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Wendell A Brown Sep 2015
To gaze upon your glowing beauty each day
Fills my heart with the true joy it needs
As happiness finds itself overwhelming me
Your sweet beauty my heart seeks to seize

And I look forward each day to our meeting
So that by chance you might look my way
While becoming the object of my affection
While chasing the loneliness in my heart away

For I find each night to be so lonely now
When in my dreams your face I always see
Knowing I cannot reach out and touch the beauty
Of the sweet love my heart silently needs

So I know I must find a way to be contented
Until the new day’s brightness comes my way
Allowing your smile to unlock the nightly bars
That each lonely night keeps us far away.
Scarlet Keiller Jul 2015
You have always been my heartache,
But I'm not placing you under the blame,
For love caught me off guard before I could breathe,
And it unknowingly swept me away.

It dragged me under to a hidden city,
Where I found myself as I started to drown,
So I looked to you to save me,
But I knew you wouldn't follow me down.
Ethan Moon Jun 2015
Ocean wind pastel sky city swept away

Birds suspended floating puppets

Trees in twilight buildings

Dim lit busy urban jungle waters undulating

Waves wave when where whence I why

Eye see sea glimmering forevers

Drag on apartment glow worlds

Lofty hologram wish love here stay star

Beautiful things hollow center
The Black Raven Feb 2015
I dive in deeper for you,
swept away in our microcosm.
Fragments of lost loves
dissolve on my tongue,
evaporating into the dark
as your words soak into my skin.
And all I can think of is you,
My hand in yours
My head on your shoulder
Your restless knees tapping
in time with my heart beat.
And I know I can’t be saved
when nothing else compares
to being next to you.
You're all I need to breathe.
If you're an ocean
I'm lost at sea
Abandoning all I know
Your current
Sweeps me away
My eyes vanish
Beneath your waves
Wendell A Brown Jan 2015
I knew you were someone very special
When I embraced your lovely smile today
I knew because of its perfect beauty
I wanted more moments like this to stay

Filling my day with an enchanting beauty
Making my former thoughts easily replaced
For I found myself floating on air today
When I was swept away by your lovely face

I found my mind was easily captured
And my thoughts were no longer my own
My heart was beating very rapidly
As I began dreaming of making you my own

Like the leaves falling throughout Autumn
So I also found myself easily swept away
By a refreshing wind leaving me so helpless
Easily filled with a desire for you to stay

I knew I had to find new ways each day
So that you might for a moment notice me
For since the first moment I saw you
I found my heart would never again be free

I had to choose the perfect time and place
Where we might be able to sit side by side
So I might have the chance to let you know
How much I really wanted you to share my life

I found each night when I would try to sleep
The vision of your smile would keep me awake
And my many dreams would be so beautiful
As within each I would feel your embrace

I begin to realize what I had hoped for
Would one day soon become so very real
And the first moment your hand touched mine
That second for my heart and mind was ideal

That love had found a very lovely place
Within my wanting heart that special day
For the blessing of your genuine smile
I found days later in my life would stay

The blessing which really happened days later
As the soft beauty in your face embraced me
Was totally reaffirmed in a single instant
When you said, you also shared the same dream.
Beginning love
Wendell A Brown Apr 2014
The fire in my heart never seems to dim
Nor does the sparkle in your eyes go away
Neither will its radiance ever find itself replaced
By the sunshine which finds my face each day

So soothing are my dreams of your caring heart
When you leave for work going away from me
Yet, your image completely floods my mind today
As your smiling face is the only thing I now see

I feel your heart's loves call as you think of me
As each moment passes I also dream of you
Because I feel it’s alive within each breath I take
While my heart slowly sings a love-song so true  

And the truest treasure I have in my life
Can only be found alive each day in you,
As the most beautiful display of love in my day
Is found alive in everything you always do

And within my heart one will surely find
A soothing fire which never seems to die
For its always fed each moment which passes
By the alluring sparkle found in your eyes
A poem praising love

— The End —