of glitter

That you hold them in your palm
Trusting you with the key
That when the treasure is revealed
You will turn and be their shield
A Psalmist Jun 2016
As the brook babbles sweetly o'er the hedges
there is but one voice I hear.
It hums and sings, calling out solely
     for His Treasure and Bride
He has scattered love notes all around
Placing them on stems and sticks
Leaving them in the sky's warmth
And in its cool kiss.
He knows His Treasure and Bride.
Nothing escapes His watchful sight:
No thought, no feeling, no prayer.
He calls his most beloved by these two names.
One incomplete without the other.

He declares its value before all other kings.
There are no stones or metals more precious,
Rubies are not as rich, sapphires are not as scarce
Gold holds no comparison in His eyes.
As the King of kings, He takes the choicest of all that is valued.
So He calls the one He loves His Treasure.
He boasts in His Treasure.
Pure unlike anything else.
The voice that gives the Treasure its worth also declares its authority.

Yes, a worthy treasure, but more so a lovely Bride.
His beloved owns both titles.
If left as just a treasure, then it would be like all others.
He says his Treasure is more than an object.
Not a trophy gained from His most difficult battle.
One does not die for an object or possession.
He makes His treasure His Bride.
Their lives into one, a full union.
Worth beyond all other treasures and love surpassing anything else.
His Bride and Treasure.
Both are needed to see the one He loves through His eyes.
If only Bride, there may be question
As to His delight or devotion.
Yes, He could lay down His life,
But oh where is the joy?

Bride and Treasure.
Intimacy and delight.
Sacrifice and zeal.
His words etched into time.
Never to be moved.
Never to be doubted.
His love will last all of His days.

As His whispers waft in the breeze
His Love hears and knows that He beckons.
Purely to be, to exist, to commune
And in every moment, He reminds
Of how He found His Treasure and sold all He had
     to make her His Bride.