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-Goat Apr 2020
You think of her every night
Pray that win her over you just might
Already you've made your lives' plan
But still she's with another man

You feel the warmth and all the light
and her day too seems more bright
She sparks with joy to the sound of your voice
so now all she's gotta do is make the right choice
You can fight for it all you want, but sometimes it's just not up to you.
-Goat Apr 2020
You want to survive, you want to fight
you need to prove that you can get through the night
but after so many years of being a scapegoat
you realize that no matter what,
you're still stuck on the same boat

All you wanna do is tell them what they did wrong
yet they just keep singing their ignorance song

you don't even care if you become successful and rich
as long as you find a wonderful wife, and have beautiful kids
Yet after all this time you realize you're on your own
left behind, heartbroken, with an enormous l̶o̶a̶n̶  debt..

you can keep on moving, keep on running
but even so the problems will always be coming

Still you gotta keep on fighting, even after so long
because the good things comes only to those who stay strong

for after all this time, after all this pain
you gotta prove that you can do it, and that it wasn't all in vain
Growing up feeling nothing but neglect, abandonment and lonliness is rough
but if you run every time evil comes to pummel, how will you prove there is light at the end of the tunnel?
-Goat Apr 2020
Nowadays everybody seem lost in their mobiles
Seeing the ones they’re yet to befriend as hostiles
Neglecting what used to be human values
We now even forget about our own statues

Too scared to exchange words with strangers at the park
We forget that nature too used leave a memorable mark
We seem to forget about the world around us, for in our hands we hold an omnipotent device
-carpe diem
-Goat Apr 2020
Life is truly too short to take chances
instead, go find someone who makes you smile
and if it still persists after a while
only then you'll know it's worthy of your advances
Don't fill your dish with food you probably won't enjoy. Slow and steady wins the race
-Goat Apr 2020
All around me I see houses with beautiful yards
yet my home is built with nothing
but spare parts
It's not about what you have to show, it's about how much you fought to be able to show it
(kind of a stretched rhyme but whatever, right?)
-Goat Apr 2020
Here I am, made of pebbles and broken stones
fearing that no one will ever traverse my puddles
and some day repair my shattered bones

If there is one thing I fear, one thing i'll never see above
it is that no one will hold me dear, and ever feel my limitless love

For i am made with the purity of gold
and whoever sees that i will forever keep in my hold
The sinking ship has seen the most of the sea. Don't judge a book by it's cover
-Goat Apr 2020
I look for what the others can't see:
Purity of heart, innocent as can be
For only with those who are yet to be tainted
You will find love that can't be feinted
What's the point in looking for who is hot, when you'll just end up hating their gut

— The End —