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IPM Feb 2020
I'm a wounded animal
dragging its fur across the ground,
through all my bloodsoaked battles
I wait to be put down.
IPM Aug 2019
I eye all white lies
Aye, aye? Null black dyes
consume me
Too lazy to finish it
IPM Aug 2019
I'll crash and bash
my head on the ground
I love it when they kick me
and I'm down
IPM Jul 2019
These words that I combine
are always in a fuss
not always do they rhyme
but one of you is reading this
and I'm past the point
you could walk all over me.
IPM Jul 2019
Two merry steps are landing
and gently passing by
on cherry blossom leaves
two steps are walking by.

A pair of pair bewildered
one loudly lends a sigh
another smiles and whimpers
with tears of joy inside.

Two steps become a couple
where once two touches flied
no longer are they single
a pair is walking by.
IPM Jul 2019
I hear notes again
time and time again, after every major event,
when will I truly learn?
IPM Apr 2019
Behind dropped curtains roads lay
where automobiles ride
and day and night they pass by,
but a blind man I am,
sound only pierces through
into a graveyard
grey fills my room.

I crawl alone between
the guts that spawned me once
what wondrous sights twist
turn behind          lungs hollow
screech and swallow fingernails
open chests, crimson lakes flow
heads follow, rolling on train rails
small creatures, critters, in litter jitter,
buzzing in my ears-
what's this? The sudden plague appears,
Rats! **** them as they near. I yell:
'Oh mother, please, push me through the womb! - succumbed, I numb my senses.

Many men came to this land to test the faith that guides their hand,
their holy father stands high above
straps our merry troupe onto wood chairs.
Three days and nights, yet still they stand
fluids mix under their seats - the smell of sweet release and a finale closes
flies flock outwards all eyes above.

Drums beat again, retreat - absurd.
War roars, clashing steel and swords.
On top - the mountain cries, run, run
it warns, run red - ground to dirt;
amidst the battlefield
a mouse -
hidden with the dead, observe.
He raises            cautiously           slowly
'Where are you headed rat?'.
Chased on the rocks, no way, no saviour awaits.
A sting then hit - the stink of **** but faded, persuaded by horrific dread..
it picked a rock and smashed his chasers'
Rattle, rattle little bones, pieces of mind cover the boulder, one by one drop-
drip on the shocked grimace.

Menacing nether realms corrupt
bend, curve physical matter
through all the pain, disguist and guts
shattered be the particles, atoms
left inside a whole black cylinder
to be transported in another universe as dust.

Worried blinking disrupts the dream,
smell of lavender flows in gust
yet still I am
in this greyish land
awaiting tempting doom.
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