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Dianali Mar 2022
You don't have to search anymore
It’s okay, I’ll be your company
As we’ll be dreaming under different skies
Cloud nine resting , still, we can settle,
My embrace will be your home,
Your eyes will ground me
This feeling, our only battle
Dianali Mar 2022
I’m selfish, I know
I’m stubborn, which, may be worse
I overshare… just not enough
I tend to ignore the facts that may be relevant
I’m amusing, yet I can make you sad
You’ll always want to know more,
you’ll never can
Poetry writes itself, doesn’t it?
Now I’m here, stuck,
with the image you want for me
no makeup will cover the fact that
I am still sad about it
No poem will soothe me enough
To ever forget about it
Dianali Mar 2022
Every now and then I remember
My willingness in the floor
The coldest shoulder,
The cruelest heartache.
A bittersweet reminder
That eventually,
life becomes way kinder
I can see now
Dianali Feb 2022
Mid-youth crisis,
   Lovely pictures of your exes

.. getting married.

You are wrecked,
Aren’t you?

25’s birthday eve
I thought back then
You’d be here
Dianali Feb 2022
I linger..
I’d love to remain
in the happiest minute of life,
yet I know..
Being afraid won’t take you far
Dianali Feb 2022
Holder of all keys
Of every soul you meet
you bear in your talk,
the most sweet, agile dance
Maker of tears,
Locksmith of hearts
Yeah, You never knock on doors
Because they know..As I now
they shouldn’t let you in,
But show you the way out
It felt forced
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