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Free as a bird when I'm on my bike that's how I feel.
One wheel in the air no feeling dispair, no emotions or care. Just that feeling right there... Yeah...
Live to ride. Ride to live!!
Jordan LC Murphy Sep 2018

Cut me clean as that of a cut throat.
And watch me bleed in silence.
Pull my teeth with no pain killer as I stare cold like a lion.
A concrete wall with no emotions and fists like lightning strikes.
Here I stand a scar laced man forged through the flames of fire.
From here on in there's no way back I'm only aiming higher.
With your help or without it Jack.
I'll take it and I'll fly
But relax...
You've got this kid...
Your a natural diamond guy.
Jordan LC Murphy Sep 2018
Unless your someone with substance
Death is just another number.
Jordan LC Murphy Sep 2018
Let's be positive and not talk about death.
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