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Words there are not
to express how I feel

Hearing your words
of your sad ordeal

My heart reaches out
to shoulder your pain

Hoping this song
has a happy refrain

My angels are yours
to carry you through

Til happiness blooms
like a flower anew
Searching for words for a friend facing the death of her sister
I rise above the earth
The noise transcends to silence

Darkness giving birth
As peace replaces violence

If only from up here
The big becomes the small

Gently falls a tear
The absurdity of it all
I long for the world to be civilized
So many thoughts
Not shared

So many words
Not read

So much music
Not heard

So much beauty
Not seen

So much time
As I get older I feel like I'm running out of time to experience everything.
Looking in the rearview mirror
To a simpler time and place

Everything much clearer
A smile on every face

Peace, love and Innocence
So safe in mother's arms

A time when every thought made sense
Sheltered from the harm

Looking up each day
My vision filtered child

Buried life, now packed away
Once lived, recorded, filed
Some days I miss my youth.
I wrote a book
And all it took

Was the love and support from you

Thank you to everyone that left a kind or constructive comment over the years!

Michael James Murphy
I know this is shameless self promotion, but I do sincerely appreciate my HP friends. 'Shades' is up on Amazon. One less thing on my bucket list. Thank you
Mighty swing tree
that carried me
through summer days of yore

each pump I fly
higher than before

So strong, you stand,
with single hand,
you hold me safe and true

With me here now
in rocking chair,  
from wood where you once grew
This is a rewrite of an earlier poem
I wrote a word and then another
A thought I did provoke

A feeling buried deep within
Asleep but now awoke

So many words I can't contain
Spill out upon my page

To illuminate so bright with light
My soul I did engage
I am self publishing a book of 100 poems and was playing with this for the back cover.
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