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Dianali 1d
Once again,
I’m a sharing a life
With a past dream
Dianali 1d
Because I’ve loved you,
I love you, and even after a while,
I still will.
You are my measure of time
The only constant
The one real fact
My gravity law is only pulled
by your heart
I’m being cheesy
you turned out sweeter,
To you
Dianali 5d
Oh you come to my mind
In waves
And I want to drown
But my instinct makes me swim
Makes me survive
And when I reach the shore
I am safe
And grateful.
Dianali 6d
I made a nest in my wounds
Please don’t cure me,
I don’t want to be cured.
Dianali Mar 27
You are a ghost
But, oh, how I fancy you to scare me
Trapped in the past,
No other words casts.
If I have to be haunted,
Let it be you,
Let it be now.
Dianali Mar 18
I’ll imagine
I’m sending you a song
That I know
You’d love.
And in my head
we are dancing
to the rhythm
Of our once treasured
Now forgotten, bitter,
My favourite playlist, your soul
Dianali Mar 9
Sometimes I eat alone
seated across my thoughts
and I wish
you were here
to hear them
Set for two
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