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April Jun 5
Just a guy I used to know
A face in the crowds of time
Never to be seen again
So why am I crying?

Just a thread of life cut short
A tragic slip of blades
Madness is the face of death
That's why I'm crying
April Mar 13
Picture a wall of glass
As clear as air
but solid as a stone

I stand behind that wall
And the world’s on
The other side

I can see it
And it can see me,
But only through the glass

I can’t touch it
I can’t reach it
I can’t feel.

For that wall is in my soul
And I can’t break it alone.
April Mar 2
Lord lift my spirits
For I have fallen
Into a shadow

A dark abyss
That swallows all
Who dare intrude
April Feb 23
Dear stars above that diamond spangle night
Keep safe the souls entrusted to your care
And bathe at last in soft eternal light
Those innocents whose loss we’re cursed to bear

For he whose eyes still haunt my waking dreams,
Like stars themselves in sorrow’s endless dark,
And outline mem’ries in their piercing beams
Though we have been so many years apart

Let ope the skies, ye shining beacon stars
And welcome to your ranks a newest light
For though his body may be marked by scars,
His soul has surely never shined so bright

And though no more of sunrise shall he see
Yet still above the earth he loved may be
April Feb 15
As raindrops shatter on the walk
And water gilds the leaves
A sparrow huddles in the damp
Beneath the dripping eaves

It’s feathers, brown and white, drawn close
To keep the cold at bay
A silent bird awaits the dawn
That heralds coming day
April Jan 31
Frigid talons brush my face
In a lover’s caress
Icy wind steals my breath
In a searing kiss
And I am lost.

A last attempt at reason echoes faint
A blood red flag set waving in the snow
But a gust of wind, swift sent, obscures the sight
And I am lost

That hazy thought of struggle passes, fleet,
For in surrender lies eternal peace.
April Jan 8
When I am gone,
Don’t think of me.
Don’t mourn for me
Don’t weep for me.

I won’t be there
To turn away
The pain.

Some other arms would
Hold you tight,
Another’s voice would
Soothe your sleep;
And I will be
A million miles away.

So please,
Don’t miss me
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