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Could you at least wait
One more minute
It won't hurt
There's always a story in the mind of a poet
Wash us free of inequity
Destroy the savage
And cleanse our souls
Blood that heals many
Be our forever guide
None is like you
For you rise with glory all the time
Let the sun shine as always
Let the moon reflect light from the sun
Let the sky be blue for a time
Let it pour like never before
Let friendship be built
Let it all be tested
Is it ok if i push further
Further so i could get a place in your heart
Faster so you could let me into your life
Act weaker so you could see how vulnerable i am when around you
Or stronger so you could notice the brave in me as i say the word "i love you"
Alleviate the cold in one
Refurbish blood in the vein
Love was a story everyone told
A song everyone sang
A danger sign on the road and so when you saw it, you had to make a U-turn
And when I met you, it gave me everything
Loving you gave me everything I ever wished for
Tears of the sky
The heavens cry out loud
She's been sad for a while
And now let's it all out
Falling gracefully at a pace
The flowers set to embrace
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