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  Jul 2020 Catnip Lily
Moon Cherry
It’s raining in June,
Yet all the flowers still bloom,
With a charming Rune,

My heart loves this tune,
From the window of my room,
Brightly shine the Lune.
There’s a place for you,
Where my heart will always bloom.
  Jul 2020 Catnip Lily
Let me look after you
I will give you the world
The whole wide world
Lay at your beautiful, delicate feet

Let me shower you with stars
I'll catch those stars myself
With my own bare hands
So that your days and nights will both be sparkling

Let me dive in the deepest ocean
I'll swim amongst the toughest sharks and whales
To get you that biggest pearl
Then you shall wear it as a necklace on your swan like neck

What do you have to do for me
Nothing, of course my dear love
Hmm maybe you should quit your job
I'll look after you, remember

See your family? Next week?
But you promised me you'll go with me
That's my girl, good girl, good girl
Perhaps you can see them next time

You haven't seen your best friend
She wants to see you after two years?
Tomorrow is it? But you said you'll do that with me
That's it, my good girl, next time it is

I didn't mean it, you know that
It's just that you provoked me
I told you so that I liked them in straight lines
I'm sorry, I'll never do that again

There is no need to call the doctor
You are fine, stop being dramatic
It will heal like all those before
You deserve it, you know, my good girl

Where are you?! Where are you hiding?
Come out! Come out from wherever you are!
No! No! No!
Wake up! Wake up now my good girl!

Don't let it end this way .......
Being in an abusive relationship takes the soul out of the victim. Their personality, their loved ones, their own selves are stripped away from them. Be aware of the red flags. Check on that person always. Don't give up. Do it as best as you can.
  Jul 2020 Catnip Lily
What have become of us
How will we ever grow
What will our future be
What have become of us

We say what we want to say
Without even thinking of how that person will feel
The freedom we thought we owned
Has really made us into virtual bullies

The words and thoughts we once only dared to keep inside
We now type away furiously on our little keyboards
Vile, angry, evil words flood the tiny screen
Leaving the other person feel their world is really ending

Bullies, we are, we have turned to be
Leaving emotional scars trailing everywhere we go
No guilt whatsoever which makes it so much worse
Our inner self is really deep dark and cruel

What have become of us
Why are we like that
How did we turn out this way
What have become of us
Used to encounter bullies physically and usually someone we know. Now, there are so many cyber  bullies who think their are entitled and worse thing is, we don't even know them.
  Jul 2020 Catnip Lily
You have a choice every single time

Make it good

Make it worth it

Make it memorable

Make it last
Every single event or action in your life, you have to remember you have a choice. It's your willpower to choose the bright side. Try. If not for yourself, for your loved ones.
  Jul 2020 Catnip Lily

I am reminded that I am hated
That I am never good enough
That my past mistakes will forever haunt me
That repenting is a waste of time
That I will forever be judged by my sins


I shall remind myself that I am loved more
That I am good enough
That I learned from my past mistakes
That repenting brings me closer to God
That I will instead be judged by how much I learned from my sins
Not everyday will be dandy. You will be blue and low. But always pick yourself up thereafter. See with glittering eyes. Always.
  Jul 2020 Catnip Lily
You make me want to write
My most inner thoughts
May they are vulnerable and raw
You make me want to feel them all

I look at you and I see innocence
One I wish I can protect with all my might
One I wish will last forever and a day
One I wish shall remain pure as ever

You filled me up with your candid love
Your cheeky grins and contagious laugh
You make me feel I'm on top of the world
Your love so grand, I am so shy and honoured

You are my love, my favourite person
Your little self ain't so little no more
You are my reason to work endlessly hard
Your entire being I won't let be full of woes

I love you lil lion of mine
Dedicated to my own version of Aslan. You surpass the original Aslan with your kindness and love.
  Jul 2020 Catnip Lily
Do you give yourself room for down time?
Do you let yourself go and just feel every single feeling?
Do you lock yourself up and fall to the ground?
Do you allow yourself to taste every bitter pill?

You should
You should cut yourself some slack
You should allow yourself to be low so that you can rise
You should let yourself grieve and be sad
You should know that you cannot bully your own self
You should love yourself
You should
We are our own worst enemies. We judge ourselves harder than anyone else. We set the bar too high. We should finally learn to love ourselves.
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