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What hope do we stand for?
If truly  there is love amongst us.
Is it just another lie we tell ourselves?
Just to get attention, we do all things.
Things that land us into the shallows of evil.
Even for the chosen that wander into the dark.
Only for what pleasure and pride?
What intent does the Church of Christ stand for?
Is it just another metaphor that we add to vocabulary?
Oh in this church where immorality is like an anthem.
And yet scripture forbids such act.
But all they say to themselves that God is our salvation.
I mean if the deaf and dumb know that is wrong.
Why not listen to what is right to find peace.
Oh Lord if only You have mercy upon this generation that has lusted and turned away from You.
If we choose to deny the truth and rather hide behind deception then there will be no hope that left. It's up to you to rise and take up your assignment to make a difference.
Is it worth the time to wait out in the open just to be disappointed
To hold onto something for a little while
What's it like then, if I lay hold of love only to have a better view and not let go
In the end, I still find no joy
If only I stood by the edge and found hope
I wouldn't wait more with urge to pen down these thoughts but rather step out of the dark to have a glimpse of light that comes with this valuable tressure
Mystery though one I wish to explore
Am better than yesterday
but worse than tomorrow...
nothing else left to say,
so long my old friend sorrow...
Like a stranger in your home
worse than walking in a storm
If it's not your place,
you'll stay but never belong...
Sad or happy,
some stories
didn't deserve
to end. Ours
was one of
I've counted sheep, twisted and rolled
as I lie awake by nature being trolled
Looking for a place where sleep is sold
anything I'd do to slumber in this cold
take me to a place where stories are told
not only to the Young, but also to the old
of fairytales and treasure like ruby and gold
to lure Morpheus out his heavenly fold...
I need a break for this world feels like hell
anybody knows anyone with sleep for sale?
Sometimes it's gentle
and at times a hurricane
sometimes it dismantles
or a breeze in the plain...
You just feel it
and can hardly explain...
Like Wind
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