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Catnip Lily Jun 2020
You lurked as my shadow
The shadow of immense love and affection
Even under the scorching sun, your shadow shaded me in my journey
Shadow that follows me everywhere, softly soothing my pain and agony
Devoted to those who help me during my illness. You know who you are..
Catnip Lily Jun 2020
A score out of 10
My norm would be 1 on the language of love
Devoid of expression
Extremely misunderstood
Unable to utter love

Love is an art to many
A science to some
But an alien to me

In attempting to communicate love
Gifts and parties were thrown
How would that be matter now, because I lost you nonetheless
Expressing our love to another is a difficult thing to do probably due to a fear of being rejected ...
Oka May 2020
Aku ingin bertemu tuhan
dengan tubuh kering berkafan
Bukan sebagai bangkai terurai
Di rumahku yang kini lautan

— The End —