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Canis Latrans Mar 2019
Sentinel of dust.
Guard your resolutions quietly.
Calamity comes but to no avail.
The card signifies strength in opposition. If attacked he will meet the onslaught boldly.
Cat Fiske Jan 2016
If I could wave a magic wand,
as if to wave away everything to becalmed,
would you, would I,
look up at the sky,
and tell me if you can see,
if you cannot we still aren't free,
as the sky has taken overview, over us,
we must learn to love ourselves, **** it up,
and not fall down, but rise up.
we all must stop trying to play with magic,
and get our heads out of such tactics,
but uses our mind,
to lead our souls less blind,
than wands won't matter,
no matter how big a disaster.
idk a poem
Mia Wallace Dec 2015
Who is she to say you're a liar?
Maybe with every fiber
you loved her.
Like you do with your
Recklessly floating heart.
You two were different lovers.
She's the kind of girl with metallic blood.
An ancient stone
heavy in her chest,
Unusual and destructive
When it arrives late.
You were wrong to have loved her like butterflies when bones like hers require sorcery.

— The End —