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Creux Oct 2020
This existent world is nowhere near I
For I'm just a tenant in this body
This vessel's just blown by wind so breezy
To follow the path that fate will decide

No matter where you look there is an eye
And escaping your mind won't be easy
It matters how strong the linen's knot be
As one like me might fail to see this tie

This existent world is nowhere near I
I'm here again, the jail where i reside
With these two windows that i call my eyes
Alone with my head buzzing, roaring loud
This brain of mine's a cell, so dull, so dry
And there's no escape, there's no getting out
This is heavily, heavily inspired by a favorite song of mine: "Mind Is A Prison" by Alec Benjamin.
Catnip Lily Jun 2020
No one, no one here, no one there, ever.
Uncared for, it felt dark and misty.
All alone, aside seven billion souls.
Needed only when needed, a solitude.
Ring-fenced in an imaginary world of love.
No escape for me to my reality, it hurts.
Kept knocking on the walls, for affection.
Wisely I tethered on, purposely off,  living in a solstice of dream.
A prose about living. Dreams and imaginations play a role in solitude. Anyone can be whatever therein. No one judging you; so play on.
Alec Dec 2018
I miss you
I do
I cant even lie
But when you looked me in the face
Like you wanted me to die
I knew that you dont miss me

So here i am
Writing this ****** poem
That doesnt even rhyme

Here goes

You looked at me
I tried to smile
You rolled your eyes
And told me to leave you alone.

So I’m doing that
I’m not gonna lie
Saying that i dont still love you
But I’m not gonna lie and say i do

I moved on
Ive met someone new
I like them
And i Think
They like me too

Talking to them
Letting loose
Feelings of happiness
I’ve never felt before

Their smile passes yours
without a second thought
Their laugh is so contagious
That’s their like a drug
I wouldn’t mind having an addiction to.

So no I wouldn’t say
i dont still love you
But i also wouldn’t say
I do.
December 11, 2018
Jacob Sep 2018
We are cow!
Grass is yummy!
And the pasture
Makes we hungry!
Steal straw faster
Grab by hunkies!
Rise, Go faster
Pass by monkeys!


I jump with glee
Squirt my ***!
they die sadly
Watch them happily!

For we are cow.
Caitlyn Apr 2018
A warm sunset day
Painting pictures in my head
Van-Gogh with a brush

Snow stops in the shade
The dark cold melting away
It is black outside

A single picture
Ruins..the beauty of it
Its gone...forever.

The sun risen up
Is such a hard sight to see
For, it is blinding.
Kolby Cortis
Michelle L Jan 2016
Actually that really ******
I read the message right when you sent it. And it took me three hours to respond because I didn't know what to do. I mean it's all whatever but the news you delivered has really put a **** damper on my thought process. Coming second best has been the issue in the past three semi sort of relationships I have had and every time the weight gets heavier and heavier and it just *****. I hate coming in second. More than anything. It spurs my jealous blood stream. So I guess In future reference..maybe no reason is better than a reason to not want to see someone. For me it's the less I know the better. Because I think too much.
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