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Such an ***
Is the fellow
Who crosses the yellow
When solid
And then again doubled

Run the red
So he thought
Cause he'll never get caught
His decisions are
What's making me troubled

Do the rules not apply
To this *** of a guy
So stupid, selfish and vain

I pray for his soul
Cause he's out of control
That he learns to
Stay in his lane
Michael Murphy Jul 2018
To travel to a place
Of wonders, few have ever known

To see the beauty under
So seldom has been shown

Explore the valley lush
Such pleasure lies within

Exploding in such rapture
Exposing lovers skin

To feel her hands upon me
My world begins to quake

Just about to taste her lips
Is the moment I awake
Not sure if I love those dreams or hate them
Michael Murphy Nov 2017
That day, woke up,  stood, stumbled,
There was blood

This day, took a trip, the rain came,
Stuck in mud

A day in March,  bank man came,
Took my home

A day in April, bad hair day,
Lost my comb

I drank too much, on day in  May
The next day,
paid the price

Was in the dark, on day in June,
Electric off,
Not so nice

A year from hell? I guess,
... But not

The Lessons learned, learned well
Have not forgot
Been through a lot but still enjoy every day.
Michael Murphy Nov 2017
In the sleepy hours, I miss the warmth.  

Body on body,  breathing as one.  I miss the touch, the being touched. The feeling of skin, not my own.  

In the sleepy hours I think on memories,  I imagine making new memories.  Hoping my memories fold into dreams and dreams become real.
Laying alone at night and this is my stream of words.
Michael Murphy Sep 2017
Sadness grows like weeds

Choking out the light

On my happiness it feeds

As day folds into night

Oh blissful slumber

Fill my soul

With strength for

one more day

On the morrow

With brilliant light

My sadness melts away
Dealing with friends and family that struggle with sadness
Michael Murphy Sep 2017
I was born with a mending thread. A gift.

I see sadness and stich smiles.  

I see a hole and stich a patch.

I see a broken heart and seek to mend it.

I  see loneliness and weave it into a magical tapestry.  

It is my nature.  

Yours is a different cloth. The strongest and most elusive I have seen.  

Try as I might to lay a stich, my thread dissolves, my needle misses.

I still always feel the need to try, though the fabric resists.
It is hard with some people to know if you are making a difference.
Michael Murphy Apr 2017
Take the slice when offered
It doesn't happen everyday

It's not that you don't want to
But life gets in the way
Married life
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